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Top Qualities To Look For In A Call Center Service Agent While Hiring

You might have everything worked out for your business, but if you don’t have your customer support team yet, you are still missing a big part. Hiring the best BPO call center agent is one of the most crucial aspects of any organization. Call center agents are the face of any business, and they can help boost your business growth.

To provide customer support, you need to hire the best agents. You can hire remote call services agents or in-house persons. There are multiple software and candidates can be screened based on a variety of criteria like skillset, motivation, personality, etc. But before we know the top qualities of call center agents, it’s better to know their job responsibilities.

Call Center Service Agent Responsibilities

The agent’s responsibilities depend on the type of call center they are working with. The overall responsibilities include:

  • Listen and resolve customer issues.
  • Communicate with customers on multiple channels
  • Provide the best customer experience
  • Complete assigned duties effectively.

Top Qualities To Look For In A Call Center Service Agent

Here is the list of top skills of the successful call center agents

1- Knowledge About Everything

Your call center agents must be familiar with every important detail. It is because they have to provide the required information to the customers. They need to learn and memorize a good amount of information about the respective company. Ensure that they know in and out of your services or product to convey thcustomers’ e right informatirs. Along with that, they should also be familiar with the problem-solving techniques to solve customers’ issues.

2- Organization Skills

Most call center agents have to work in busy call centers and schedules. So, they need to be more organized and must be able to do multitasking. For example, checking the knowledge base, updating CRM, reducing errors, updating sheets, etc. In short, they have to address customer issues, provide them with solutions to ensure an effective workflow. To evaluate the right BPO call center services, make sure that they can process and meet deadlines. Once you hire them, provide them with all the right tools so that they would start working.

3- Able To Tackle Challenging Circumstances

The call center agents need to be more flexible and cool because sometimes they have to deal with challenging personalities. To make sure about the agent’s flexibility, hire the people who can go with the flow. For example, if the customer is not so happy about any issue or inconvenient situation, it is the customer’s care agent’s responsibility to explain them, understand things and fix their issues.

4- Friendly

One of the other traits of the best call center service agent is their friendly behaviour as they are your company’s frontline. Make sure that they can project a warm and friendly image of your company. Another important thing is to train them after hiring according to your company policy. In this way, they will face any challenges, and your customers will be happy as well.

5- Work Under Pressure

A quality worker can’t be easily flustered. Some of them argue about customer behavior and overwhelming issues. But, a good agent will always remain calm and cool and work under pressure. They need to play it cool throughout their situations and not let the angry customers get in their heads. So while hiring ask them their super cool skills to work under pressure.

6- Best Communication Skills And Speedy

Top-notch communication skills are very essential for call center agents. It doesn’t mean just speaking, but it also includes listening to customer problems, digesting that information, and then delivering a solution to their problems. Call center agents must be speedy without compromising the work quality. In addition to that, they must be creative to think of workable solutions for customer issues.

7- Communicate On Multiple Channels

Your call centre agents must be able to communicate with customers using multiple channels. For instance, they will answer customer queries via social media, emails, live chat, or phone calls. They will be comfortable providing quality services to different customers at the same time. Moreover, they must be able to make customers feel that the company cares about them.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best and smart call center agent can be challenging. While hiring a person for customer care service, make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in your mind. Also, if the person doesn’t possess all the qualities of successful agents, don’t worry as some of the things can be taught in the initial week. Are you looking for the “BPO call center near me” then BPOXperts is the best BPO company to outsource call center agents.

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