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10 Best Chatbot Development Frameworks for Developing Powerful Bots

A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversations, allowing consumers to interact with businesses through SMS, email, and other messaging applications. The number of companies embracing chatbots development frameworks is on the rise as the benefits of this new technology become more apparent and affordable development tools emerge to make creating bots easier than ever before. We are going to share with you 10 Best Chatbot Development Frameworks for Developing Powerful Bots.

Here’s What Stats Say about the Top Chatbot Frameworks Worldwide:


Source: Statista- Distribution of Bot Frameworks

It is challenging to figure out which chatbot development frameworks will best meet your needs with so many options to choose from. Some of these chatbot development frameworks are already popular. However, there’s a long list of frameworks with varied features and ease of development. 

So, What Factors Determine an Ideal Chatbot Development Frameworks?


Well, there are many things to look for while choosing an ideal framework, but the most vital ones include the following: 

  • Open-Source Enhancing Safety & Trimming Cost:

When it comes to business logic, you might have confidential information that you do not want your competitors to have access to! In the case of a closed source system, chances are your data may be stolen by others without even you knowing about it! Thus, what matters most is whether it’s open source or not? 

  • Whether it Offers Multiple Free Tools:

If you are developing a chatbot for your project, you will indeed need some extra features. Many bot frameworks allow you to install plugins to provide such features. You must check whether it is possible in your choice of framework or not.

  • Intuitive Interface for a Smooth Experience:

Before choosing any framework, ask yourself if its interface is too complicated and hard-to-use? An advanced framework always has an intuitive UI/UX design so that anyone can easily understand how things work on first use without reading even a single word of documentation!

  • Serverless for Zero-Impacts with Connectivity:  

Some chatbots frameworks are serverless, making them more efficient, but such solutions often don’t support offline mode! Many developers make their bots work offline to perform tasks even when internet connectivity is absent. Thus, you must check whether your framework supports offline mode or not.

  • Provides Deployment Features for a Reduced Cost:

Before moving on with a framework, you must verify whether it has ready-made functions for deploying your bot? As with every application, you need to deploy it as well! It requires much time and effort and is costlier than the development process! So make sure that the framework you are choosing has an easy method of deployment or not. For example, Watson Assistant provides such features quickly while many others don’t offer it. Alternatively you can hire developer programmer in india who have first hand experience in chatbot development projects to help you choose an intuitive framework for your project

Based on the above factors, the list below offers 10 of the best chatbot development frameworks available.


Let’s explore them in detail.

  • Botkit- Open Source Framework

Chatbot framework for building conversational UIs. Top of Dialog Flow, which offers all of Google’s natural language processing power. It makes it easy to quickly build responsive chatbots and feel right at home in messaging apps and websites.

Whether you want a Slack bot, Facebook Messenger bot, or something else entirely, Botkit will have you covered. No coding required in most cases- drag and drop editor explicitly designed for bots.

  • Microsoft Bot Framework – Enterprise-Grade Intelligent Bots


Source: Clemens

The Microsoft Bot Framework enables a new class of intelligent, conversational apps. Microsoft’s enterprise-grade bot solution lets you add AI into your applications, making it easy to extract and surface insights from data, interact naturally with both users and applications, automate tasks, integrate third-party services, and more.

Bot Framework offers a comprehensive set of tools that enable you to easily design and deploy fully-featured bots in just a few hours. With support for rich messaging, machine learning integration, and multiple chat platforms (Microsoft Teams, Skype), you can be confident your bots will provide delightful experiences that users want to come back to again and again.

  • Chatfuel- Drag & Drop Interface

Chatfuel is a robust chatbot-building platform that allows you to easily integrate your bot into Facebook Messenger and Slack. With a drag-and-drop interface, integrations with various media, and an interactive JavaScript SDK, it’s easy to create bots for all sorts of tasks.

You can also use their $15 a month plan that gives you access to all of their tools. It is ideal for beginners who want more time working on their chatbots rather than configuring them.

