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Many people in the online marketing business often struggle with the concept of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. They believe that SEO is the only way to achieve fast results for their business. In reality, it’s not. And if you have a small or medium sized online business, you should consider using both SEO and PPC. In fact, most successful businesses online use both SEO and PPC.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two main advantages of SEO when compared to PPC: relevancy and cost. Most people who run a pay per click campaigns focus on ad placement, cost and ad size. And rightly so! These are the most important factors, however not the only ones. I’ll explain both the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies below.



SEO Has Many Advantages

While SEO has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages that are important to be aware of. In particular, PPC tends to focus on certain geographies, such as targeting CPC ads to specific demographics based on behavioral attributes, such as age, gender, neighborhood and marital status. This is called “geofencing” and can bring your marketing efforts into disrepute if done incorrectly. SEO isn’t quite the same and you don’t want to alienate your ideal customers by targeting them based on irrelevant factors.

On the flip side, PPC tends to be much cheaper when run correctly. Because there is less chance of paying for irrelevant ads and a greater chance of getting targeted ads that are relevant to your keywords and campaigns, SEO can end up costing a lot more over time. The flipside is that with better management and more control over your campaigns, SEO can really benefit your bottom line.


Pay Per Click Marketing

If you know anything about pay per click marketing, then you’ve probably heard of the idea of click fraud. This is the practice of using different keywords to advertise different products or services for the same price. With SEO, however, you’re only charged for actual clicks made from a visitor to a site, not impressions made from links in other sites. This means that you are allowed to set a maximum daily limit on how much money you want to spend on these ad campaigns, which can be a significant advantage.

Another pro to SEO is that there is generally less competition involved with online business than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. SEO will typically be able to compete with other companies in the same field at a fraction of the cost they would pay. Another con of SEO is that changes in the algorithms that govern search engines can take some time to implement. These factors can greatly reduce the amount of traffic that is generated by online businesses in the short term, but over the long term this can lead to substantial increases in sales as the number of people who find your site increase.

seo vs ppc

SEO Pros and Cons

SEO pros and cons also include the amount of money that can be spent on these marketing efforts. Because it doesn’t cost any money to use keywords, it makes it easy for new businesses to get started online. A website does not need to be built from scratch, and you don’t have to hire employees. While SEO can be less effective if your keywords aren’t specific, it can be effective even if you’re unable to target specific keywords. There are several ways you can optimize your pages for specific keywords, which can help you rank better with search engines. As you become more experienced in online marketing, you can also learn how to use various tactics to help you gain an edge over your competitors.


 SEO For Long Term

Whether you plan on sticking with Online Marketing Business the long term or going with PPC for the short term, both methods have benefits. In the long run, SEO can help you achieve a higher ranking in the search engines, while PPC can help you drive traffic to your site. If you already have a popular website, you may want to consider switching to SEO in order to take advantage of its increased popularity. However, PPC will give you more bang for your buck. Regardless of what you choose to do, SEO is definitely more affordable than PPC, especially if you have a large, established business.


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