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10 best work from home job ideas for teachers

Work from home became a very common term during this Covid- 19 lockdown scenario. Earlier, there is a possibility that many of you would not have been familiar with the concept of working from home just like other terms such as quarantine, etc.

However, now there will hardly be any person who doesn’t know the concept of working from home. During the lockdown, most of the companies, schools, colleges, and other organizations gave their employees the privilege of working at home so that they can keep their safety.

Work from home jobs is very attractive. The reasons are many. To start with, work at home jobs provides you greater flexibility. These jobs are more comforting as you can do your work sitting on your bed under a blanket or on a couch in your drawing room or on your terrace enjoying the natural weather. The hustle of waking up at least a few hours early, getting ready, and then reaching your office on time is also deducted when you are engaged in a work-from-home job.

The work from home concept is great in every occupation, however; it is remarkable in the field of teaching. The teachers get to develop their skills and share the knowledge online with the comfort of being at home. At the same time, students can learn new things sitting anywhere around the world. What is better than this?

Moreover, the opportunity of working from home is a great way to balance the professional and private life for female teachers. They can focus on both their job and their family without any problem.

So, if you are also in the field of teaching and are looking for a good opportunity of work at home job, here are a few job roles you can apply for-

1. Online tutoring jobs

Tutoring jobs have always been a favorite for all the teachers. You don’t have to put in as much time as in a school or a college in tutoring jobs.

Online tutors have also become very famous these days. Online tutoring jobs are not much different than traditional tutoring jobs. The only difference is online tutoring is a modern way to educate using the latest technologies and equipment.

All you need to do is join some good online tutoring service providers. After completing all the formalities they will provide you with the details of the student or students you need to tech.

Online tuitions, just like offline or traditional ones are personal interactions between a tutor and a student. You will have to give online lessons and interact with the students on some online platforms like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, etc.

Online tutoring might also need you to prepare certain PowerPoint presentations or word documents as these documents will become study material for your students and teaching material for you.

Just remember, when starting online tuitions, don’t take it lightly. You will be responsible for teaching your students. Make study plans, schedules, and objectives for each class.

2. Online teacher

This job is perfect for those who are in love with the teaching profession but want to work from home instead of attending schools or colleges regularly. Online teachers are appointed on every level from pre-primary to higher education.

Online education became very popular during the lockdown when all schools and colleges were functioning on an online medium. Moreover, online education has also become common around the world as many parents are shifting towards the trend of homeschooling their children. They feel they need better and quality education for their child and proper concentration on them.

The number of children you teach depends on where you are teaching. For example, if you are joined with some school organization they might ask you to teach multiple students at a time. Also, the subject you teach also depends on what is your expertise. You might even be allotted to teach more than one subject to a class.

3. Curriculum developer

Being an experienced teacher has its perks. If you have taken classes for a long time and have gathered considerable experience, developing a curriculum would be an easy and perfect task for you.  Teaching in classrooms for a long time gives a clear and effective idea about what kind of classroom materials work best for which classes.

Curriculum development is a very efficient work-from-home job for teachers. As a curriculum developer, you will be asked to design the classroom material.

In classroom material, to start with, you will need to plan a course handout and describe the objectives. The structure and the scope of classroom teaching would also be developed by you.

Other than these basic things, you might also need to develop teaching materials like worksheets, quizzes, classroom notes, graphs, teaching models, assessment papers, etc.

You can find a work-from-home job with the role of curriculum developer on any legitimate online job search website. The pay may vary depending on different aspects like your experience, work demanded by the role, the organization, etc.

4. Teaching material provider

As we discussed in the above job role that a curriculum developer may be asked to develop some of the classroom teaching material. But, there certainly are some jobs that ask separately for a person to just work as a teaching material provider.

These teaching materials might differ from organization to organization and their specific needs. Generally, these include classroom teaching notes, notes used by students for self-study, quizzes, assessment papers, classroom activities, projects, etc.

These types of job listings can be found on any of the major job portals.

5. Test score checker

A test score checker or an online grader is a person who checks and marks scores or grades for online tests and assessments. This job is usually a part-time requirement. You need to be well versed in certain fields or subjects to get a job as a test score checker.

