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Best Places to Visit in Seattle

Seattle is rich in culture located in the Pacific Northwest. Therefore the people consider it a fictional city where one can experience its grown wild surroundings into a vibrant, pioneering metropolis at the forefront of creation. And these days, Seattle fuses it into a remarkable visiting experience whether you are searching for a metropolitan adventure or outdoor enjoyment.

One can rely on the best place to explore in Seattle because it has all-inclusive options to excite someone, so if you plan to Opt for Delta Airlines Booking and spend your vacations in Seattle, trust! You won’t regret your decision to visit this place.

Places to Add to the Itinerary While Planning the Trip to Seattle

Lining out the most prominent one is the most tricky task of all. Therefore we have come up with a list of the Best Places to discover in Seattle below.


Bellingham is the northernmost city in the bordering United States. It exhibits More than fifty thousand population as per the current survey. 

Moreover, visitors can experience picturesque scenery and the most appealing outdoor recreational possibilities. One can enjoy some general activities, i.e., hiking, fishing, and golfing, during the summer. At the same time, one can discover another most thrilling adventure: skiing at Mount Baker during winter.

Besides the above description, Bellingham boasts many museums and galleries that have been popular for spreading knowledge and magnificence since their inception. The city even throws some fun events, including a yearly seafood celebration in April and another eminent and prominent six-day trade fair in August.

Pike Place Market

This market comprises all-inclusive arrangements from artisan cheese to fresh produce, arts & crafts, and renowned restaurants. It is one of the most prominent places to take a tour and enjoy its exciting treats. You can include this in your bucket list to explore in Seattle. Undoubtedly it’s been for a long time in the destination.

Coffee lovers often choose this place to brew up the lips with the Original Starbucks Coffee Shop. Therefore Pike Place Market is always busy with people. So, it’s obvious for someone to come early to this place and visit the Starbucks Coffee Shop. 

Instead, if you cannot cherish the authentic brew of Starbuck, you head out to the other most renowned coffee shops such as Ghost Alley Espresso, Storyville Coffee, and The Crumpet Shop. You can pick this place for a great taste of drink and food.

The other ideal attractions of Seattle are nearby, such as the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Waterfront, and the Seattle Ferris Wheel. One can find more than eighty restaurants and two hundred unique shops, including local artisans from the Pike Place Market and Seattle. 

The Showbox

If you love rock and roll, you should not miss out on spotting this place. This place hosts many live music scenes like jazz and grunge. It’s an iconic deal to enjoy while you are on a trip to Seattle.

The Showbox features an impressive collection of genres and talents, ranging from Coldplay, Modest Mouse, and Ice Cube to Dave Matthews, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West. However, it’s payable, so make sure to book the ticket early and stay till the last of the show at the Showbox to enjoy the complimentary refreshments,

Waterfront Park

The most amazing aspect about this is Seattle’s parties are on the ocean. Waterfront Park allows the people to view some of the breathtaking eyeshots of the beachside and beyond with its several viewing platforms and telescopes fixed along the pier.

The Christopher Columbus largest statue is another iconic sight to glimpse on the southernmost edge. The Waterfront fountain is quite a sight, including its welded bronze appearance.

You can bother with this during a lazy afternoon to click some epic pictures with family or friends with the perfect backdrops, including the pier and ocean. 

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is home to more than 1,000 plant species, 50,000 herbs, shrubs, and roughly 7,000 diverse collections of trees. It is mostly considered a visit by the families for the tour. If you are also on a family trip to Seattle, ensure to add this place to your itinerary.

Park encompasses the tropical rainforest, which is great to glimpse the inhabitant wild creatures like jaguars, lemurs, poison arrow frogs, and grizzly bears, and a northern trail housing gray wolves, mountain goats, foxes, and bald eagles. Other than this, one can discover 300 animals of different species. This park has even won an award for exhibiting great wildlife.

There are two partitions of this zoo, so you can only glimpse your favorite animals or discover the zoo entirely to seek all kinds of animals that exist worldwide. It is a prominent attraction to explore while wandering the destination.

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge presents bewitching and panoramic eyeshots to the people. It is a small town in the center of Puget Sound with lots of glamour. In addition, the backgrounds of the Mountain Rainier, Cascade Mountain Range, and the Olympic Peninsula are surely a sight worth your heart, eyes, and soul. If you want the authentic taste of 

This beautiful village of Winslow is popular for encompassing various restaurants, unique shops, and a great waterfront park. Besides the above, it is a true haven for serving original wine, beer, and alcohol. However, it’s within walking distance from the ferry. 

Furthermore, people come to this place to admire and revel in the vibes of historical sites, which might be worth visiting for you and have several hiking trails, which can be a hotspot for adventure.

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is the other most prominent tourist place to explore in Seattle. If you are an animal lover, you should visit this place. 

This Seattle’s stunning tourist place has a top-notch approach to how it has picked up to manage itself: a few of its many displays try to copy the waters off the coast across Washington from a certain amount of feet out. 

To get a great chance to cherish any of the above best places, one can Speak to a Delta Representative for the flights to Seattle. With this, one needs to start packing the bags.

Where Can I Stay in Seattle?

Being a traveler, you might need to configure a safe and secure location to stay before finalizing the trip to Seattle. The list of those safe and secure places is mentioned below to stay in Seattle until the weekend, or until the Trip gets over.

  • Inn at the Market: 
  • The Maxwell Hotel – A Staypineapple Hotel:
  • Best Western Executive Inn: 
  • Comfort Inn & Suites Seattle: 
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Lotte Hotel Seattle
  • Mediterranean Inn
  • The State Hotel
  • Belltown Inn
  • The Edgewater Hotel
  • Hyatt At Olive 8
  • Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Seattle Center

What is the Best Time to Visit Seattle?

One can find the best time to go to Seattle between September and October. In Summer, there are a lot of crowds, and the room rent rises rapidly. Next, if someone enters the destination during winter, there are high possibilities of dropping rates. While summer brings diverse sights to view, there are plenty of adventures to discover during winter. So the conclusion is Seattle is the round year tourist place to explore.

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