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An Overall Price Estimate of Creating A New Website

While hiring the best Dubai web design company, every client’s common question is the overall price. How much will it cost to create the entire website? It is the primary question that every client asks before even checking the portfolio of the designing company.

Believe it or not, it is pretty challenging for the designers to give the exact estimate for creating a website. Several factors seem to govern the overall prices of these web designing services. So, if you are keen on understanding the expense of creating a new website, read along to know more about the factors in detail.

Firstly, for a small business, creating the most simplistic website might cost around AED 15,000. But again, the price is just an estimate. It can vary according to the factors the influence the overall designing process.

According to some designers, the web design Dubai prices change to AED 30,000 or even 50,000 for a lead or conversion-focused website. So, you see, depending on the complexity of the website, the costs can increase or decrease.

Understanding The Details Of Website Design Cost

The prices shown above are approximations and can change depending on the requirements of the web development project. Just like product development, even website development involves many variables.

But before going into those details, you need to ask yourself a crucial question here. What do you expect from your website? Do you wish to build a website for:

  • build brand awareness
  • create an online shop front for your company
  • highlight your creations to the world
  • build your brand’s credibility globally
  • generate traffic
  • generate new leads for better sales
  • for selling products or services online

Once you are entirely sure about your business requirements, the web designing Dubai company can start with the process. Also, depending on your aspirations, the designers will be making a strategy for your website. And these are some of the fundamental points to consider to understand the prices of creating a new website.

Some of the other factors that govern the price of a website are:

  • Number of pages on your website or the size
  • Number and variety of features integrated within the website
  • Expected number of customers or traffic towards the website
  • Type of technology used to create and edit the content of the website
  • Type of CMS used
  • Content on the website

So, these are some of the important key elements that are required for creating any essential website. Unfortunately, the prices seem to fluctuate depending on the time, complexity, and amount of effort needed to implement these points in a website.

What Technology Can You Use To Build Any New Website?

Web designing Dubai companies often use various technologies for creating layouts and designs. The most commonly used platforms include PHP and There is a continuous argument about which one is potentially better. However, depending on the strength of the designing team, they can use any of these for the website designs.

Many designing professionals prefer using as:

  • It enables the creators to design as per the requirements of the client’s businesses
  • The tailored approach for creating the website seems to be an excellent idea as it can change depending on the expansion of the business.
  • Some of the biggest companies like Microsoft support this technology. It can effectively stop hackers or even viruses from attacking the site

How Does The Size Of The New Website Govern The Overall Cost?

According to the top web designers in Dubai, size always matters. This is because your website size will directly determine the amount of work required for its creation. And it also determines the overall expenses of creating the primary and the final layout.

For example, building a 300-pages website will require more time than a simple five-page website. Other factors like the interactivity of the platform and links included between these pages make it a complicated task. With the complications, the prices will differ frequently.

What Is The Functionality Of Your Website?

A primary corporate site might need 5 – 10 pages and a simple online brochure of the brand. It can highlight the company’s products, staff, services, and contact details. But if you do not hire the right Dubai web design company to design them, a bad layout can confuse your customers, decreasing the site’s visibility. Also, the engagement ratio seems to decrease with such errors in designs.

So, the complexity and the overall integrations involved in creating the website can affect the price. Before you want to include any texts, graphics, or content on the website, ask yourself what you expect from it. How do you wish to market your business through the platform? If you are clear about the requirements or functionality of your website, it gets easier to select the best team.

Apart from that, you need to focus on the following:

  • Website’s overall function and output
  • Website’s interaction with other third-party websites

Understand that the overall functionality of your website will be affecting its price. The more complicated it gets, the more expensive it will get for you.

If you are an e-commerce site, you will be using the website as your online shop. In that case, there will be multiple product listings, sub-products, product categories, and many more such features. So, any web designers in Dubai need to do a lot of work-related to e-commerce website development.

E-commerce sites also provide features to build their profiles, adding other crucial information. With such detailing and secured payment gateways, the web company must directly communicate with the payment gateway provider or any other bank. Therefore, many interactions, strategy planning, and complicated design work go into such projects.


If your platform needs any third-party integrations, there will be added charges. It might seem like a complicated task initially, but it will be profitable for your business. Moreover, as it will be an automated process for your company’s site, it can minimise your employees’ mechanical labour work. So, all-in-all it can be a good investment.

Therefore, the overall web design Dubai expenses can vary depending on these factors and some secondary ones. But if you are planning to expand your business globally and set up an online shop, it is worth the investment. Connect with your audiences more with a friendly UX interface and get ready to expand your business with a brand-new website.

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