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Why You Should Get a Rheem Heat Pump

The reasons for having a heat pump for your home may seem simple, but there is more to it than to just a way to stay warm throughout the winter. Although, that is a completely valid reason to have one because no one likes to be stuck without a warming method in the cold months. Heat pumps are designed to take the air that is coming into your home and heat it to your liking. However, heat pumps are not only useful in the winter. You will likely need one year-round. Just like the heat pump can cycle hot air into your house it can also work in reverse to cool your home with high efficiency. Getting a Rheem heat pump might be the best way to keep your home at the temperature you like it.

Importance of Having a Heat Strip

The first thing you may want to consider when buying a new heat pump is adding a heat strip to your unit. Sometimes your heat pump will not be able to heat your home as quickly or efficiently using its standard method of heating the outside air as you might like. In these instances, an internal component such as a heat strip will come in handy. A heat strip is a secondary electric heating method for your heat pump. It is not as energy efficient as the heat pumpÔÇÖs normal function but is needed for defrosting your heat pump among other things.

If there is an emergency you will be glad that you decided to install a heat strip. This way you will not have to go without heat for any period of time. Avoid keeping the emergency setting on if you do not need it so that you can conserve energy. You will need to know how many KWs your heat strip needs to be as well. They range from 5 KWs to 20 KWs. You likely will not need anything higher than 15 KWs unless you have a heat pump that weighs 2.5-3 tons.

What Else to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump?

Another important aspect you will need to be aware of is the copper lineset. The lineset is essentially the copper pipes that carry refrigerant into and out of the house. Because a heat pump is pushing heat out of the house on warm days and into the house on cold days, both lines must be insulated. You will need to find out whether you need a 25-foot lineset or a 50-foot lineset. You will also need to know the dimensions of the needed lines.

The last things that you need to consider are the type of thermostat and if you want an equipment pad. All heaters will likely come with a basic digital programmable thermostat, but there is always room to upgrade. As for the equipment pad, it may be a good idea to have one to add support and act as a base for the heat pump. These are especially important if you live in a snowy climate.

Why Rheem?

Rheem is a customer-first manufacturing company. They have been an innovative force regarding the heating, cooling, and water heating industries. Their high-quality heat pumps are designed for year-round comfort. TheyÔÇÖll keep you cool by drawing heat from your home in the summer and drawing heat from the outside air to keep you warm on cold days.

Whether youÔÇÖre dealing with a broken heat pump system or looking to install a new heat pump the best place to visit Budget Air Supply has an excellent selection of Rheem heat pumps. They are one of the largest distributors offering the lowest prices for a large variety of HVAC products. Whether it is an air conditioning or heat pump split system, they have everything youÔÇÖll need on their website.

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