This job role is perfect for you if you are looking to fill up the free summer holidays or if you are looking to earn a few extra pennies in your free time.

The pay scale varies from platform to platform. Generally, the payment is based on either number of questions checked or on an overall paper number.

You can find these jobs in the listings of many trustworthy online job search websites.

6. Freelance writer or blogger

Freelance writing and freelance blogging are two terms that are used very frequently these days. Many of the bloggers or writers do it just for fun. They start freelancing writing or blogging just because they are passionate about writing or love to share their thoughts publicly. But, only a few people know that you can actually earn a decent amount of money by writing blogs.

There are many websites out there that hire freelance content writers and bloggers. The sole purpose of these companies behind hiring these writers is that they need regular new and engaging content for their websites that will attract and engage their audiences. This in turn would increase their online traffic and hence increase their income.

The best part of this job is that you are free to work on different subjects. You can write on any subject you like or you can opt from different subjects and topics that these websites list. There are no specific working hours. You can write whenever you are free and in the mood. You just have to submit the write-ups before the deadlines given by these websites.

These websites pay quite a decent amount to their bloggers. The pay is generally on the basis of words you write or the number of write-ups you submit.

Now you must be thinking that how this job role is associated with the teaching profession, right? The answer is that this job role is a good opportunity for anyone who is brilliant in the communication part. Teachers are generally very good communicators as well as good at writing and developing content. Hence, this job can prove to be a great part-time or home-based job for all the teachers.

You can find these jobs on any of the major online job search sites. Not only websites but newspapers, magazines, organizations, and other publications also hire freelance content writers.

7. Writing coach

There are many people who find it difficult to write their projects and other stuff. Basically, they are not that good in the writing part. Here comes the need for a writing coach.

The job of a writing coach is to help people who are facing problems with their writing skills. This can be related to college projects, job proposals, research proposals, website-related writings, etc. even some people hire a professional writing coach to help them out in learning the right way of writing and clear all their writing-related problems.

There are different ways to begin your career as a writing coach. You can establish your own individual entity or you can work with some organization and find your students.

8. Freelance editor

Teachers are knowledgeable in communication, language, and writing. Being a teacher for years provides you with thorough knowledge about grammar, vocabulary, and other language-related tools. Also, as a teacher, you are required to check notebooks and answer sheets of your students which is a type of editing in itself.

All these things make a teacher perfect for an editing job. Editing jobs need you to proofread content and edit it if you find any mistakes in it.

You can stick to academic content in the beginning and then explore other fields according to your interest. Also, you can find an online editing job through websites as well as you can set up your own freelance editing organization.

9. Online adjunct professor

Many universities and colleges hire online professors. These online professors are required to deliver some lectures on either a daily basis or occasionally.

All you need to have is the required amount of qualifications according to the university’s need and good communication skills.

However, this job might not be a good idea to rely completely on as it doesn’t pay off that well. This can just be a part-time or extra side job for some extra earnings.

10. Educational consultants

Last but not the least, becoming an education consultant is a very brilliant idea. On average, education consultants earn more than others working on similar levels and fields. Moreover, becoming an online or work from home education consultant is quite an easy task for all the teachers.

An education consultant works with professors, teachers, administrators, and others belonging to the same field. Their main task is to advise people regarding career choices, options, opportunities, ways to achieve career goals, etc.

This field is flourishing at a very fast pace. An education consultant earns good money. Also, after a while, you can switch from being just an education consultant to providing consulting services in other fields as well such as business, finance, personal life, etc.

Let’s sum it up!

Being a teacher makes you qualified for many different work-at-home positions. Whether you want to stick to your basic profession of teaching or you want to shift into some other field, there are several options available for you. All you need to do is just go through the job listings and check for which job role you are the best fit for and what really interests you. These are just a few of the best options that we have mentioned here. There are much more available for you to search.

Just one thing that you should always keep in mind is, when applying for a work from home position, apply from legitimate and trustworthy websites only. Never pay the websites for getting you a job or never trust a website that asks you money for applications. Before starting to work online for any organization, make sure you check all the necessary credentials.

Happy working from home people




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