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Challenges to Building a Sustainable Home

The biggest challenge that humankind faces today is environmental pollution and the inching closer to doomsday. But what we can do about it is take a few steps forward, as it has become essential for us to play a responsible role in creating a more successful and sustainable home that pays heed to the environment. Simple alternatives and switches are all we need to make our homes highly-efficient and cost-effective and reduce our carbon footprints. Here are a few things that you can do to make a sustainable home. 

The building material

When building sustainability, be sure to choose sustainable raw materials. Why go for something that could affect the environment in the wrong way when you can ÔÇťSustainÔÇŁ. Opt for eco-friendly materials such as bricks, wood, and even terracotta and bamboo which are made of natural and renewable materials.┬á

You can go on to use different materials in different regions intelligently. Make sure you discuss it with your architect and also get your house inspection done. A Home Inspector in Ontario, could provide you with the exact pros and cons of your sustainable home, and help you eliminate the cons and live your life like a pro. 

Natural Lights and Action

Windows are of prime importance. Where it’s no doubt that youÔÇÖd want your house to look downright amazing and would want it to have its uniqueness, apart from being sustainable, the windows play a very important role, not only in beautifying your home but even making it sustainable.┬á

The windows would bring in the natural light inside of your house, and apart from intricately illuminating your house, it will be very cost-effective, as you wouldn’t have to rely on electricity. Furthermore, windows will also provide proper and cross-ventilation, which will replace the inner atmosphere with freshness and reduce the pollutants and replace them.┬á

The Furniture and its counterparts

Even though it is your new home, it does not have to mean that you have to exchange your old goodies with the new ones unless you are giving them to an eco-friendly firm that will look for a way to utilize them. You could instead recycle your old pieces to give them a new look. You can choose to have organic bed sheets, curtains, mattresses, and even towels and other products that would have a natural plant or animal fibers like cotton, linen, and wool instead of nylon and polyester. 

The paint

When it comes to adding color to your house, make sure you go for paints with low VOCs. Choose the ones without odor, lead-free paints for your walls and ceilings. Since high VOCs in the paint can emit toxic gases that won’t only be harmful to the environment but even be harmful to your health.┬á

Energy efficiency

Now when we talk about efficiency the first thing coming to your set of ideas would be to use solar panels for electricity, recycling water harvesting systems, and organic kitchen too. 

Solar Panels are a really good way to harness clean energy. It is a great way to go green and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Switching to the energy-efficient lights like the CFLs and LEDs which consume less electricity and last much longer than the others. Switching to electrical appliances that consume less electricity is another example of the same. 

Plant Plants

Make sure to decorate your indoors as well as the outdoors with a lot of plants. Use a variety of them, like the spider plant, rubber plant, and palm tree for your indoors which not only will increase your aesthetic value but even act as air purifiers and reduce the toxins around you. 

An open mini kitchen garden, where you could grow your vegetables as well as fruits etc. You can make your compost with natural wastes, such as fruits and vegetable peels, etc. Composting not only reduces wastage but also helps you preserve the environment. 

The Water

Having a rainwater harvesting system is one of the most important and eco-friendly steps that you can take. In this way you can collect the water from the rooftop and storing them in your water cans, it is also used for recharging groundwater and other purposes. You can even recycle the water for watering your gardens. Installing a dual flush valve that gives you an option for a half and full flush respectively will help you save a lot of water. 


The sus is your life should not be suspicious but rather sustainable. Be a good, responsible and caring Human, and one by one, we can all come together to bring the required change.

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