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5 Different Types of Website Hosting Services

Similar to how a shop needs a physical space to be built, a website needs digital space on the internet to go live. This digital space on the internet is known as website hosting. There are multiple types of hosting services that vendors provide. Depending on your needs, each hosting service offers a different purpose.

shared web hosting services

For example, shared web hosting services would be best for people who do not need too much space and resources. Similarly, a WordPress hosting would be best for people trying to build a blog. Whether you are going for an ecommerce website or building a simple blog about your hobbies, you will find a service that meets all your needs. 

To understand what these hosting services offer, here are the top five services available in the market.

WordPress Hosting

For people who would like to share their thoughts and ideas with others on the internet, building a simple blog is the right thing. Since the blog does not need too many resources, it would make sense to opt for a hosting service that best supports it without compromising the quality. If you’re looking for services like this, consider getting WordPress hosting service. WordPress is not just user-friendly, but it is one of the best CMS for beginners as well.

Shared Hosting

If your aim is just to build a small static website that might not get updated as frequently, then consider getting a shared web hosting service. These hosting services are best for landing pages and single static pages. They do not use many resources and have a limited space, which makes it a very cost effective hosting service in the list.

Dedicated Hosting

When space and resources are a necessity for your website, you need a dedicated hosting service. Unlike other services in the list, this type has a single server dedicated to a single user. That means all resources and space are dedicated to a single website. 


A dedicated hosting is best for people who are going to build graphic and content intensive websites. However, since everything is in vast availability in this hosting, the price gets a major jump as well. Compared to every other service in the list, this is the most expensive one, but is still worth it.

VPS Hosting

If you are looking for a hosting service that offers your dedicated resources but isn’t as expensive as a dedicated hosting service then VPS is the one for you. This hosting service offers RAM and CPU resources to your website which is done with the help of virtualizing a dedicated server. 

cpanel reseller hosting

So in essence, this hosting service offers features of a dedicated server but is as cost efficient as a shared hosting. If you are on a budget but do not want to compromise on the quality of resources being offered in a hosting service, VPS should be your choice.

cPanel Reseller Hosting

Lastly, a type of hosting that can help you become a business in itself. cPanel Reseller hosting allows you to sell the hosting services to other people and make profit from it. All the resources and maintenance is handled by the original host for who you bought the hosting service from. 

This type of hosting is also good for people who want to make a business out of selling hosting services. You will have all the access and you will be deciding which user gets which services. Not only do you get to host your own website with the hosting but you also make money on the side with cPanel reseller hosting.

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