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Coldest places in Turkey

Turkey is very vast country based in two continents Europe and Asia. That is why it has 3 climatic zones. Winter in Turkey starts from December and ends till mid-March. Local citizens as well as tourist who visit Turkey during winter say that Turkey becomes heaven during that time. The country gets snowfall, cold rains and or gets dry cold. Temperature here varies from -13C to 24C. Though it is rumored that Turkey is place for summer vacations, but one can spend a quality time in winters too. The place gets cheaper in winter especially for living. Also, you can experience the culture here and get access to public places easily. There are a lot of cold places in Turkey. In this article we have short-listed few of them.

1) Antalya

Antalya was first known as Pamphylia. The city has great historical attractions. It has a very beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels too. January is the coldest month in Antalya. The temperature drops to 10C. You can do a lot of activities during this time such as paragliding, visit aqua land, and skiing. A lot of people go there to only enjoy and play in the snowfall too.

2) Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the best cold places to live in Turkey. Snow starts from end of November till March. Tourist on arriving in Cappadocia usually live in the cave hotel. The caves have the best comfy hotels. People mostly choose these cave hotels to have shelter from freezing weather or to hide from invaders. The hotels have big lounge and modern washrooms. They also provide with free breakfast which is very tasty and better than other places in Turkey.

Moreover, every activity is open in winters. From Hot air balloon ride to museums nothing gets closed in winter. You can also try great food varieties of Cappadocia. One of their famous dish is their kebabs which are made in clay pots. You should keep very warm clothes when travelling Cappadocia in winters.

3) Istanbul

Istanbul is a place no one should miss in whichever season they travel. Istanbul has almost half of the beauty of Turkey. It has some amazing historical places including Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and ancient Churches. Other world popular historic sites include the Byzantine Hagia Sophia and the open-air Hippodrome from the Roman-era. Shop in local markets, explore the prehistoric era and the east-west fusion. Regardless of the weather in Turkey during winter, this place gets visitors from around the globe, throughout the year because of its culture and immense beauty.

4) ANI

The city ANI is located with the Armenian border and is one of the most underrated places to visit in cold weather in Turkey. The city has many churches and that is the reason why it was named as ‘City of One Thousand and One Churches and Forty Gates’.  Very fewer people visit this place, so you get an advantage of enjoying it to its fullest. Also, in winters you can witness the glorious ancient ruins that are covered in snow.


The palace is located in Agri province of Turkey. The place has extreme cold winters. People who have the confidence to bare the cold can really have a good time in the palace. Once you arrive at this place in winter you will find every beauty of Turkey. The palace was built 400 years ago, but its beauty is still same as it was back then. Ishak Pasha Palace really is an icon of Turkish culture and looks especially regal ensconced in crisp white snow.


The Kackar mountains tells us that Turkey is not all about the historic buildings and architectures created by the old emperors. These mountains define the beauty of nature in Turkey. The white colored snow covers the peak of mountains. This view is delightful to the eyes. These mountains are located behind the Black Sea Coast and the tea region of Rize. The place gets freezing in winter, and you may see bears and cubs when out on the slopes.

7) Izmir

Izmir, because of its stunning beaches is known for summer vacations, but it gives an amazing vibe in winters too. The port has fewer workers because people avoid going there in winters. That is why the calmness in the city increases in winter. However, the markets and streets remain bustling throughout the year regardless of what the temperature in the city is. The baths in Balcova area attracts all the crowd of the city. People feel warm and relaxed after that spa session and this is the reason why it is a famous activity in the town.

8) Bolu

The Bolu province lies between the city of Istanbul and Ankara. There are small towns in the city made on the ottoman architecture structures. The area experiences all weathers and changes its nature and beauty accordingly. Turkish citizen consider it as their famous weekend getaway. They enjoy the nature and the peaceful environment of these towns.

There are many advantages you get when you travel Turkey in winters.

1) Expenses

Turkey can be really cheap when you travel during the winter season. Restaurants, hotels, activities everything gets cheaper. Furthermore, the air ticket price also get 75% less during winter.

2) Crowd

Who doesn’t want to travel a place without crowd? To avoid crowd, one should visit Turkey in winters. Many people can’t bare the biting cold that is why Turkey see less visitors during this month. If you travel in cold you can have this benefit, you won’t have to stand in long lines for your turn. The calmness of the cold and no sound of tourist will definitely refresh your mind and you won’t regret visiting Turkey in winters.

3) Scenic views

Many people consider Turkey only has villages, some historic buildings and beaches, but there is much more to Turkey. In winters, the streets and all the other places gets covered with soft snow which makes the view breathtaking and increases its freshness.

4) History

In winters, you can visit the historical places that are difficult to visit in summers due to scorching heat. Among them is the famous incredible Greco-Roman sites. You can also visit the travertine hills located above the city of Antalya and walk through the ghostly sarcophagi of Termessos. Winters here gives you a perfect chance to indulge in the history of this stunning location.

5) Turkish Bath 

A specialty about Turkey is their hot steamed baths. You will find these baths in many places, but the best ones are located in Istanbul. The places where the baths’ facility is provided is known as Hamam. One of the best Hamam’s in town is the mystic 16th century Kılıç Ali Pasha which was recently renovated for a multi-million-dollar to restore its original glory. These baths relax your soul and energize you back.

6) Activities

Well, it is really common among everyone that they need to go Europe for activities like Skiing and enjoying the snow. If you are an adventure lover you must get excited knowing that Turkey offers many skiing and snowing activities in winter season. There are amazing ski resorts in Uludag, Izmit, and Palandoken. These resorts can surely compete with Switzerland.


These were few cities that we mentioned in the article where you can enjoy your winter vacation. I Hope after reading the article you will know how many benefits you get after visiting Turkey in winter, and you are able to make a good plan after that.

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