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Best HR software for 2022

HR managers are part of company leadership but often find themselves weighed down by mounds of paperwork. To solve this problem, HRs of successful companies are now actively using or switching to HR software. These software come in handy by providing custom solutions for administrative tasks, freeing HR managers time and effort to focus on big picture operations.

Whether you’re part of a larger business like an┬áHR BPO company┬áthat needs everything from┬árecruitment management to off

What is HR management software?

HR management software covers a broad range of self-service tools that assist with managing people, processes, and information.

Some small businesses may only need software to assist with job postings or time tracking. However, large and midsize companies often require a more extensive suite of functions. Therefore, software makers have created individual and vertically integrated solutions covering various disciplines. Whether your team needs to learn how to make a website or create a marketing campaign, the software will help plan and keep track of everything.

Typically, these tools allow you to manage employee records through a desktop application,┬áweb browser, or mobile phone. This ensures you can track your employee’s success from recruitment to retirement without the need for extensive file cabinets. This translates into improved HR workflows and processes.

By automating tiresome tasks, keeping information organized, and generating reports, HR operation software helps your HR platoon get their paperwork done presto. therefore, all businesses looking to gauge despite the testing times must consider switching to HR software to do the heavy lifting for their brigades. This ensures sustainability and enhances hand morale and fidelity towards your company.

6+ best HR software for 2022

1. Flair

Flair is a mortal Resource operation system specifically designed to help with advanced workflows. erected on top of the popular Salesforce platform, faculty is customizable and intuitive to use.

Flair┬áis a astral tool that stands out. By allowing directors to use templates grounded on what is worked in weeks past, this tool significantly reduces the quantum of time they’ve to spend creating a schedule.
Plus, the shift diary can invite workers from other locales, post open shifts that need to be filled, and give announcements through the centralized hand mecca.


Essentials: $9 per user per month

Growth: $15.8 per user per month

Performance: $22.56 per user per mont

2. Bamboo HR

BambooHR is an award-winning HR software that offers top-notch customer support, ease of use, and excellent value.

What sets them apart

The people data and analytics feature is what makes BambooHR stand out. It streamlines administrative tasks and record keeping. So, HR managers can spend more time on people management and less time rummaging through file cabinets.

Pricing: Custom

3. Gusto

Gusto provides a cloud-based solution for payroll, benefits, and Human Resource management for businesses in the US.

Key features

  • Payroll –┬áBuilds in time tracking and benefits, plus auto-files payroll taxes, allowing managers to run payroll within minutes.
  • Benefits –┬áAllows companies to build customized benefits packages and gives employees tools to manage them, including a Gusto Wallet which allows employees to manage direct deposits, set savings goals, and access emergency advances.
  • Time tracking –┬áTracks employee hours with verifiable geolocation features and seamlessly integrates with the payroll software.
  • Onboarding and hiring –┬áAllows managers to send tailored offer letters, post onboarding checklists, gather e-signatures, and set up software access for new employees.
  • Talent management –┬áAllows manager and employee feedback, self-evaluation, management evaluation, and career development resources to keep top performers engaged.
  • Reporting┬á– Provides customizable, intuitive reports, team surveys, and automatic compliance alerts to make HR management easier.

What sets them apart

Gusto offers exceptional and competitive compensation tools. In addition, employees gain access to the Gusto Wallet App with their employee benefits feature.

The app allows them to manage all of their finances in one place. They can set savings goals, split their paystubs between accounts, and access a Gusto debit card, making purchases that much easier.

4. Zenefits

Zenefits is an ideal HR software for small and midsize businesses. Thanks to its competitive prices, it is popular for its ease of use and modern design.

Key features

  • Payroll┬á– Comes with a fully┬á integrated payroll platform with advanced features like tip reporting, direct deposit, and contractor payments.
  • HR administration┬á– Has an intuitive platform to manage the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to retirement, including intelligent reports and a fully integrated employee database.
  • Onboarding –┬áStreamlines employee onboarding with a platform that integrates with a payroll and benefits software so new hires can onboard themselves without taking time away from a busy HR manager.
  • Compensation –┬áProvides anonymized data on compensation from SMBs across the US so business owners can better understand how to pay and reward their best talents, leading to better employee retention and hiring.
  • Performance management –┬áGives goal-setting, generates performance reviews, and provides useful tools for managers during one-on-one meetings.
  • Time & scheduling –┬áMakes scheduling simple with seamless syncing to payroll platform and allows managers to monitor employee activity in real-time.
  • People enablement –┬áIncludes a social network, intranet, and collaboration tool with personalized employee feeds where HR managers can pin essential company updates.

What sets them apart

Zenefits offers payscale insights that other HR platforms don’t. Using this data, business owners across the US can ensure compensation packages are a step above the competition. It also offers easy workforce alignment with their People Hub. This social network and intranet encourage employee communication, making it easy for managers to share company information.

5. Namely

Namely is a single platform that manages everything HR, perfect for mid-sized companies and intuitive enough for everyone to use easily.

Key Features

  • Benefits administration┬á– Allows employees to enroll and manage their benefits online while also providing automatic reports for HR.
  • Compliance┬á– Provides proactive alerts and tools for risk mitigation, including OHSA logs and an employee handbook creator.
  • Talent –┬áIncludes a social newsfeed and goal tracking, performance review, and applicant tracking modules to engage and retain employees.
  • Payroll and time –┬áWith a self-service employee portal, automated tax reporting, and easy scheduling features, Namely excels in the payroll and timekeeping areas.
  • Analytics –┬áA visual dashboard provides insights quickly, while custom report capabilities give you what you need to make strategic decisions.

What sets them apart

Namely does an excellent job with its compliance features. With compliance cautions, access to a compliance library, and anonymous hand reporting,mid-sized HR directors can simplify complicated tasks with little to no redundant trouble.

6. Sage People

Sage People gives a complete cloud solution for HR and people management for large-scale global workforces.

Key Features

  • Core HR –┬áProvides all the essential HR features to plan hiring, analyze absences and attrition, and more.
  • Leave management –┬áEmployees can manage their leaves and absences without the HR manager’s interference on a self-service employee portal.
  • Performance management┬á– Tracks employee and management discussions, provides recognition, and gives constant feedback, even outside of scheduled performance reviews.
  • Expenses –┬áSeamlessly handles expense receipts using a mobile app.
  • Shift scheduling –┬áCreates schedules and notifies employees in one click.
  • Timesheets –┬á┬áAllows employees to log their time remotely, eliminating the need to come into the office.
  • Recruiting┬á– Screens candidates and schedules interviews directly from the platform or mobile app.

What sets them apart 

HR software often leaves out┬áexpense reporting, but managing expense receipts can be a significant part of an HR manager’s job for large corporations. Sage People allows employees to report expenses by scanning receipts into an app, making tracking easier.

Wrap up

There are numerous Human coffers software to choose from in 2022. They all give tools to manage hand experience, from time operation to hand performance reviews.

To learn further about HR software, we suggest trying some free demonstrations that numerous of the below companies offer. A free rally or trial can help you determine if the tool is a good fit for you and your company pretensions.


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