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Wedding is an event which is remembered the whole life. This is the main reason why every one of us wants our wedding to be incredibly memorable. Because this is the event that must be as good as our family members and friends enjoy feeling years to come. We have observed people planning their wedding quite passionately to make their special day memorable. In this regard, most of us contact the wedding planner and discuss every aspect that can help their marriage to be stunning. These days, nothing is more fun than adding a cool activity to your wedding to keep the mood going! Especially for you, we have listed wight fun awesome activities for your wedding!


  1. Old Dutch games for young and old!

Horseshoe throwing, bag jumping, shuffleboard or cricket, anything is possible nowadays! Great for drinks, to chat, and you create a casual, cozy atmosphere!


  1. Say cheese!

It’s always fun to do something with photos! Here we have listed 3 ideas, but of course, much more is possible. No matter how cliché, but true: Images say more than 1000 words!

Photobooth: Dive into the dress-up box with a few other wedding guests, go crazy and say cheese in an old-school photo booth!

Photo frame: Hang a cool photo frame with your names and the wedding date in a very nice place and let all your guests take place in the frame! The guests can paste this photo in the guestbook with the ‘ultimate wedding tip’ and bring a photo as a souvenir of your day!

Silhouette: Have your guests sit behind a canvas and take pictures by night!


  1. A video message to remember!

Below are two of my favorites ;-)… I think it’s fantastic to do something with film and photo at a wedding!

Big Brother is watching you: Instead of a guestbook, you can also create a real ‘guest cam’ wedding. Your beautiful guests take place in a super cool caravan and big brother plays music and asks their questions. Ultimately, as a bridal couple, you will receive a completely edited film at home.

Marryoke: Super original and hilarious to watch! Find an easy sing-along song that gives you a special feeling. On the day of the wedding, you will then record a kind of ‘video clip’ with all the guests!


  1. Entertain your guests!

Make sure your guests are in a ‘happy flow’ all day long by providing entertainment. Consider, for example, a dance workshop during drinks, so that everyone is well prepared for the party ;-). Or how about a cigar roll workshop with whiskey tasting for the men and a wine tasting for the women!


  1. Who Said What on Facebook?

It is always fun to test how well your guests really know you. Is the statement ‘A day without Starbucks is a day not lived’ by her or his. And ‘In 1 month I will marry my best buddy’ ‘really something for her, but… did she actually say that? Make a list of some fun, original, or standard sayings and test your dear family and friends 😉


  1. Show your face at your best!

Great fun to capture the face of your guests in a different way than a photo.

Caricatures: Super fun at the moment and a cool memory for all guests of your wedding, later on, caricatures! Hire a draftsman and discuss with him what your theme is and let him or her adjust the caricatures accordingly.

Silhouette artist: How cool is it to have live silhouettes of your guests made! A good artist can cut a person out of paper within a minute! Nice to give the faces to the guests or super fun and original to paste in the guestbook with a personal text!


  1. Wedding Advice!

You are having a great day and are entering life as a married couple in good spirits! Let all of your friends and family give marriage advice during the party evening to maintain this feeling and for lesser times!

“Fill in”: Download or make up your own super cool text and leave out a few words here and there so that the guests can complete the sentences. After your wedding, you will have super nice notes to read through and who knows what a crazy tip your aunt might have to make your marriage a success ;-)!

Love Tree: Not only fun for the day itself, but also to put in your house later! Buy a small tree or make one yourself out of wood and let your guests hang a note with the best tips!

Wine box: Fill this with your favorite wine that gets better with age, fills it with sweet love letters, and hammer it closed during the ceremony. Open it at your first spicy fight or else at a pre-arranged anniversary.

Write it on a stone: During a beautiful evening you can, in addition to watching the sunset, also collect stones on the beach with your love. You can have these stones described during your wedding with short but powerful advice!


  1. Shine a light!

The evening is coming to an end, and it is time for you to go! Nothing is more fun than to end the evening in a special way and leave the party at the peak. So wait until it is dark and then all go outside to release wish balloons! You will see that it gives a fantastic effect if you leave a lot of them on it at the same time!

If you think we think it would be great fun to add an original activity to our wedding, but are you not getting it right? Feel free to ask the wedding planner services provider for advice!


Final Words

Now you have thoroughly understood these awesome activities for your wedding day. Apart from the activities mentioned above, you can add up more enjoyment and fun to your marriage. But the main reason for writing this blog is to assist you to find multiple activities in order to make your life’s special day unforgettable not only for but for friends and family as well.

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