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A Carpet gives you comfort under your foot and a cushion to your toddlers. There is nothing that can stop your toddler from crawling over the floor, right? Be it clean or not your kid would love to lick those dusty carpets. No one can stop them from getting into their play mode. After all, they are kids. Then what should you as a parent do for them? The answer is quite simple and straightforward ‘carpet cleaning’.

Do you know cleaning carpets on your own won’t help either? Yes, you heard it rightly. Your regular vacuum cleaner is not very efficient in cleaning all the germs that are present on your carpets. Then what is the solution? Call a professional carpet cleaning service in Doncaster. But first of all, let us know how a dirty carpet harms your kid’s health.

Dirty carpets and their impact on kids health

A filthy carpet may contain a lot of microorganisms, dust particles, and allergens. Microorganisms like bacteria and viruses can cause some severe health issues in your kids. Bacteria like E.coli can cause diarrhea and vomiting to your small child. Some viruses like Rhinovirus are well known for causing the common cold in kids and as well as in adults. They are some of the common germs that are found on every carpet. In addition to that, carpets may have allergens like pollen grains which can trigger respiratory disorders in your toddlers.

How do professional cleaners help you? 

Professional carpet cleaners are well-trained individuals. They know every bit of your carpet and clean them according to their type. You must know there are different types of carpets and not every carpet is the same. Also, your vacuum cleaner only cleans the surface of the carpet which is not enough to kill all the germs and bacteria present within it. On the other hand, professionals do cleaning with several updated equipment’s that deep clean your carpets and make it safe for your kid to roam around.

How is professional carpet cleaning safe for kids?

Professional carpet cleaning services in Doncaster take cautions for your kid’s safety. They avoid using hazardous chemicals to clean your carpets. They use several methods for carpet cleaning like hot water extraction, shampooing, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and foam encapsulation. All these methods are environment-friendly. They make sure to clean every corner of the carpet to make it safe for your kids.

How should you maintain the cleanliness of the carpets for your kids?

To maintain the cleanliness of the carpet you should prefer vacuum cleaning every day before your child wakes up. You can also keep vinegar and essential oil solution in a spray bottle to use as and when it is needed. You can use this solution to clean any stain on your carpet. Make sure your carpet is always dry. Wet carpets can trigger infection and rashes on the body of your child.


Carpet cleaning is something that should never be neglected if you have kids at your home. Your negligence can surely harm your toddler. Carpets are very prone to trap various types of dirt and germs. Therefore it is always important to take help from professionals after every 4-5 months. Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t only clean your carpet but also disinfect it from several germs. One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional cleaners is; it gives you a sense of assurance that your work is in reliable hands. Who would not want the best of things for their kids? After all, your kid’s safety is your priority.

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