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A Brief Intro to Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries

When most people think of batteries, they’re probably thinking about those standard Double-A and Triple-A batteries that power a slew of small household devices. These batteries are full of an electrolyte (which is basically the power source), as well as a positively charged terminal known as a cathode and a negatively charged terminal known as an anode.

The electrolytes in these batteries vary, but many of them are alkaline electrolytes made of potassium hydroxide, although there are also acidic electrolytes such as ammonium chloride. The electrolytes within the fuel cells of these batteries react over time, resulting in an accumulation of charged particles at the anode. Closing the circuit allows the electrons to flow around it to the cathode, the positively charged terminal.

Zinc air hearing aid batteries, also known as zinc-air button batteries, are slightly different from these. Instead of a completely self-contained cell of electrolytes, zinc air batteries use zinc, which is a reactive metal. At the anode of these batteries, the zinc “fuel” is exposed to oxygen in the air, with which it reacts. The oxidation reaction of zinc at the anode releases electrons that flow to the cathode and then can progress around a circuit when the battery is popped into the battery compartment of a device, such as a hearing aid.

This is the reason these batteries have a little sticker or a tab attached to them – air causes the reaction which allows the battery to provide power. The sticker protects the anode from the air, which effectively seals off the battery and preserves its lifetime. As long as the batteries are not disturbed and you do not remove the tab, the batteries should last for a couple of years.

Modern, mercury-free. zinc air hearing aid batteries were designed to replace older mercury batteries which didn’t last as long and were potentially harmful to the environment. These types of batteries are also small, powerful, have a decently long shelf life, last a long time, and are relatively inexpensive to produce, which makes them popular for use as power sources for devices like hearing aids. That much, however, may not be news to you.

If you’re looking to replace the batteries in your hearing device, you’re probably more interested in where you can get the freshest batteries at the best prices. That’s done just about as easily as it’s said.

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