The Best Food Storage Containers for Different Kitchen Areas

Food storage solutions are an important part of maintaining an organized kitchen. If your kitchen is in disarray, it’s more difficult to find ingredients and prepare meals. The thought of enjoying the process might not even enter your mind. Yet, being in your kitchen and preparing food for yourself, friends, and family should be genuinely enjoyable. That means having what you need to keep your kitchen organized is essential. You can stock up on proper food storage containers for different areas of your kitchen to maximize space and neatness. With reusable, stackable, and easy-to-clean food storage containers, your kitchen could become your new favorite place in a home.

Food Storage Containers for the Pantry

Pantries are a place where a little bit of untidiness seems to suddenly turn into an uncontrollable situation. Half-finished chip bags, open boxes of dried pasta, and unclosed cookie cartons become the blight of this kitchen storage area. Every time you open the pantry, items fall off the shelves only to be shoved back into random places.

When you want to start organizing your pantry, stock up on large food storage containers that work like building blocks to fit the shelves. To ensure food stays fresh, you want containers airtight, moisture-proof, and bug-proof. These containers, sometimes sporting oval or rectangular shapes, are perfect for snacks, cereal, pasta, tea, and coffee. Organizing gets even easier if the containers are clear.

Organizational Pieces for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a different story. They come next on this list because you’ll undoubtedly feel concerned about your reusable storage options taking up space in your cabinets. Whether you don’t have much cabinet space or you want to prevent tumbling storage products, there are solutions.

When shopping for food containers and storage solutions like Tupperware® products, you want stackable options, but that’s not all. If you’re in serious need of saving any spare space, nesting containers are a must-have. What does that mean? It means that when you store them, the pieces can fit inside each other like a neat little nest. A bowl set with leakproof lids is a great storage solution that won’t overthrow your whole cabinet situation.

The Containers You Need Among Refrigerator Items

Nesting isn’t really an option for food in the fridge, and you can only use a blocking strategy if your refrigerator is packed for an event like the holidays. Even then, you need specific kinds of food storage containers for the fridge. Otherwise, fridges fall victim to sloppy and chaotic conditions.

Luckily, finding high-quality, leakproof containers for the refrigerator isn’t challenging. If you need to store drinks like homemade iced tea or lemonade, look for slim, tall, and almost rectangular, cuboid-shaped pitchers to minimize the amount of space they hold. Shop for specific shapes for smaller foods that are often forgotten or wasted, such as citrus and half-sliced bell peppers. There are citrus keepers and pepper keeper container sets to help you recognize half-used items. Choose flat rectangular containers when storing snacks like sliced fruit, lunch foods like sandwiches, or leftovers like hamburger patties.

Cold Food Storage Solution Tip

You can find food storage containers specifically designed for either the fridge or the freezer. Freezer Tupperware® containers are sturdier and can withstand extreme temperatures. Make sure you stock up on such items if you frequently freeze leftovers and other dishes.

An Organization Strategy for the Countertop

There’s another kitchen area outside of the fridge you should work hard to keep in order. Kitchen countertops are one of the first things to start looking a little cluttered. It’s the area where you prepare meals for the family and maybe even a few packed lunches. Not to mention, you might even grab a quick snack, eating it over the countertop. Things get left out, making it trickier to clean and wipe down different areas. You could go on and on about the issues with maintaining tidy countertops.

Instead of thinking about keeping things completely off your countertops, there’s another way to look at it. Keep the most-used or snacked-upon foods in plain view. That way, they’re easy to take out, clean up, put away, and take out again. Jar storage systems with a variety of sizes will look nice in a corner of the kitchen or against a wall. Look for stackable jar options that balance well, so any younger kids and teens don’t think it’s a hassle to keep them in line. You can even get them in a fun color, like turquoise or bright blue, to brighten up the area.

Food Storage Containers for Kids’ Lunches or On-the-Go Meals

Simple and interesting food storage solutions intrigue kids. If you’ve ever packed a lunch for a younger child, you have probably grasped that they like things in order (until they want to mess them up themselves). You can keep fruit in a different compartment from packed lunch items like a sandwich. This keeps things fresh, appetizing, and tidy inside a lunch bag.

Help your kids stay interested in packing and eating their lunches and cleaning the kitchen at the same time. Let them choose their own food containers, maybe something with divided compartments. Kids could also get involved with picking a few healthier items for their lunch. This process can help them learn to keep areas of the kitchen neat. They can get their snacks from the pantry and fruits and veggies from the fridge. You could even allow them to grab different sandwich ingredients. Then, have your kids put everything away. It may help them understand that the kitchen needs to stay organized. Hopefully, they continue to do so in the future.

Finding the perfect food storage containers for the spaces in your kitchen can be a fun way to keep things organized. If you’re not a fan of cleaning the kitchen, consider that these containers make maintaining neatness easier. You and anyone in your household will enjoy how food, snacks, and empty containers have their own place. When everything fits together like a kind of container Tetris, working with items in the kitchen is more straightforward. Preparing and storing food can be an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Sometimes, all you need is a little help from handy storage solutions.

About Tupperware

Renowned for their high-quality, long-lasting products, Tupperware continues to be the one-stop shop for organizational food containers, sustainable kitchen storage, and luxury cookware. For over 50 years, Tupperware® products have been used in homes across the United States. Tupperware offers respected kitchenware, serveware, and storage solutions in countries around the globe, not to mention their appearances on beloved television shows viewed worldwide. With their enormous impact on the everyday lives of people who prepare, store, and serve delicious food, Tupperware® products are the ideal items to have on hand. Whether you’re a long-time home cook, a college student sharing space with roommates, or a parent with young kids only just beginning school, the Tupperware company works hard to help you keep things organized, fresh, and fun for everyone.

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