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Best iOS Development Frameworks in 2022

To begin with, the framework market is evergrowing in nature. A lot of toolsets and frameworks have emerged proving to be productive for app developers and designers. These frameworks enable developers to develop apps without wasting time on things like money and resources. Therefore the main reason for the increase in popularity of these frameworks is businesses that are transitioning from traditional app development to modern approaches. This is the main reason for the frameworks growing popularity. The mobile app development market is growing at a steady rate of about 14% annually. Therefore, this prediction shows the trend, and it’s expected to cross the 100 billion mark by the end of 2022.

Clear statistics show the demonstration of how the market demands are fluctuating. In order to meet these demands clear tools for the development of mobile apps capable of producing innovative mobile apps. These should be available to developers and that too in short time possible. The tools making this possible, are named mobile application frameworks. Because iOS app development has evolved so much, developers are shying away from traditional Native-based approaches. And embracing a more modern flexible cross-platform way to develop new innovative apps for the masses.


Here are the best iOS app development frameworks set to rule in 2022.


  • React Native:

Facebook is the creator of React Native which is a JavaScript-based app development framework. The framework released in the year 2018. The React Native framework is high in demand as many professional developers worldwide use it on a daily basis to create mobile apps. About 42% of mobile apps created and launched on the app stores are. The main reason for this popularity is the fact that it allows developers to make use of and provides the native look and feel that they get for iOS and Android apps in a seamlessly efficient manner. The best iOS development frameworks is undoubtedly React Native

Therefore, the main highlight for React Native is allowing developers to make use of a single code base that suffices for both the iOS development and Android development objectives fairly easily and efficiently. The framework enables developers to develop cross-platform apps that are highly similar to the Native apps produced for each specific platform. This is the reason React Native is highly popular among emerging startup businesses and app developers. Moreover, because of its cost-effectiveness and time-saving nature of app development, React Native’s popularity and usefulness is evergrowing. This allows startups and businesses to remain competitive in this flooded market of app development.


  • Flutter:

To begin with, Flutter is another iOS development frameworks and tool that has recently caught the attention of many app developers and mobile development companies. To simply put, Flutter is a UI toolkit that was developed by Google, and the main factor is that it allows for the creation of seamless and visually appealing native-like apps for both iOS and Android platforms. All this is possible to use just a single code base. Developers can make use of widgets to create open-source mobile applications. Thes applications work seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms well. The applications created using Flutter are not only responsive but also smaller in size and offer the same functionality as its Native Counterparts.

The exclusive feature of time-saving and cost-effectiveness together with responsiveness is a good approach. All this makes Flutter an overall excellent package for mobile app development. The features provided by Flutter enable developers to create apps in the shortest time possible for launch in the markets. Flutter allows developers to make use of a 2-D graphics engine called Skia to provide a truly native look and feel depending on the needs and preferences of the clients.


  • Ionic:

Ionic is a free and open-source iOS development frameworks that can help developers to develop apps in record time. The framework is based on Apache Cordova and Angular.  The distinctive feature of this framework is that it allows developers to develop simultaneously for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms together. All this that too using just a single code base. Apps built using Ionic are feature-rich in nature and provide a rich native-like experience with seamless app performance.

The developers of Ionic apps experience a seamless way of development using features like list views, filters, form actions, navigation menus, etc. Therefore all these elements come together to strengthen the app foundation. Ionic provides a truly rich user experience with the same native look and feels that everyone enjoys.  Developers who have hands-on experiences in web development tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are truly benefitted. They can easily get started with Ionic for developing iOS apps. Particularly, these elements come together to enable developers to create native-like, cross-platform, hybrid, interactive progressive web applications.

  • Xamarin:

Microsoft is the creator of the Open Source Xamarin framework which is an iOS development frameworks. This framework also supports cross-platform app development. The framework enables developers to create best-in-class apps using a robust and strong combination of software tools like dot net and C#.  The apps created using the Xamarin framework provide a flexible native experience to users and the end users experience a one-of-a-kind user experience for apps developed using Xamarin. Particularly developers make use of Xamarin to build an ecosystem that includes API, backend, components, and many more.  Xamarin also works well with third-party libraries and tools. It provides an all-round ecosystem to app developers that make app development seamless and more effective than other frameworks out there. Integrating various tools and programming languages, Xamarin makes app development seamless and more efficient.

  • Corona SDK:

Corona SDK, a widely used open-source and free-to-use mobile development tool, is helpful to developers building gaming apps. This framework is used exclusively to develop mobile game apps. The framework is based on the Lua Scripting language and is known for its small footprint and lightweightness. The language is simple and easy to use as well as adaptable for creating gaming apps. Corona SDK enables developers to create cross-platform mobile games and works well with platforms like iOS, Android, and even Windows as well.


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So these are the top picks for the iOS development frameworks in my list. All these frameworks have capabilities to exceed user expectations and boundaries when it comes to mobile app development.


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