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Are Oppo mobiles better than Xiaomi?

The hot question these days on everyone’s mind is which are better, Oppo mobiles or Xiaomi mobiles? Both are well-established mobile phones manufacturers, with a huge number of customers around the world. Both these companies are known for providing the best smartphones, with a really low price range. Before we get into it let us first take a quick look at both of these companies.


Oppo telecommunication company is based in Guangdong, China and is a sub-brand of BBK electronics. It specializes in not only mobile phones but also in a number of electronic gadgets and accessories like headphones, smartwatches and many more. Oppo has rapidly created its name in the international market, and it ranks at number 4 in worldwide market share. Oppo has a wide range of best smartphones under every price range. Some of the best Oppo mobile phone series include Oppo A series, F series and many more cool touchscreen mobiles.


Xiaomi is a Chinese company based in Beijing, which has been in the market for almost 10 years. It has been providing high-quality smartphones and IoT products, ranging from smart home devices to software, laptops, and much more. It is growing steadily and is present in almost more than 90 countries.

Are Oppo phones better?

Before getting to the answer let us get one thing out of the way first. The choice of mobile phones is solely based on the person’s own preferences and likings. Both Oppo and Xiaomi are providing good quality products to the consumers. So, let us see some of the factors and try to find out which one is better.


Oppo is without a doubt best in the market when it comes to cameras. Oppo is considered to be the innovator for the cameras in smartphones. Oppo has a wide range of smartphones, with the best camera features in the world of phones. Some of Oppo’s best smartphone series include 5X hybrid zoom and 20X digital zoom, which is quite remarkable. In addition to this, the first smartphone to introduce maximum 60X zoom was Oppo Reno 10X Zoom.

Even though Xiaomi phones are now also offering good zoom features in their cameras, but still the quality of pictures taken from an Oppo phone, wins every single time. The pictures are more detailed and have better colour saturation. Night Mode feature in the camera is also a big thing. It lets you take crisp pictures and full HD videos, even in the night. If we compare the Night Mode feature of both Oppo and Xiaomi, then again, the better result comes from the cameras in Oppo phones, providing many clear details with perfect light balance.

Style and Design

Well, it is hard to tell which phone has the best and stylish design, because almost all the phones look quite the same. But Oppo has a different trademark style, which shines out in its every phone. Xiaomi phones are good in the style department, but Oppo surely gives all the other leading smartphones, a run for their money. Its Find and Reno series have some remarkably stylish phones with glossy, matt finish and metallic appearance, to style up your life.

OPPO Reno & Xiaomi Mi 9 Comparison

Let us now compare two of the most bought smartphones, by each company. Reno and Mi 9 both are good smartphones, but there are many aspects which favour Oppo. First thing you notice is the selfie camera. Mi9 has a punch hole on the display as a selfie camera, whereas Reno has a pop-up selfie camera, which hides completely inside the display of the phone, providing more screen space and less distraction. And as the display of Oppo phone is a bit bigger, so it provides more screen to body ratio.

Take a look at the key specs and hardware of both phones. Mi 9 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, whereas Reno has Snapdragon 710. But Mi 9 has the memory of 6GB RAM, while Reno has 8GB RAM, which works better and provides fast-paced operations, for all your mobile phone tasks and needs. The battery of Mi 9 is 3300mAh and Oppo has equipped Reno with 3765mAh battery, which lasts longer than its rivals. With internal storage being the same, the main difference is that you can expand Reno’s storage, while Mi 9 does not have that luxury of expandable storage. All of these things make Reno a better Android phone than Mi 9.

Final Verdict

These were some of the comparisons of both Oppo and Xiaomi. We will again point out the fact that it all slides down to the person’s personal preference. But still, from the factors we have gone through, it is safe to say that Oppo is the much better option for all the smartphone lovers out there than a Xiaomi phone. So, what are you waiting for? Go to and choose from a wide range of Oppo mobiles.

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