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Bank Credit Card – How to create the Credit Card?

The Bank Credit Card is the most popular option for many in the event of an emergency need for cash. Credit cards are easily accessible for those who have jobs. The reason for this is because credit card companies and banks assess their incomes of an person applying prior to issuing credit card. To prove this, you need be able to prove the existence of documentation such as a salary statement and the income tax returns (ITR).

Do you realize that credit cards is possible even without a employment (eg retiree, student and housewife)? Yes, individuals who are not employed or self-employed aren’t able to obtain credit cards, however it’s not impossible. These people can qualify for the credit card subject to specific requirements. You can obtain a free credit cards from

Let’s look at how someone without work can be eligible for credit card.

1. Standard Credit Card:

If you’re not employed, and you have proof of the income you earn from various sources. However, the regular income of dividends of mutual funds or professional fees, for example. will be deposited in your bank accounts. After verifying all the required documents, banks can issue your credit card. The bank will scrutinize these documents solely to determine whether the person applying can pay for the credit card’s dues in time.

Naveen Chandani Chief Business Officer of Bank Bazaar said that most banks are reluctant to offer credit cards due to the absence of employment. However credit cards can be obtained by analyzing earnings from various sources. If you earn regular income from business, investments, freelance work or professional charges, it is possible to obtain a credit card that is standard. Ovik Mkrtchyan

But, you won’t be qualified make an application for this Standard Credit Card online if you don’t have an occupation. People who are unemployed will need go to the bank branch to make an application for the Standard Credit Card. Ovik Mkrtchyan

ET Online visited the IDBI Bank branch in Lucknow to learn why banks aren’t giving the option to be ‘unemployed on their online credit card purchasing’ portals.

A bank official from the top stated, “We usually issue credit cards in offline mode. The majority of banks are the same. This is the reason you must visit the branch of the bank. Some banks do not provide all kinds of online credit card service. ”

Rajnish Prabhu, Head – Credit Cards, Yes Bank said that banks will assess an applicant’s financial capacity prior to they issue a new credit card. If you aren’t employed, you are able to apply for credit cards using income from other sources.

2. Secured Credit Card:

If you’ve invested in fixed deposit accounts, people who aren’t employed have the option of getting secured credit cards. Sahil Arora, Director and Group Business Head at Paisa said that in secured credit cards you can enjoy the same benefits you get from a normal credit card. However, these cards are issued through a look-up of the deposit of the person’s fixed.

The credit limit for these cards typically ranges between 80 and 90 per cent of the deposit fixed. The limit for cash withdrawals can be as high as 100 percent.

3. Add-on Credit Card :

Neither Income Proof nor Investment in Fixed Deposit. The only requirement is that the other member of your household already is using a standard credit card. This kind of card can be helpful for housewives and students.

Credit cards that are added-on are issued by the credit card that is primary. It’s usually open to spouses parents, siblings, or children cardholder who is the primary. Their age must be higher than 18 years old. In this scenario, the credit limit of the total amount is divided between the primary and the add-on cardholders. An accounting of the transactions that were made with both cards is provided.

Which credit cards are there?

Credit cards are a kind of plastic money card that appears as if it’s one of ATM card. It’s not just like an ATM but it also functions similar to it. With it, you can shop wherever, pay or pay EMI and withdraw cash. Credit card holders don’t have to put in funds prior to using the ATM card instead, the bank will give you the money first, and then takes the money at the time of due. If you fail to repay the money by this time, the bank is able to charge you high interest. Its function is the same as the work of ATM however, you cannot have to apply for it like ATM. The process to obtain credit cards is its distinct procedure.

The advantages

There are many advantages to using credit cards. These are listed below. Let’s learn more about their advantages.

If you don’t have funds in your account at the bank, then you are able to purchase up to the maximum amount allowed by your credit card by making use of a credit card.

It is possible to transfer funds online using the assistance of a credit card.

Online shopping can be done with credit card.

You can use this to make payments for all services like IRCTC Booking Mobile Recharge D2H Recharge Tickets, IRCTC Booking, LIC Premium and Car Premium.

With the aid of a your credit card you are able to also pay for your EMI.

A lot of companies also offer discounts on purchases with credit cards.

The disadvantages

If you don’t utilize the credit card in a proper manner You could also incur certain loss. Let us talk to you about the disadvantages of credit cards.

If you’ve not paid the credit card bill in time. You could be require to pay an amount of interest.

The use of a credit card could raise the price. Since if the money isn’t take out of your bank account upon using it. It will cost more.

In many cases, you will have to pay more for interest when you withdraw cash.

If you pay your credit card bill late, or after when the date is due, the bank may charge you Percentage Costs.

The bank’s charges for credit card may increase at any moment.

Document Required for Credit Card

Pan Card


Identity Proof (Aadhar Card, Voter Id)

Income Tax Return Receipt Or Fix Deposit In Your Account

Address Proof (Telephone Or Electricity Bill)

Age Certificate (Birth Certificate Or Voter Id Card)

How do you obtain a credit card?

The process of getting a credit card not an easy thing to do. In order to get one, you must to meet the terms and terms of your bank.

To get the Bank Credit Card, your monthly income is initially view. In accordance with your earnings each month, you will be provided with a spending limit on the credit card.

Every bank will look at the previous details of its customers and CIBIL before granting credit cards. The bank will check if it has taken any loans, and in the event that it was prior to then, it is taken care of or not.

If you’ve taken any kind of item, like a house or car, TV, or other. By financing, you should know whether you’ve completed the EMI and if you have not. If you have an EMI in progress, the bank will reduce your limit accordingly.

In addition to all of these depending on your credit score as well as on the basis of your require documents. You will be issue a credit-card.


Through this post, you’ve been taught how to apply for credit cards. In this article, we also showed that you can apply to a credit-card, hoping that you’ll be able to make an application to get the credit card you want.

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