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Royal Wall Paint colours For That Regal Touch

Who doesn’t like feeling like royalty? Especially if you are living in a home where you walk in only to feel like a King/Queen straight from a movie, there is nothing better than that. We know how that feels, and we want you to feel it too.

Thankfully, now it is easier than ever to get this royal feeling without breaking the bank. The right wall paint colours can transform this dream into reality right at the moment. Here’s how!

1. Primp It Up With Purple

Purple is tied to the history of Kings and Queens since time immemorial. It exudes class and style and stands out among other hues. It’s the King of most shades and a timeless classic with many subtle bedroom wall colour combinations.

In case you are also looking to make your private space inviting, appealing, and stunning, Purple can be the best pick for the season. Channel your inner King/ Queen by choosing Purple and making a bold move. Installing a beautiful chandelier can help top the royal look off like no other.

2. Reflect Regality With Red

Red is accepted to be a powerful colour. It represents confidence, power, and passion. It may also be reflective of regal majesty that sets the tone just right. If you aren’t afraid to make a bold move and stand out among all others, you can choose Red for the dominating wall in your bedroom.

Such wall paint colours may look risky at first glance, but once they are set up with the right colour combinations, they work wonders. Allow your room to provide jolts of energy to anyone who walks into your personal space. This colour also helps you to improvise on your creativity and passion.

3. Go Glow With Golden

Gold symbolizes wealth. It is also expressive of success, achievement, and prosperity. With this beautiful, regal colour in your bedroom, there is no way your room won’t outshine all else. With the right bedroom wall colour combination to go with Golden, this bold colour can instantly revitalize every corner of your home. In fact, if your wall has the right amount of Golden touch to it, you may even choose to skip installing enough decor pieces. The Golden wall in itself can act as the best accessory for your personal space.

4. Deck It Up With Dark Blue

Dark Blue may seem risky at the start but wait till it whisks its magic wand to surprise you. Dark Blue represents trust and confidence and denotes authority. In fact, for the longest time, it had been used as a significant colour that was closely connected to the British Throne. That is why installing shades of Dark Blue in your room can be a great way to provide a touch of regality to your personal space.

Winding Up!

These royal colours are the perfect way to say goodbye to those boring hues and say hello to a fresh-new regal palette for your home. Make sure you analyze this stunning range of royal colours to deck up your home. We promise; it will be worthwhile.


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