Boult Loop Vs Boult Audio x1 Comparison

Boult Loop Vs Boult Audio x1 Comparison

TOPIC: Boult Loop Vs Boult Audio x1 Comparison

 In today’s video, we’ll be comparing the Boult audio x1with Boult loop earphones and both of these earphones are very budget-oriented and you can buy them for under 500 rupees .so let’s start the comparison Boult loop vs Boult audio x1  so let’s start with the box and packaging.

In the box:

When you keep these boxes together you will notice that both of these boxes are exactly the same height, same width, same dimension, same kind of printing style only the model number of the earphones is different apart from the rest of everything that is printed on these boxes are exactly. The same bold packaging has never been too impressive. I’d say that both of these packaging styles are very average apart from that.


The price mentioned here is 999 and you will easily get these earphones for as low as 349 and as high as 449 so a massive difference in the price. The same thing goes with bolt 2 the price mentioned here is 1199 and you can easily get these for 499 at the max and minimum being 399.


You will get inside is, of course, the earphone and two extra pair of ear tips of large size and small size. The medium size is already attached to the earphone along with this you will get a cable managing clip .you won’t get any sort of manual or a warranty card. I got my unit replaced once but the new unit also didn’t have any sort of warranty card or a user manual. If you will unbox Boult audio x1then what you will get inside is of course the earphone and then two extra pairs of ear tips of large and small size and then also two extra pair of earphones of large and small size.

Design & physical overviews:

These earphones flat on the table then you will find that the bold two-pair phone has a more flat design. I mean they have a much bigger diameter. On the other hand, the boult x1 earphone has a more regular vertical design and both of these earphones are angled earphones and the ear tips are bent at an angle of 45 degrees.

If I talk about both two earphones so first of all these earphones are magnetic and they get this name as Boult loop because the earphone wire actually curves in the form of a loop to provide you with a better grip. let me tell you that this is really a very innovative and effective design apart from that look at the gold two brandings at the back of each earpiece.

These earphones also come with an inline microphone which is attached to the right earpiece. If I talk about the bolt text one so first of all these are non-magnetic earphones and also these look much more attractive as compared to board 2 because of the dual color combination.


The Boult audio x1 also comes in an inline microphone but the position of the microphone is quite weird in Voltex fun because this microphone is actually not attached to any of the left or the right earpiece instead this microphone is actually provided. I mean it’s present at the joint from where the cable is dividing into left and right.

This is really a very weird position because for clear audio you always need to hold this microphone close to your mouth with both bulldog earphones you will also get this sort of a cable managing ring to prevent dangling issues but you don’t get any sort of cable managing ring in Boult audio x1 earphones then the cable provided in both these earphones is rounded offers really good quality, in fact, the cable onboard loop is slightly more thick as compared to Boult audio x1 but the wire quality is quite good and I didn’t notice any sort of major tangling issues.

Sound quality:

The driver size is not mentioned anywhere in the specification neither on amazon and Flipkart but this time amazon has actually updated the driver size on Boult audio x1 to be 10 millimeters and on Boult loop to be 12 millimeters. If I talk about the sample audio quality from the microphone so this is the kind of audio that you would be getting from the Boult loop. I’m recording this in indoor conditions the fan in my room is off and all doors and windows are closed and

I’m recording this in wiv format and now this is the audio quality of the microphone that you would be getting from Boult audio x1 or the bolt x1. I’m recording this in the same conditions like the fan in my room is off and all doors and windows are closed

Bass quality:

The bass on these earphones is very high the sound is very boom and the overall audio is very solid. These are pretty loud earphones and you don’t hear any sort of cracking or any sort of what you can say distortion in the audio even at maximum volume. if I talk about the vocals so I’ll say the vocals are average because the bass is quite high. I’ll not say that these earphones are too good for watching movies or watching or watching Netflix or anything kind of dialogue based content but it’s good.

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I don’t know why people are saying that but in my opinion, my straight answer is no these are not good for playing pubg because they will kind of enhance the opening sound of parachute thunder bomb explosion but vocals will be suppressed and pubg something in which you want to hear footsteps correctly .you want to hear vocals what other players are talking in the game so not good for pubg but yeah if the overall music experience is very solid.

If your kind of person who loves bass and boom definitely go with these and nowhere is a small simulation difference between the bolt audio and the Boult audio x1i mean the Boult loop and the bolt audio x1 and after that, we will talk about the voltage one okay

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SO Conclusion:

So I hope you heard the simulation audio and I tried my best to actually bring out the comparison. If I talk about the Boult audio x1 so these earphones are pretty much balanced.I find a good balance between the vocals mid-tones. The bass is not bad at all bass is also good for the price I got these for 384 and many people are buying it for 350 rupees just 350 rupees and for that price point.

The earphones are very solid and uh the vocals are good sound is crystal clear loud. They are pretty much loud earphones if I talk about pubg these are good for playing pubg because the base is not that high the vocals are clear. You will be able to hit I mean this into footsteps very correctly. if I talk about specific kinds of sounds like drums they will sound good in bold too.

If I talk about the sound of rain they will sound good on bolt x1. if I talk about the sound like bomb explosion and thunder. They will sound good on the Boult loop if I talk about uh small like uh very low frequency sounds like the sound of rain and crushing of grass and breeze and air these are going to sound good on Boult hex one and finally the end of Boult loop vs Boult audio x1.

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