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A Few Laundry Tips for Travelling to Ease Your Job

While you are travelling for leisure or work, clothes become a liability and not an asset. All you ned to do while you travel is pack less, wash less and travel lighter.

To help you, here are a few laundry tips for travelling that will definitely ease your job, and even get rid of the stains.

Dirty Laundry Is Equivalent to Dead Weight

The secret behind a good packaging is to know how to limit the amount of clothing you pack. Just three-four extra items that you have packed is restricting you from a stress-free travel.

We might pack few things we won’t need, like a glass or kettle or that extra pack of tissues that you may not require. But packing extra clothes is something way different. You cannot wear four socks at once, or six tees altogether unless you are at the polar regions.

After a wear, undergarments essentially prove to be useless until you wash them, which means apart from those, the bundle of clothing that you packed will mostly be not required.

So, lighten the load and read this few dos and don’ts and consider the best ways to do a laundry while you travel.

What Are the Best Fabrics to Do Laundry on The Go?

One of the best ways to do laundry while one travels is to pack a bag with clothes that dry easily or which do not need to be washed that often. You can carry back the soiled clothes in a foldable laundry bag and give them a wash. The collapsible laundry bags take up very little or no space in your travel bags and are of a great help.

If you are travelling for a week or two, you need not have to think about laundry. All you need to do is pack some quality travel clothing- Merino wool shirts and underwear, a pair of quick-drying, stain resistant travel pants or a pair of denims that doesn’t need to be washed at all.

Fabrics That Are Travel Buddies

Here are some of the best fabrics that would help you stay clean and fresh while you travel your heart out.

Jeans or Denims

Denim is the ultimate travel buddy. Why? Because you literally have to never wash jeans.

Most denim experts say that you need to wash a pair of jeans once in every two to six months, or when they smell, depending upon the treatment the clothes go through.

Travel-Friendly Underwear

Most of the times, the underwear is the only piece of clothing that really needs a wash. Not having enough number of clean undies might hamper your trip in a lot of ways. We usually try to carry more underwear to be on the safe side, but trust us, that is not a very travel-friendly solution. Instead of 12 regular undies, buy 3-4 travel underwear wearing which you can survive the trip between washes.

If you are looking to buy travel underwear, look for these 4 features:

  • Antimicrobial fabric
  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable fit
  • Moisture wicking

The antimicrobial fabric makes you smell fresh, the wicking keeps you dry, and what creates the whole difference is how they fit and feel after you wear it.

Items You Should Not Pack for Travelling

  • White clothes are a big no-no. They easily show stains, and her tougher to wash, especially with other coloured clothes.
  • Cotton is easy to pack and cheap, but not a good option if you have plans to do laundry on the trip. Ditch it for a polyester or poly-blend option.
  • Travel clothesline and sink plugs are no good. Do not spend your money and time these. You will find alternative ways to do this on the Internet, but do not buy these.

Now that you know what not to carry, find out what to carry to keep your laundry clean.

Travel Laundry Bags

The basic step is to keep your soiled clothes away from your fresh clothes. These travel laundry bags fit perfectly in your bags.

Use A Dry Bag for Dirty Clothes

If you have really stinking clothes and want to store them away from the fresh ones, seal those away and keep in dry bags. The waterproof seal on the bags means that any smelly thing that you lock in there, will stay separately.

How Can You Do Laundry in A Sink?

Washing your little laundry in a hostel/hotel sink is probably the easiest that you can do.

Here’s how you can easily and quickly wash your clothes in a sink.

  • Plug the drain of the sink with a rubber ball, coffee mug, or even a rolled sock.
  • Fill the sink with warm water. Warm water will break down the stains easily.
  • Soak your clothes for around 2 minutes. Rinse, drain the water and repeat the process.
  • Add detergent or even a bathing soap or hand wash. If the stain is tough, rub the fabric against itself.
  • Rinse each item properly until the soap is washed away properly.
  • Wring excess water off in a towel and hang dry.

It’s simple and easy to do, and you can wash a backpack worth of clothing in about 15 minutes.

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