5 DIY Summer Photoshoot Ideas

DIY summer photoshoot

Summertime’s here! And you know what that means: lots of new photos to remember the season by! If you are anything like us, you probably love dressing up and taking new photos to remember your summer months. Or maybe all of your pictures of yourself and your family and friends seem outdated, and you’d like to update them. How about trying something new this year? Plan your own summer photoshoot for you and your friends or family!

Here are five DIY summer photoshoot ideas that will give you insane results and photos that you can cherish for a whole lifetime:

Plan The Perfect DIY Summer Photoshoot

Taking great photos this summer doesn’t have to be a challenge. Planning your DIY summer photo shoot can be as simple as scheduling a fun event for your family and capturing the magic! With the following tips, you can capture some fantastic photos that you’ll be proud to hang in your home. 

1. Play Around with Colors

The true essence of summertime photography is color. Whether you try out new filters or experiment by adding bright pops of color to your photoshoot outfits, you will surely end up with some amazing photos! Bright colors are the perfect way to celebrate the summer season. When you are out with your camera, look out for colorful objects that you can photograph or use as backdrops for your summer photos. 

2. Go Outside and Explore

The summer monsoon, the singing birds, and the shining sun – all of these elements make summer the perfect time to go outside and explore. The best part about clicking photos in nature is the natural light that makes photo subjects look radiant. Whether you are clicking portraits or photographing things around you, head to parks, forests, and beaches with your camera and let your imagination run wild. 

3. Prepare for Movement

If you want to do something different, take photos of objects or people in motion. This is our favorite DIY summer photoshoot idea on this list. A man running on the beach with a surfboard, a child playing with the water, or a seagull flying in the sky are all subjects in motion and perfect for summer pictures! Approach your summer photoshoot like a sports game and look around you to see what people are doing. There may be some idle moments, but you will get the best shots with the greatest emotions right in the middle of some action.

4. Take Pictures at Night

While summertime’s all about having fun in the sun, the nights are not far from pleasant. Warm nights with clear skies are perfect for learning a thing or two about night photography if you’ve never gotten a chance to experiment with it. After the sun sets, take your camera and head out to capture constellations in the night sky. Show off your skills by capturing a full moon across the clear sky. You will be amazed at the results night photography can yield. If you manage to take a beautiful picture of a full moon, get it printed on canvas from Canvas Factory and hang it up in your room! 

Plus, imagine the possibilities of images. Laughing around a campfire, your loved ones surrounded by candles or lanterns, the possibilities are endless!

5. Experiment with Outfits 

Do you have outfits hiding in the back of your closet that you’ve always wanted to wear but never had the chance to? So do we! How about throwing a fun photoshoot with your best friends? You can get together with your favorite girls and throw on some cute summer outfits to take pictures in daylight.

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