  • Multilingual Bot Development is a framework for building bots using Node.js and Google’s Dialogflow platform. With, developers can start a bot project in less than 10 minutes by cloning sample projects from GitHub and deploying them with one click in Heroku. also has an optional built-in UI toolkit for quickly designing a conversational UI that matches your brand. 

Moreover, it comes with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to support intent recognition and entity extraction across Spanish, French, German, and more. With Motion’s analytics dashboard, you’ll get access to historical data on conversations between users and your chatbots so you can continually improve its performance over time.

Do you know: What are the most preferred languages for Chatbot development?


Source: Statista- Chatbot Language Distribution

  • Sequel- Intuitive Interface

If you’re creating a chatbot for business purposes, Sequel is worth looking at. It provides an easy-to-use framework that allows you to develop intelligent conversations (e.g., where is my package? or send me a list of all employees in California) within minutes.

Much like IBM Watson and other AI-powered bots, it doesn’t just allow interaction—it also can analyze data and provide insights (e.g., John Smith has $700 in his account). It integrates with multiple channels (including voice assistants), is affordable for all businesses,

  • Requires Minimal Programming Skills

 ChatterBot is an excellent option for beginners who want to create bots that understand natural language and respond appropriately. The framework provides a strong foundation for implementing chatbots into your business or personal use, allowing you to create highly conversational and intelligent chatbots.

Pricing information may vary depending on how many instances of ChatterBot are running in an organization and what kind of support services you require. The basic plan includes 10,000 messages. A monthly $29 fee applies if you exceed that number of letters. However, it doesn’t work if you run more than one instance of ChatterBot within your organization. 

  • AWS Lex- Leverage Voice


Source: Amazon

AWS Lex is a natural language understanding service that makes it easy for developers using Amazon Polly and AWS Lambda to build applications that use voice and text dialogue. With Amazon Lex, you specify how you want your bot to respond in your languages, such as English or German.

The service takes care of understanding what users say and returning appropriate responses in natural language. With built-in integration for AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex gives you hands-free control of your bots at scale with automatic learning features & natural-language dialog generation capabilities for quick prototyping. 

It also provides several out-of-the-box integrations—such as API Gateway and DynamoDB—to streamline building conversational apps into any business process flow.

  • IBM Watson MessageHub- Streamlines Data to Analytics

If you are looking for an enterprise-grade platform that works with multiple channels, look no further than IBM Watson MessageHub. This bot engine is compatible with natural language processing and enables users to create, monitor, and manage chatbots across various messaging channels.

This powerful tool brings business intelligence capabilities to your messenger marketing strategy without IT overhead. In addition, MessageHub offers support for both businesses and consumers with individualized experiences that you can manage through its simple dashboard.

  • Advanced NLP Capabilities is a platform for building applications with natural language understanding. Facebook owns it and its’ also integrated into FB Messenger. However, is still open source and free to use on its own. It gives you a whole stack of tools including preprocessors, text-to-speech utilities, entity understanding, and so on—with which you can build your bot engine from scratch.

Using Natural Language Processing, uses sentences as input and outputs actions that your application will then perform (in plain JavaScript), meaning no integration steps are required. That said, you’ll want some knowledge of Node or other backend frameworks before jumping in here; these tools aren’t for beginners.

  • Dialogflow- Backed by Google


Source: Medium

As chatbots become more ubiquitous, having a robust chatbot development framework will be critical. Google owns one of the most widely used—and it’s also free. Since 2016, Google has open-sourced its conversation engine, Dialogflow (formerly API.AI).

It enables you to build & manage your chatbots across multiple channels. You can even connect it to other cloud platforms like Salesforce for business intelligence or Twilio for text messaging notifications.

Wrapping Up

With an ever-increasing demand for virtual assistants and chatbots, it has become crucial for companies to use development tools. With many bot frameworks available in today’s market, selecting a suitable chatbot development framework can be confusing.

In this post, I have listed ten of the most amazing frameworks many companies use across various domains, including e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, etc. I hope you find it helpful when selecting a framework for their business needs. Connect with a Chatbot development company for creating an advanced chatbot for your business.

Feel free to Share Your feedback & comments below! 

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