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11 SEO Mistakes to avoid on your Ecommerce Website

Let’s face it, we all know how hard it is to do the SEO of an e-commerce business/website. The webmasters must keep themselves in the trend and should know the SEO at the advanced level. Sure, we have email marketing, social media promotion, and other different pathways to gain prospects and potential customers, but SEO gives us the maximum gains- in terms of clicks! And yes, your pesky competitors have an eagle eye on you, and they are equally struggling to snag maximum customers to them.

What SEO experts say

But did you know many SEO experts make these terrible mistakes? Even the SEO stars? Yes, even them! And you don’t want to make those blunders in your e-commerce site, do you? Don’t worry, we have got the solutions covered, and here we share them with you!

 eCommerce SEO mistakes to avoid

  1. You forgot your audience Your audience is your income-payers; you can’t forget them. Right, you have spent a lot of time searching keywords, but you actually ignore the right keyword that your potential audience is looking for. So, how would you know what your audience is searching for? Okay, here’s the key- the keywords are unique questions/sentences that your customers are typing in the search bar, and they are often the long-tail keywords. Target these long-tail keywords as they are easy to rank and drive traffic to your site.
  2. You haven’t used any product description

This mistake is often made by fashion brands. When you don’t put any product description, your website will face challenges to rank on Google’s first page. Lack of description of any product ends the chances of being found on the internet by your potential audience. Your website won’t even rank in the low frequency queries if you don’t put some catchy product description for your website’s products.

  1. Spamming the content

Many webmasters often stuff their contents and descriptions with keywords, and when the Google algorithm finds this, it drops down the website. You can use keywords according to your content length and use them with a particular keyword density. You should never stuff your Meta description, tags, and titles with keywords, as it makes your website drop and gives a bad user experience, which is not so suitable for the search engines.

  1. Your website doesn’t have reviews

Many SEO masters make this mistake. Well, agreed; if you don’t have any reviews, your website is challenging to rank. However, what if, it’s your new website or a recently launched one? You can still have some good reviews, as it is one of the powerful ways to drive traffic to your site. Even you are a customer, and before you purchase any product, you look for its reviews, and that’s how your customers would do too. Google actually likes these review pages, as it serves refreshing content. You can add long-tail keywords to your content, as it helps with easy ranking.

  1. Non-optimized URLs

It is crucial to optimize your content; if you don’t do that, you will not get traffic. When you have keywords put in your content URL, it helps the search engine to understand everything about the page or the content that it needs to redirect to. This also means that every time the user will look for something relevant, the search engine will list your content on the first page of its search. You have to optimize your URLs and let the search engines know about your website.

7.Slow website pages

Here’s a small question: How much time does it take for the average page on your website to open?

you don’t know about this fact, you are probably already making this big SEO mistake. We are showing you here a little research, check out below:

In research done by various renowned resource, more than 50% of people using the Internet expect web pages to load within 2 seconds. It means that when your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, it will be a negative effect to user experience and a user will be  considering hitting the back button.

If your website is not doing a good performance in a point of view speed. It may be a reason using a large images on your web pages. Large images won’t just hurt your website speed, it will also eat up bandwidth.

  1. Redirect Mistakes

Redirects is a great way to enhance your visitors’ experience. By using them, you can avoid users getting a “404 Not Found” error when they’re looking for a piece of relevant content that they typed in Google.

However, when you redirect to 1 URL and then redirect to another url which redirects to another, you’ll annoy users with slow loading pages. that is called redirect chain so it hurts your seo performance.

  1. Unresponsive Design

Google loves mobile-friendly and responsive websites in search engine results. If your ecommerce website isn’t optimized properly for all devices, there will be a very little chance that your website will rank higher than your competition.

  1. Not doing keyword research

Keywords have been considered a crucial part of marketing strategies for some time. However, with updates to the Google Algorithm, some companies believe that they may have lost their power.

Keywords are an essential ranking factor and business owners cannot grow their SEO campaign setup without using them. The use of keywords can damage business visibility online in two ways: keyword stuffing and the need to do accurate keyword research.

10. Sitemap.xml not valid

To understand crawlability and indexing by Google, Sitemap is important tool.

  1. 404s errors

404s errors are killing your SEO Performance. These types of errors can cause consumers to leave the website. Most of people dont pay much attention to these pages and continue to do their business their way until their website posijtion in Google begin to lower.


Well, SEO might seem a little difficult for the newbies, but it isn’t! When you have got these SEO mistakes covered and under your wings, you need not worry about your site’s traffic. Of course, conversion and sales depend on how well your product is and obviously the price, but otherwise, try to avoid these mistakes and let the traffic flow to your business.

BY: Kinex Media Web design Company

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