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10 beautiful Iceland things to do

You’re looking for Iceland’s best stuff? If you intend to visit this unique and unique island soon, you have come to the right location. We have rounded off the top 20 events in Reykjavik and further afield from whale watching to bars that have a chance to catch the Northern Lights.

  1. View the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lakes

Jökulsárlón is a large lake in the south-east part of Iceland near the Vatnajökull National Park. Its stunning glacial lagoon has become one of Iceland’s most popular places to visit, where many tourists prefer a boat tour to hit the iceberg action as near as possible. Many tourists to the lake have commented on its internationality and this cold playground, it is safe to say, is what many people who arrive on the island expect to look like all of Iceland.

  1. Akureyri Go Whale Watching

The Iceland coast has some of the best watches in the natural environment of marine life, so whale surveillance has long been one of Iceland’s most popular practices. Many places are popular for their whales, especially along the North Coast. Akureyri – a small town and fishing harbor and the second-largest urban area in the world – is one of those places for a boat ride and sunbathing in the ocean’s bottlenose whales, humpbacks, and mink whales.

  1. Bath in Mývatn Lagoon

The volcanic area of Mývatn is one of the most scenic and unspoiled areas in Iceland and is a shallow lake full of wildlife at the heart of this vast nature reserve. A massive lava explosion over 2000 years ago formed the lake and is now populated by 13 different types of duck, including a wide range of waterbirds!

While in the city, don’t forget Mývatn natural baths, where the joys of geothermal swimming can be felt in the middle of some truly stunning scenery, without the same degree of business and bustle of the best-known Blue lagoon.

  1. Jökulsárlón National Park Photograph of Glaciers in Vatnajökull

Iceland is among the only locations on Earth, and you’ll want to catch those memories forever without the drastic measure of travel-associated to the Arctic Circle. In Vatnajökull National Park, you can see some of Iceland’s best glaciers as the sparkling blocks of ice appear to look like sparkling diamonds when catching the light.

We suggest you use the best equipment for your camera, as the images are endless, and visit Jökulsárlón.

  1. You see Skaftafell’s wilderness

In Vatnajökull National Park on the South East Island, Skaftafell is a protected area. It is almost ‘Alpine,’ the landscape is a varied mix of wilderness, volcanoes, glacier mountains, and waterfalls, and for those who enjoy the outdoors, there are campsites and walking trails.

Skaftafell has its own small airport, considering its relatively remote surroundings, and sightseeing flights leave from here to see the beauties of Iceland from above. The path of every tour depends on the weather and therefore it is recommended that passengers every time expect a ‘surprise trip!’

  1. Take a look at Singvellir

Thingvellir is one of the oldest in Iceland and has been the home of its first national parliament – ‘Althing’ which was established in 930 – and is mostly anglicized towards the Thingvellir area. The rift that runs through the site center marks the border between the island’s North American and European sides since a tectonic platform separating the two continents runs right through the valley center. it is also one of the most geographically interesting.

Perhaps more importantly though, this is one of the most amazing natural beauty examples of Iceland in all parts of the island; and it is easy to drive to Iceland at just 40 kilometers from Reykjavik or to take one of many guided tours coaches in the area. Thingvellir is a must-see on their itineraries, most of the ‘Golden Circle’ tours run by local operators.

  1. Explore Snœfellsjökull volcano on a beach.

Snœfellsjökull was named one of the world’s 7 largest energy centers, and it has long been considered to have mystical powers, an ancient active volcano reaching 1 446 meters into the sky. Sitting in the middle and named after the national park, Snœfellsjökull offers splendid views all over the coast. Many tourists prefer to explore the beach on horseback, admire the wildlife, and take the unique view from the edge of the water of the volcano.

  1. Miracle at the Gullfoss waterfalls

With its legendary waterfalls, Gullfoss, that is, ‘Golden Falls,’ has always been among Iceland’s greatest. The drops are genuine stuff on the Hvítá canyon in southwestern Iceland, featuring several drops, visual illusions, and massive cascading water. This is not only one of our top recommended places for visiting Iceland, it is also a popular stop along the tour of the Gold Circle but also one of the most gratifying views in the world.

  1. Feel the geysers’ gush

There are few locations on Earth where an active geyser can be located, but Iceland has a positive impact. In Haukadalsvegur in SouthWestern Iceland, a region of geothermal sparks, geysers are called Geysir, the first emerging hot spring known to Europeans. This is a big step along the Golden Circle path that includes Thingvellir and many of Iceland’s most popular sights.

  1. Hallgrimskirkja town view

Reykjavic is a marvel of modern architecture, the largest and most iconic cathedral, which you can ascend 72 meters from the outside to see from the inside as well when you have finished admiring its iceberg shape. Take the lift up to the top level for a view of Reykjavik from above, with colorful roofs and a nice layout of the streets. You’ll gain a new understanding of the city. You can see the interior of the church after you have finished admiring the view and it has an especially minimal and relaxing atmosphere.

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