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7 Tips You Can Use to Do Work from Home Now

It is understandable a lot of you may feel outside of your comfort zone right away because you have always worked in a professional work environment. With the onset of the pandemic, things got out of hand real quick. If you had the chance to work from home and even continue to do so, then congratulations! You are among the lucky ones. However, it may not seem much of luck when your productivity levels are affected right?

Work from home can be downright stressful for a variety of reasons. While working from home you get disturbed by multiple factors like kids, spouse, domestic chores, or even barking of your dog. Yes, that can be quite annoying at times if you didn’t have the chance to manage and plan the work schedule accordingly.

But no worries, we are here to provide you some important guidelines you can utilize to your full advantage. This handy guide will help you maximize your work-life balance from home.

Start with a Permanent Workspace

The work from journey begins by choosing one permanent designated room in your home as your “workplace”.

This could be your bedroom, study, or even a makeshift garage used as an office. Now that you have picked one of the rooms, you can bring your office supplies i.e. the laptop or any other important item of use.

Take Control of Pets (if any)

Most won’t tell you this, but having a pet at home is wonderful as long as they don’t disturb you while working.

Now would be the best time to get your pet the dog collar and harness set, put the leash around a locked doorknob so they don’t disturb you. Or better yet, take equal intervals of a break from your work and take your dog out for a short walk. This is an important tip when working from home equate you need to relax too.

Comfortable Office Furniture

Having personal work from home space allows you to make a good investment for the office furniture as well. Depending on the available space in the room two primary pieces of furniture are the chair and the desk.

You may not need a desk made out of oakwood but it must be fully functional. You can even buy the desk from IKEA as a DIY project and set your workplace in just a few bindings.

Set Work Hours

Remember how you set your alarm to get up early in the morning? This time you need to create your own office hours (if you are not following the standard practice).

The beauty of working from home is you can set the working hours at your own pace. Setting flexible timings is a lot helpful so that you get enough time to rest as well. So choose the time smartly. For instance, if you are a morning person, get your morning kick by drinking coffee and set to work if you are a night owl then adjust your work accordingly. This will help you to maximize your productivity.

Avoid Work Interference

A career that begins at home is probably the best one. Since your work is closer to you do not let it invade your personal life. This is another of the “fundamental” rules of working at home.

You can easily become a workaholic and will be at risk of being controlled by your work. This is the foremost reason to set the work hours.

The risk of work penetrating your life is only possible if you “overdo” it which is why the working schedule should be followed from the very beginning.

Update to-do-list

Since you do not have to give in an hourly report, you can manage your task either for the day or for the week. It’s best to start your day with a simple things-to-do-list that covers your deadlines for the working day.

You can use online software or download one so that you can adjust the tasks accordingly. The list will act as your timeline to achieve the goals. But make sure to set the time limit with a realistic timeline.

Project Management App

Another way to help you cover your task is to use project management help. Work from home will be easier to track down if you use apps like

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Basecamp etc

So if you want to stay organized while working from home, want to be work driven, and enjoy the maximum experience of remote work follow the set of instructions to make it easier for yourself.

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