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How to build a roof – A complete Guide

How to build a roof

Learn how to build a roof by following the directions in this simple guide, which takes you through the main steps, from planning to finished work. You will also find tips on how to search for the best professionals through our platform and know the prices related to the job you need.

  • Index: how to build a roof
  • Initial phase: the design
  • Start of work: the supporting structure
  • Completion: insulation and coverage

1. Initial phase: the design

Are you planning to do some renovations and want to know how to build a roof? You are in the right place. If your roof is very dated, you may have noticed leaks or other problems due to its age or displacement of tiles, or the consequences of not having a sheathing. Until a few years ago, the roofs were built simply by superimposing the roof tiles on the concrete pitch.

The new construction techniques impose completely different procedures, but whether you want it in wood or other latest-generation materials, to know how to build a roof you will have to start from the design.

It is a technical skill that must be entrusted to an engineer who, together with the surveyor or architect, will make calculations and studies to identify the best solution. Tackling yourself in such a delicate procedure runs the risk of entailing great risks for the solidity of the roof which by definition must protect the house and those who live in it.

Relying on professionals with the appropriate skills, allows you not only to obtain a project tailor-made for you but also to have the certainty of a job performed correctly.

With our platform, you can find design professionals who will also explain how to build a roof that lasts over time and protects you from bad weather and cold climates or from the summer heat.

2. Start of work: the supporting structure:

After having established in the project how to build the roof, we move on to the executive phase of the start of the works. Due to its position, the roof is certainly a part of the house that is not easy to access. To reach it, specialists use special safety harnesses, helmets, and suitable shoes, which limit the risk of falls or slips.

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Assuming a job alone could be very risky for your safety. If you don’t have the right tools of the trade, you can jeopardize your health. Falling off a roof even just because of dizziness or stumbling is a hypothesis that is best avoided. Let those who are familiar with the job and its risks, and know how to steer clear of it, take care of it.

Looking for a good professional is easy with Instapro: you can get in touch with competent companies or people who will know how to build a roof in wood or concrete or other materials, according to your needs and desires.

The first construction phase in fact starts from the roof frame. It can be made entirely with wooden planks, which create a grid on which the various layers will be placed, or with concrete, creating a base surface, which will be followed by other materials.

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3. Completion: Isolation and coverage:

The completion of the roof involves two very delicate and important phases. It is about:

Isolation; Coverage. Also in this case it is better to turn to those who are really competent. Working on the roof to lay the various layers of roofing involves many risks if it is not done with the appropriate protections and following certain steps and techniques.

It is also not easy to work on a sloping surface, and you need to know how to move and how to work. An expert constantly takes safety courses and updates himself, so he knows how and what to do when it comes to jobs like building a roof.

The insulation processing phase consists of placing several layers of different material, ensuring the roof of your house:

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Thermal insulation; Soundproofing; Total protection and shielding. Usually, the layers are of wood paneling, rock wool, OSB panel, and bituminous sheath. This stratification is followed by works such as adding the drain for rainwater, the flashing, and a copper thickness net. As you can see, the work is complex and not easy to manage when working in the open at a height of several meters.

Contacting a competent person does not expose you to falls or to problems that could occur over time, due to work not performed according to the rule.

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If you want to know more about the cost of building a roof, read our pricing guide. Once you have an idea, you can organize yourself on the budget to invest, and know exactly what to ask the professional.

Are you considering doing the job yourself? Beware of risks You Face In considering a job like roofing a house, as you may have guessed, you shouldn’t underestimate the risks that could arise if you intend to do it yourself. This is strongly discouraged. The location of the roof, the slope, and the handling of large materials can pose a threat to your safety.

In this case, consider contacting an expert who knows not only the working procedures but also how to do it safely.

Proper helmets, harnesses, protective gear, clothing, and footwear are essential in these cases.

To find a good professional, contactĀ  Select the companies that interest you and send them a request for a quote free of charge. In a short time, you will receive more answers and you can thus evaluate the best solutions for you, based on budget, implementation times, and final yield. With our platform, it is fast and easy to know how to build a roof and find the most competent companies near your home. In a short time, you can realize your dream of building the roof of the house and reach the highest level of living comfort.

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