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All About DXV Washroom Sink Faucet

Are you surfing the internet to gather information related to DXV washroom sink faucet? If so, then by any chance, you entered the right tab. This could be considered as your destination platform. 

Since, in the upcoming segments, this post will discuss the various types of bathroom sink faucets. Moreover, here you will not only get to know about different DXV faucets, but also reveal to you about the steps to choose DXV washroom sink faucets. After that, this post is going to offer a suggestive conclusion.

Let’s begin!!

When it comes to luxury bathrooms and kitchens, most people prefer DXV. Since, they are always available to make your kitchen & bathroom look alluring. Moreover, when they select DXV products, they only believe in DXV Plumbing.

As your search was related to DXV washroom sink faucet, let’s jump to washroom faucets first.

Types Of Bathroom faucets

Although there are a plethora of types of washroom sink faucets, some of the well known faucets are listed below. 

Here they are!!

Bathroom Faucets With a Single Handle


The most widespread and well-known option. This faucet has a simple, minimalist design with the fewest number of pieces for easy installation and maintenance. It is also the cheapest style of bathroom faucet.

This faucet has a single handle that controls both the volume and temperature of the water. When used with an escutcheon plate, it only needs a single hole for installation, but it is also suited for sinks with three holes at 4″ center set.


In convenience, this combined faucet is small and perfect for small bathrooms. The spout and handles are combined as a single component.

It will fit sinks with three faucet holes that are 4″ in diameter from one end to the other. In addition, a two-handle faucet is less expensive than a wider faucet.


It is far less traditional and is becoming increasingly common in modern styles. These faucets are perfect for sinks with limited countertop space because they are positioned on the wall behind the sink.

Keep in mind that wall-mount bathroom faucets require a distinct installation procedure and should be fitted at the start of a renovation project. This is due to the fact that plumbing lines are built in the wall rather than being exposed through the sink. They frequently necessitate the purchase of a separate rough-in piece from the faucet.


Technologically advanced. These hands-free, sensor-operated faucets are convenient to use, but they lack temperature and water flow control unless they have a mixer. However, they are becoming increasingly popular as a means of conserving water and limiting the transfer of bacteria.

Because it employs energy and sensors, the touchless faucet not only requires batteries, but it is also fitted differently than a regular faucet. Touchless bathroom faucets, such as TOTO’s Revolutionary EcoPower Self-Generating Hydropower System, are starting to feature new technology. 


The EcoPower faucet’s water-powered turbine generates an electrical current, which is stored in rechargeable cells and used to operate the Smart Sensor System.


This is a classic. When most folks say of a bathroom faucet, they envision something like this. The widespread bathroom faucet is ideal for pedestal sinks and big vanity areas.

st. george collection

Because of the handles for hot and cold water, you’ll need three faucet holes that measure 8″ from the middle of the left hole to the center of the right hole in terms of measures. The ability to control the temperature and water flow is a big benefit and major selling factor of this faucet.

DXV Washroom Sink Faucet


Bathroom faucets with the best fit and finish. DXV washroom sink faucet is meticulously detailed and precise. Long-lasting, leak-free valves and a solid-brass construction endure the test of time. Every day feels remarkable with our range of one-of-a-kind luxury bathroom faucets. 

DXV REM Faucet

DXV faucets are available in a variety of sink and countertop configurations, as well as vessel and wall mount options. Make your new spa’s bathroom faucet a signature piece. Furthermore, if you want a perfect installation of a DXV washroom sink faucet, then don’t forget to go with DXV plumbing. Among the uncountable DXV washroom faucets, a few famed variants of faucets are written below. 

Here they are!!

  • Ashbee widespread bathroom faucet with cross handle
  • Ashbee widespread bathroom faucet with lever handle
  • Single lever lavatory faucet 
  • Oak hill high spout widespread bathroom faucet with cross handle
  • Oak hill high spout widespread bathroom faucet with lever handle
  • Oak hill wall mount bathroom faucet
  • Oak hill wall mount bathroom faucet with cross handle
  • Fitzgerald single handle faucet
  • Fitzgerald vessel faucet
  • Fitzgerald widespread bathroom faucet
  • Fitzgerald wall mount faucet

Don’t think that here is the end of the variety, there are still much more different DXV washroom sink faucet as well. 

How To Choose DXV faucets?

If you have made up your mind for a DXV washroom sink faucet, then you can go through the undermentioned factors. They can aid you in selecting a suitable DXV faucet. 

Select the appropriate installation types

First and foremost, you need to choose which type of DXV washroom sink faucet you want. If you are just going to change the DXV faucets, then you must go with the old or previous types which were installed in your bathroom. However, you can change the color in it. 

Furthermore, if you are wishing to renovate your whole bathroom, then you can go with any of the types of faucets. There are a number of beautiful  options in DXV. But remember, your faucet selecting it totally relies on the sink of your bathroom. 

Select the features you desire

After you are done with selecting the installation method, you need to ask yourself first, which type of qualities and features do you want in your DXV washroom sink faucet. You require determining that you need touchless faucets or faucets with handles. 

Here is not the end of determining, you need to examine some other features as well, such as water pressure, single handled or double, etc. 

Select the right style

Start thinking about which design and material the new faucet should be once you’ve considered and planned the practical aspects of choosing a faucet. Traditional, contemporary, and transitional are the three main kinds of bathroom DXV faucets.

3D faucets DXV

  • Traditional faucets have curved spouts and knobs and are more ornamental.
  • Fashionable faucets typically have sharper lines and a more angular appearance.
  • Conventional and contemporary design features are combined in transitional faucets.


You can also select the faucet’s finish. There are a plethora of options available, ranging from metallic to matte finishes, and from chrome to bronze. In general, consider how a faucet’s style and finish will complement or contrast with the rest of the bathroom when selecting a variety and decorativeness.

Summering Up

In the end, when you are going to select any DXV washroom sink faucet, you should make sure about the bathroom type. Because, if you install a modern faucet in the traditional bathroom, it will look no good. 


So, select those DXV faucets, which match with your bathroom. Last but not the least, DXV pluming is always a great idea to make your kitchen and bathroom luxurious.

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