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Top 3 Apps that Android Users Need in their Smartphone in 2022

When there are millions of apps that are available. It’s become difficult to pick which one is the best for your Android phone. The first thing you should know about apps is that they need to be useful in your everyday life. You don’t want some worthless app to just sit on your phone unused and crowd the storage space. If you are facing a similar problem? Therefore, it’s time for you to stop worrying. We have handpicked three incredible apps that won’t require you to spend a single penny. Once you download and start using these apps. There won’t be any room for disappointment and regret.

Let’s not waste more time and learn all about these three apps that every Indian Android phone user needs in their phone. Phones are delicate objects and can easily be damaged. If your phone screen is cracked and needs to be restored or your phone battery needs to be replaced. You can use the Quickmobile doorstep mobile repair service and get your phone repaired at a reasonable price.


  1. Nox Security

When we use our phones for ungodly hours and browse through multiple websites that are unauthorized. It’s normal for us to collect junk and become the victim of software viruses. When this happens our phone starts to slow down and most of the time it freezes. It is harmful to any smartphone. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid any of these things. But what you can do is download the Nox Security app. It will clean your phone of all junk and fight viruses.

Whenever your phone catches a virus nox security will send you a notification to open the app and clean it.

Not only that, when our smartphone ends up overheating and endangered. You can visit the app and select CPU Cooler to bring down the temperature of your phone. When your phone is not working at a fast pace you can go ahead with the memory booster option to improve the speed. This app also offers you the AppLocker option where you can lock any app individually. It also provides you with a Notification blocker option. To help you block unnecessary notifications from popping up on your screen.

The best part about this app is Hot Tools. Where you can get options like Battery Saver, WhatsApp Cleaner, VPN Connection, Message Security, File Encryption, Safe Browsing, Auto Cleaner, Full Scan. After downloading this App 80% of daily issues with your phone will end in just a few minutes. Clean the junk from your phone twice a day and a smooth phone operating system will give you this world experience.  Nox Security also has a Premium paid version available to get the additional benefits.


  1. Listy

Do you wonder how to make the To-Do list app more exciting? Because let’s be honest they can be quite boring. Yes, it will indeed let you be organized and schedule things in one place. But what if I tell you. There is a more exciting way to do this. Listy will not only help you schedule things. For example:-  Your routine stuff, conference meetings. The best thing about Listy, unlike multiple to-do list apps. It will let you inform you of movies, books, TV Series, and shows, Podcasts, and various stuff.

Listy gathers information from the websites and will show you pictures and give you some related details about the movies, books, and tv shows that are trending and are people’s favorite. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this app. You can list all the things that you like to do and listy will be handy in time of your needs and when you are bored. Don’t just schedule your daily to-do list. List up things that make your life enjoyable.


  1. SketchBook

What does an artist need more than a place to draw and sketch their ideas right away. It’s impossible to carry all of your sketching tools with you. But one thing everyone has in their pocket is their portable Android phone. You can find thousands of apps to sketch, paint and draw available at your disposal. But no one can measure up to the Sketchbook because of its got, incredible UI (User Interface) and UE (User Experience) which makes it amazing for any artist to use.

If you are looking for a clutter-free sketching app that has all the requirements just one touch away. Sketchbook favors sheets. You will have multiple required pens, pencils, brushes, and tops that you won’t ever get the feeling that it may be missing something. If sketching is your passion but you don’t like to unnecessarily waste paper and think it is hard to carry sketch tools everywhere. Then Sketchbook will solve your problem. You can use this app for free while other sketching apps fail to provide their users.


Bonus App

  1. Goodreads

If you are an avid book reader who is always on the lookout for great interesting reads. Goodreads helps you find top books under different genres and tropes. Just type the theme and it will show you a long list of books. Not only that, over here you can add reviews, read other people’s reviews related to the book and check out their ratings. You can add books that you like to read in the future to your TBR list. Once you finish reading it you can mark it as read. It makes finding books and sharing your love for books easy. You can even add friends on this app and meet people who share your passion for books

Final Verdict:-  These apps might sound inconvenient to many people. Especially, later three apps but if you want to give these apps a shot it would change your phone experience. Nox security is the best app that every Android user needs in their life. If you have an old phone that you no longer need. You can sell used phones on QuickMobile and earn instant cash from your old device. Quick mobile is a website that helps you sell your old mobile phone with a completely online process and transparent procedure. We help you sell your old phone and accessories at your minimum efforts yet with complete efficiency.

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