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Compare, Buy Health Insurance Dubai & HR Software for SMEs, UAE – Bayzat


We advise you to choose health insurance according to your situation. We regularly advise AXA Middle East which proposes solutions for local, regional and global medical coverage (from AED 2700 per year for local coverage for a 35 year old and from AED 6600 per year for global coverage for a person aged 35 years). Doctors Regarding the choice of doctors and hospitals,  term life insurance dubai

we can indicate the professionals who can meet your expectations (general practitioners, etc.).

This advice is given to you impartially (we do not receive any commission!) And is intended to make you benefit from our experience lived by the members of our team (sick child, pregnancy monitoring, etc.) Medicines In Dubai, medicines are bought in pharmacies open from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. see later, from Saturday to Thursday. The newspapers systematically indicate the pharmacy on duty outside these hours. Most hospitals have a pharmacy open 24 hours a day. Certain drugs are prohibited in the Emirates (consumption and import, even if you have a prescription). Here is the list of these prohibited drugs. Hospitals and clinics: For your care, we can also point you to reputable and reliable health centers. You can find the set of addresses for hospitals and health centers in the yellow pages. You will find in Dubai 3 different types of hospitals: public private military Hospitals classically function with a consultation and emergency system. Emergencies are mainly insured by public hospitals. The service is of quality and there is no saturation. The service is guaranteed 24h / 24. For your care in Dubai hospitals, English and Arabic are used.

Dubai’s healthcare system is very advanced and modern, but unfortunately this is coupled with exorbitant fees. Discover all our tips to enjoy your visit to the Emirati city without worry. To avoid that any small medical problem could end up with a high bill and spoiling such a special trip,

we recommend taking out travel medical insurance.To avoid that any small medical problem could end up with a high bill and spoiling such a special trip, we recommend taking out travel medical insurance.


Is it mandatory to take out medical insurance to travel to Dubai?

It is only compulsory to take out medical insurance to travel to Dubai if you need a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates. In the case of Spaniards, since it is not necessary to obtain a visa for stays of less than 90 days for tourism purposes, it is not mandatory to take out medical insurance to travel to Dubai, although it is highly recommended.

Human Resource Management System

The UAE offers both public and private healthcare systems. Almost 80% of the UAE health system is a private company. The public health system in the UAE is available to Emirati citizens at almost no cost, or at least at subsidized rates.

The UAE public health system includes services such as:

Basic consultation with a general practitioner

Emergency health care centers

Consultation with specialist doctors Medical prescriptions

Hospital expenses

Treatment and surgery

Follow-up consultation


Family care

The UAE public health system does not provide vision, hearing, or dental care.Keep in mind that free public health centers are only available to UAE citizens. Expats living in the UAE do not have free access to the country’s public health services.

Why do I need expatriate health insurance?

Although the UAE offers free public health insurance to its citizens,  expatriates are not entitled to public health benefits. To access the UAE public health system, expatriates must apply for a Health Card at the UAE Ministry of Health.

Although the health card can give you access to the UAE public health system, it is highly recommended that you also get an expatriate health insurance plan.This type of insurance gives you hassle-free access to the private healthcare system, without the anxiety of a looming huge medical bill.

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