5 Benefits Of Getting Your Car Wrapped

The concept of car wrapped has been making quite some rounds nowadays. Everyone likes the feeling of a new car. But buying a new car every now or then can be a big burden for a few. What if there was a concept that would give your car a new and shiny look but still retain its homey feel? This is what car wrapping is all about.

Getting your car wrapped is not a piece of cake. It requires deep insight and knowledge of the topic. Car wrapping is not the same thing as getting your car painted. Car wrapping is much more affordable and gives the same effect as paint. Here are some of the benefits of getting your car wrapped


A car wrap is considered to be very durable. If the aftercare is done properly, car wraps can last as long as 7 years. Car wrapping Wolverhampton is more durable than car paint. High-quality wraps done by professionals are said to last longer than DIY car wraps that use low-quality thin films.

The car wrap starts to slowly show its age after 4-5 years. Overall, the age of the car wrap largely depends on the installation and how well it is maintained after that.


Car wraps are relatively much cheaper as compared to car paint. The cost of getting your car painted in low quality is the same as getting your car wrapped with high quality. The cost of car wrapping also depends upon the types of material used.

Naturally, higher-quality wraps will be costlier than the normal ones. Vehicle wrapping brisbane is considered an economical option to enhance your aesthetics. It is also much more convenient and gives adequate protection.

Easy Maintenance

This is perhaps the best benefit of car wraps which gives it an upper hand. Car wraps need very minimal maintenance. Wiping the wrap with a wet cloth is sufficient. And even if you fail to do so, it won’t cause any serious damage. But it is always advisable to clean the wrap once in a while.

If there is minor damage to the car, like a scratch or so, it can be easily repaired by spraying over it. On the other hand, painted cars require a lot of maintenance just to keep the paint looking new.

Easy Removal of Wrap

If you ever change your mind in the future about the wrap of your car, you can easily get it removed or replaced. But it is always advisable to get the wrap removed from the same place from where it was installed. If all you want is an easy replacement or removal, then it would hardly take 3-4 hours and doesn’t cost much also. But if the wrap is complicated and is severely damaged, then the removal process also gets complicated.

Time of application

Getting your car wrapped doesn’t take much of your time. It doesn’t take more than 3 days once you have decided on the cover. The professionals will have to first extensively clean the exterior of your car. Once the car is washed, the cover is wrapped on the car and then is left for heating for the cover to be placed perfectly.

Painting a car is an extensive process and can be very time-consuming. First, the old paint has to be removed, the new paint coats have to be applied, and then they have to be left for drying. All of this usually takes 5-7 days.


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