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6 Common Water Damage Facts

As an owner, your house or your commercial building is your biggest asset of a lifetime. You would never want to see it in a bad condition because of these water damage facts and causes. But have ever think about how can you stop these water damages? Well, it’s impossible to stop it completely. you can protect your house and building, but you can’t always stop these water damages issues.

For example, you can’t prevent issues like frozen plumbing lines, pipe bursts, floods, backed-up drains, and much more. If any of these problems occur, you have to contact top restoration or plumbing companies.

People usually hesitate to hire plumbers because they are expensive (why plumbers are so expensive to hire). In most cases, it is essential to hire them instead of fixing issues yourself that could lead to a bigger problem, hence even costly. Before doing that, you must know bout some important water damage facts.

1)    Rapid mold growth

The first fact about water damage is mold growth. You can’t even imagine how fast the mold can grow. You will identify its presence and the other day it would have grown further. It can start growing as little as one day.

If not taken care of at the right time, then this simple mold can turn into potentially dangerous mold. This dangerous mold needs moisture, oxygen, and organic material to start growing. You should look for such places in your house or building which can have all these three things in the surroundings.

If the area which contains oxygen, organic material, and moisture, remains untreated for some time then mold will visibly form very quickly. You should look for Stachybotrys and aspergillus types of mold. These are the dangerous kinds of mold for your health – called Black Mold.

2)    Water loss due to the smallest pipe crack

Do you think pipe cracks are normal things? And you can fix it easily, right? Yes! You can fix it easily but it will lose a lot of water gallons. Even the smallest pipe crack that you usually ignore, can spill gallons of water in a day.

For example, the pipe has an eighth inch of pipe crack. Now, it is not a massive one, but it will still cause a lot of water gallons to waste. It will eventually increase your water bills if you don’t contact a plumber immediately. Seeing waste of 250 gallons of water is not a fun sight. It is one of the common water damage facts that we don’t even notice most of the time.

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3)    Floodwater can be dangerous and noxious 

The floodwater is not that easy to deal with. This is not simple ta water. It can be electrically charged and can prove to be deadly. Even a small amount of floodwater can reach the power cords, baseboard heaters, outlets, and any other electrical device in your electrical system.

If you see unwanted water in any of the above-mentioned areas then don’t rush in this case, otherwise, it can cause serious damages. Simply try to turn off the electricity, without getting touched by the water. If the fuse box is located in the affected area and you are unable to turn off the electricity from the fuse box then, don’t do it on your own. Contact your electricity utility and as them to disconnect the power from their end.

Professionals can help you in removing the unwanted water from the affected area. So you can have your electric power back. They have all the safety tools and kits which allow them to work safely in the affected area.

4)    Transformation of freshwater into a biohazard

There are a lot of water damage facts that can surprise you. For example, the freshwater can turn into a biohazard over a long period. Clean, gray, and black are the three categories in which water damages come.

Let’s talk about the first category, which is clean water. There is no contamination in the clean water. It came directly from tub overflows, fresh rainwater, and supply lines. All the sources are considered as clean water sources. So, there is no contamination present in this type of water.

The next category is gray water. It is not fully filthy. It has contaminants that are not considered infective. Although it’s not fully contaminated and dangerous, it can still cause discomfort illness. Examples of gray water flooding include aquarium water, washing machine overflows, and washing machine leaks.

The last one comes black water. It is highly dangerous as compared to the other two categories. This is unsanitary. It contains pathogenic contamination. This black water is not formed from something special. Any water, chemical waste, or sewage is considered black water. But only those who have been sitting for more than 72 hours are considered as a backwater.

Now coming to the surprise water damage facts, that is, any water is left alone for a long time can easily turn into an infectious biohazard in only a few days.

5)    Roof leaks as a source of water damage 

Yes! You read it right, a common source of water damage is the roof leak. Here we are not talking about some huge roof leaks. Just a little or small roof leak can cause water damages. No matter how excellent your roof’s condition is, it can cause water damages anyways. But mostly it happens in the areas where there are freezing temperatures, hail, and severe wind frequently.

6)    Extraction approach to mitigating water damage

Water damage can cause costly damage to your building or house, if not taken care of immediately. After a major leak, you should immediately contact some experienced plumbing company. They know how to reduce the amount of water damage in this case.

A professional plumbing company can help in extracting the water and make sure that even the hidden moisture under the floor and in the walls is removed properly. You can look for local service providers on any online business listing directory.

After knowing these water damage facts, now you will be able to prevent any serious damages to your house and building.

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