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Benefits Of Using Concrete Pumps For Construction Project

Days are gone when contractors used a wheelbarrow to move raw material in a construction site. Nowadays, the concrete pump is a new normal that is used for job sites.

From house construction to a large commercial project, concrete pumping has become an essential part of the project. There are numerous reasons that a project manager should consider concrete pumping for the next task.

We are here to shift your focus on using a concrete pump and the benefits of using it on a job site. Continue reading to understand concrete line pumps better.

What Do You Mean By Concrete Pumping?

Before reviewing the advantages of concrete line pumps, we will give you a background of concrete pumping.
People generally understand it by cement coming out from a pump in a simple way. Well, it is true, but there is much more to know.

  • The pumping machine has two cylinders that are fixed with a piston.
  • Workers pour liquid cement on the hopper (already attached to a machine).
  • After this, a piston makes some air pressure. It is to draw the liquid cement from the hopper to the 1st cylinder.
  • At the same time, the second piston pushes back the concrete so that it comes out with a discharge pipe.
  • The whole procedure allows a continuous flow of cement.

Also, the valve is used for switching the cylinders between the discharge pipe and the hopper.

One more name is a concrete conveying machine. Generally, it frequently conveys cement to the hard-to-reach areas of a construction site. It demands a horizontal pipeline and a vertical pipeline. To operate this machine, it uses a diesel engine or motor engine.

Kinds Of Concrete Pumps

Now let’s look over the most common types of pumps used in various job sites.

1. Trailer/ Line/Stationary Pump

The trailer, Line, or Stationary line pump is small in size. All workers use it for tasks such as building ground slabs and sidewalks. Moreover, it consists of flexible hoes. That hose is made up of steel or rubber, and the hoses mix with other extension hoses.

2. Truck-Mounted/Boom Concrete Pump

Contractors use truck-mounted, or boom concrete pumps for long road construction or highways. Moreover, the boom pump is significant in size. And that is why it’s mounted on a vehicle like a truck or a semi-trailer. Furthermore, this type of pump can verify every problem at the time of moving.

3. Squeeze Pump

Squeeze is a type of portable punching concrete pump. It works like the blades rotate and deliver the cement in a manageable pipe with a collecting hopper’s help.

Moreover, the squeeze pipe is combined with the pumping chamber. Also, it has a vacuum pressure of 0.08 N/ mm2.

4. Specialized Usage Pump

A specialized usage pump is best for mines or tunnels type of areas. It’s not easy to use this concrete pump on an everyday basis. Mostly, it works on a specific mechanism, but the cost is very expensive.

Top Advantages Of Concrete Pump For Job Sites

There are many benefits of using pumps in construction areas, and we have mentioned some of them below. Take a quick check:

1. Increase Speed of Pouring Cement

You can pour concrete easily with the help of a pump. Obviously, you will complete your work simpler and faster. With the mounted equipment, pumping becomes easily accessible over all the job site areas.

2. Decrease in the Number of on-site Workers

You might be aware of the shortage of labours in the construction sector. Therefore, finding talented and experienced labour for a project is not easy. And this is the foremost reason for choosing a concrete line pump. A few labourers and operators can execute the entire procedure for laying concrete. Now, you don’t need to carry cement sacks manually.

3. Very Convenient to Pour Cement

Have you remembered the challenges while concrete placement? Generally, contractors use traditional ways such as a barrow in construction areas. However, now the pumping has eliminated the problems of delivering the cement to every type of place.

4. Enhance the Strength of Cement

Generally, a pump requires less water as compared to other cement pouring techniques. It prevents the cement from getting cracked or shrinking after setting up. The stronger cement structure needs very less repair and maintenance. It denotes that the constructed building will last for a long time.

5. High-Quality Cement Pouring

Isn’t it great if you get high quality or high accuracy of cement pouring? Well, it is possible with a flexible pump. With a concreting pump, you will see minimal or no wastage.

It is flexible to pour cement in a foundation slab, high rise building, and many more places. It can deliver cement to many places without leaving lumps and spills on the way.

What Are The Main Reasons For Using Concrete Pumping?

Now let’s have a look over the reasons why contractors are heading towards pumping.

You don’t Need a Swinging Room.

You don’t need a particular room to pour cement. Whether your pour site is underground, inside a building, or at a height, concrete pumping works everywhere.

Near to the location

You have to find a mixer and take it to the construction site most of the time. But with a pump, you can mix cement anywhere.

Stay Before Pending Date

Concrete pumping is a smooth and fast process that doesn’t let you lag behind the scheduled date.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, a concrete pump can handle all kinds of big or small on-site construction tasks. A project manager saves time, labor cost and prevents location headaches with a pumping solution.

This pumping solution can be easily accessed in a non-conventional place of construction. Concrete pumping can easily work with just one or two labour and operators.

Which concrete pump is your first choice? Please share with us.

We hope now you will choose the right Pump on site services wisely.

So have you found this blog useful? Or do you get the answers to all your doubts? If so, please tell us.

Thank you for reading!

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