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5 Tricks to Deal with Your Picky Eater Kids During Vacation

Bringing your family on the most delicious culinary tour at various Indonesian restaurants during the holidays is a must. Tasting foreign dishes with a family feels good, but what would you do if your kids don’t want to eat?

Vacation with picky-eater kids is a headache for parents. Instead of wanting an exciting vacation, you are stressed because you think about how to get your child to eat. Well, for those of you who are going on vacation with your picky little one, you should try some of the following tips. Just check them out below!

Let your kids feel hungry.

A trick to make your little one hungry and want to eat is not to feed them before mealtime. So don’t give them snacks or milk 1-2 hours before mealtime. Even a light meal can fill up a child’s stomach. Moreover, milk does give a feeling of fullness longer. It’s okay to let your little one feel hungry because when mealtime arrives, they will eat the usual portion.

Find out what food they like.

Culinary tourism is usually a mandatory agenda for every holiday. Tasting new food in a new area can be a great holiday experience. But for picky eaters, trying foreign foods is something they don’t like. They prefer food usually eaten at home. For example, your little one likes local food indonesia such as fried chicken and soup, just like at home. By knowing the type of food they want, you can provide similar food when eating at the restaurant.

Give introduction.

Every child will listen to their parents, regardless afterward they obey or not. So, give an introduction to food and instill that all food must be delicious. Also, speak to your little one in their way of speaking about what the function of the food is, so they understand why they have to eat, not just because they are told to do so.

Use cutlery from home.

One thing that must be brought is cutlery. Again, your little one is not used to exploring unfamiliar foods. So as much as possible, create an atmosphere of eating like at home by using cutlery that is commonly used at home. This way, your little one will feel like eating at home because the cutlery is familiar to them.

Be Patient

Children not wanting to eat can make parents emotional and angry. But to deal with the picky eater, parents must be patient. Don’t scold your little one who doesn’t want to eat, let alone punish them. This will make them traumatized and lazy or even afraid of an activity called “eating.”

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