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5 Considerations of Choosing wholesale Baby Items

Before the baby is born, expectant mothers and fathers start planning to buy things for the baby every day. Parents have been thinking about how to welcome this new life and create a good environment for him. As expectant mothers and fathers, are you still worried about how to choose safe baby products? Let us choose the safest wholesale baby items from the following precautions.

Newborn Toddler Kids Adorable Bunny Ear Pillow

  1. Purchase In A Planned Way

    New mothers should seek advice from some experienced mothers, and then make a list of baby items you need to buy so that you can buy what you really need. It not only saves time for selection, but also buys what you need, thus avoiding wasting resources and saving money.

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  2. When Buying Clothing, You Must See The Label And Material Clearly

    • When purchasing children’s clothing, parents should carefully check the labels on the clothes, pay attention to the trademark, Chinese factory name, factory address, product name, certificate of conformity, product implementation standard number, etc., and carefully check whether the label is marked with “Class A”, “Infant and Toddler Products” and other words. According to relevant national standards, clothing is divided into 3 safety levels, of which category A is for infants and toddlers, category B is for products that directly contact the skin, and category C is for products that do not directly contact the skin.
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    • As the color fastness of dark fabric products is prone to problems, parents are advised to choose light-colored, non-printed or less printed textiles, preferably pure cotton children’s clothing.The choice of color is the most direct stimulation of children’s visual effects. Warm color series can increase children’s self-confidence and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. For some extroverted and active children, you can choose green or blue, etc. The color is cooler, which can reduce the child’s activity level and make appropriate personality adjustments.
      Solid Color Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag
    • Parents need to be cautious when buying children’s clothing with decorative objects such as plastic, metal, and wood products. As a mother-to-be, you must be responsible for the safety and health of your baby!
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  3. Choose Toys With Qualified Quality And Guaranteed Safety

    • According to relevant national regulations, children’s toys must comply with the compulsory certification system and must carry the “CCC” logo. When buying, parents should put safety first, and try to go to famous shopping malls and supermarkets to buy children’s toys with the 3C logo. Don’t greedily buy cheap and inferior goods from street shops or mobile sellers.Wooden Digital Train Toy
    • Safety toys will indicate the applicable age range in the instructions or on the outer package. Parents must pay attention to checking the applicable age range of baby toys. Children under 3 years of age should be cautious when choosing toys, avoid using toys that are too small, and don’t buy toys with small parts (including balls and balloons) that may be swallowed or inhaled. As parents, you should be cautious when buying these baby toys!
      Toddler Kid Memory Match Stick Chess Wooden Educational Toy
  4. Pay Attention To Chemical Safety Hazards

    The migration of certain specific chemical elements is an important factor affecting the safety of children’s products. However, consumers cannot recognize chemical safety and certain mechanical safety with their naked eyes. It is recommended that parents pay attention to checking the test report provided by the merchant when buying children’s products.
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  5. Keep Evidence To Promote Rights Protection

    After consumption, the operator should request a certificate of cancellation fee and keep it for a period of time. When consumer disputes occur, they can be used as the basis for future rights protection. When encountering consumer disputes, please file a complaint with relevant departments and consumer associations in a timely manner to protect your legal rights and prevent infringement of your rights.
    Cute Unicorn Pattern Air Conditioner Baby Blanket

Before deciding which projects are worth investing in, consider whether babies really need to use or like these supplies to prevent waste of resources. In addition, parents are obliged to ensure the safety and health of their babies. We can assure you that our wholesale baby items are first-class in quality and safety, and we will provide you with the best prices.
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If you are satisfied or satisfied with our wholesale baby items, what are you waiting for? Click on the products we sell now and find the baby products you need!

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