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Cell phone Spy App: a Modern Toy For Today’s Parent

Modern kids are frightening. My niece broke my smart phone’s screen just because I did not let her play candy crush on it.  It was a shocking incident and beyond words to describe what I have been through but my sister was hilariously laughing. She thought it was funny because her daughter took revenge for her. For the record, I broke her brand new laptop’s screen in excitement and we did not talk for about a month. Anyway past in the past, today’s kids are tech-savvy and they know about smart tools and gadgets way more than us. They are practically raised between the evolution of smartphones and modern devices. So yes they truly are a tech-savvy generation, especially teenagers.  The internet is like icing on the cake, thus the internet and smart gadgets the most dangerous combo in the lives of kids and teenagers. Early exposure to these devices makes them more vulnerable and manipulative.

No am not saying to just go live in the jungle. Every technology is man-made and it is for us but a more balanced use can make them less destructive. Well, teenagers are beyond our control let just admit this once and for all so for them I have found another way out. The complete disappearance of smart tools and gadgets from teenager’s life is an impossible mission so why not keep a strict eye on their every digital move. It is possible and way easier and simpler than you think thanks to the same modern technology. The way out is the use of a spy app or commonly known as monitoring software. Among many, I am going to talk about one of the best and efficient The OgyMogy. For your teenager’s tablet monitoring, check the OgyMogy spy tablet features and know about their digital as well as real-life with OgyMogy.

Watch Their Screen Activities:

Instead of worrying about the screen time and content just watch the screen of your teen in real-time with the OgyMogy screen recording feature. It let the user know about every screen activity of the kid with complete timestamp information. Know about their sleep schedules and other activities with ease. This feature records all the activities in the form of screenshots and snaps as well.

Mark The Safe Area On Google Map:

If you are stressed about the after-school parties of your teenager then say bye to all the stress because we are here to provide you with the solution. You can now check the exact location of your kid with the location tracking feature of the android spy app. Moreover a step further you can even mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for your kid. So whenever they will try to leave the safe zone or enter the restricted zone, OgyMogy will alert you right away.

Know About The Call  Log Book:

Keep your self updated about any new entry or deletion from the call logbook of your teen.OgyMogy offers call recording feature that let the user know about all the incoming outgoing call record as well. check any flagged out long call number and know who is on the other side of the call with the OgyMogy spy app.

Check the Text Content:

Get onto the text message folder of your teen and know about the message content with OgyMogy text log monitoring.  Take action against them if found any use of foul or abusive language in the text folder.

Have Access To The Gallery Folder:

Have access to the gallery folder and know about all the captures, share, or downloaded media content of your teen with the help of OgyMogy. You can remotely monitor the media content of your teen and make sure no sexual or adult content is shared, sent, or received at your teen’s device.

Social Media Monitoring Made Easy:

OgyMogy offers a social media monitoring feature that includes, FaceBook spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, and many more.

OgyMogy spy tablet can be your secret friend in making the digital world less stressful for you and your loved ones. Check the other marvelous features as well like the Mac or Windows spy app version and the android spy app version of the cell phone spy app for smartphones.




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