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Add some antiqueness to your home with an antique french door

Antique decor can provide your house a personality and an artistic quality. Antiquity and shabbiness are already a part of the modern era, and when it comes to home decoration antique is considered to be elite. If you want to give your house an antique look, we suggest you have some antique french doors at your place. Antique french doors not only give your home an antique aesthetic look but also creates a sense of space and freedom as it introduces natural light into your life and home.  


What is an antique french door?

Antique French doors, otherwise called French windows, are doors of various sizes made out of glass boards. They generally come two by two and are pivoted with one or the other with an in-swing or out-swing. They’re utilised as both inside and outside doors. They are used to connect two rooms, like a neighbouring living and lounge area; they also generally admit to balconies, porches, and patios, etc. Bighorn iron door company has various antique french doors that will escalate your house and office’s aesthetics. 

History of french doors

Antique french doors have their roots in France. They emerged during the 16 century over the Italian renaissance period. The main emphasis of french doors at the time was also on freedom and dependence on natural light. French doors were usually made up of woods and wrought iron. In the beginning, the french doors were traditionally used as windows, and later on, french doors were adopted as gateways to patios, balconies, and gardens. Then french doors were used as interior and exterior doors in elite houses, due to which they have gained a lot of popularity in this era. 

Why have antique french doors at your place

  • An antique french door Gives a visual extension between indoors and the outside world, or between bordering rooms. 
  • An antique french door Extends your warm-climate living space by opening out to a porch, balconies, patios, or gardens. 
  • An antique french door gives the daylight access without allowing warmth to get away and in summers, without allowing coolness to get out. 
  • An antique french door Extends the feeling of space and freedom in a room. 
  • An antique french door Brings natural light into an inside room or lobby that doesn’t have windows. 
  • An antique french door gives a bare room an extra dramatic and antique look.
  • An antique french front door is a valuable investment as it gives your house an elite look, increasing the potential sale value of your home.

Places to have antique french doors

French doors are usually associated with the doors attached to the patio, gardens, and balconies, but this is not the only option to add an antique french door. Some other places where you can have an antique french door installed are:

  • Antique french doors can be placed on the corners of the hall, making the dull corners stylish.
  • Antique french pantry doors can be added to your pantry item to give the interior an antique yet modern look.
  • Antique french doors can be added to connect the living room and the dining room with each other.
  • The antique french door can connect the balcony with the room, which will enhance your outdoor view.
  • Antique french doors can be used with the rooms with two access points that lead from one space to another.  French door makes a home feel like it is an open plan, as you can view from one room into a second and on to a third.
  • If you have an entertainment area or a room, you can add Antique french doors, which will spice up your game. 

Types of antique french doors

  • Exterior French doors
  • Interior French doors
  • Narrow French doors
  • Steel-framed French doors
  • Wrought iron french doors
  • Wooden French doors
  • uPVC French doors (kind of plastic)

If you want to look up some of the market options, visit the bighorn iron door company’s website. 

Antique french door handles

Two types of handles are usually used with the antique french doors:

Lever style handles 

This is the exemplary lever style handle, frequently mounted onto a rectangular backplate. They’re without a doubt the most mainstream kind of antique french door handle. You’ll see them all through the world on most of the doors. The plate holds the house locking systems, keyholes and furnishes a good look that will work with pretty much any type of antique french door. You can also have rose-style housing handles. They have two metal bulges on the antique French doors, which can conceivably look somewhat messy. Be sure to consider this while thinking about a rose back-plate for your lever handle. 


Nowadays, doorknobs are broader than lever handles. They’re harder to open than the lever hand as they don’t give leverage. However, this minor drawback is handily pardoned if the vibe of the door handle offers to you. On the off chance that you’d prefer to make your door antique and different from everybody else’s, a door knob-style handle is a lovely direct approach to do it. Door Knobs will undoubtedly go well with antique french pantry doors and other interior antique french doors. 

You don’t need to worry about the handles of Antique french doors, as in that matter too, the Bighorn iron door company has your back. Vintage Bighorn handles will go well with all types of french doors.

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