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10 Best Free Product Roadmap Tools For Product Managers

When you plan to develop a new product, you must ensure that everyone on your team knows where the specific project is going. You get various free product roadmap tools to help you plan, prioritize, and map a practical product strategy.

These free product roadmap tools will assist product managers, and project management teams keep development smoothly on track and under control, especially for SaaS businesses. This article will get to know the 10 Best Free Product Roadmap Tools for Product Managers.

What Are The Basic Principles For Best Free Tools For Product Roadmap?

Before knowing any product roadmap tools for product managers, you must know the criteria. It is essential to know because when you know the basic things, you will select the best product roadmap tool for your product manager. Therefore, here are the two necessary things for product roadmap tool criteria:

User Interface (UI)

When looking for the best product roadmap tool, it must make clear the beginning, middle, and end of the project. Also, it must show you what a project manager needs to meet essential milestones along the way. Moreover, a clean and intuitive layout is necessary.


Before selecting any tools, you must know that the specific product roadmap tool is easy to learn. You must understand that it is quickly plotting out product development paths with the help of basic Gantt charts or task progress swimlanes.

What Are The 10 Best Free Product Roadmap Software For A Product Manager?

As you know, product managers are the team members who control putting a product roadmap together. They are the ones who set the path for the rest of the team that guides with a vision while providing a strategic direction. However, they also need some help. Therefore, they can use a roadmap that will help them to get executives on board and ensure that everyone in the team has the same goal.

Below is a brief description of each free product roadmap tool for the product manager. You will get to know what each tool does best.


The first one is Wrike which is a cloud-based project roadmap platform. It is the best tool for large teams with more than 20 members. Moreover, it has a workload view for resource management, custom dashboards, and real-time updates.

It also allows you to classify your data through folders and tasks. Also, you should know that it is an excellent option for a vast range of businesses, including finance, technology, and advertising.


Feedsocio is another incredible product roadmap tool. It helps businesses in collecting as well as analyzing insights from customers. It also plans roadmaps and announces product updates.

With the help of Feedsocio, you will learn about the audience’s requests and get approvals on what you are going to do for your following upcoming product.

You get a more excellent and unique design. Also, it is easy for you and your customers to use the tool more efficiently. Through reaction tools, you will learn more about the insight. Also, it is crucial to know what your audience is feeling about the feature or product so that a product manager can make changes accordingly.


Monday.com is a tool that is nice for free product project templates. It is a good option for beginner product managers. Also, you should know that it is user-friendly management software. It provides product managers with a simple way to plan and track progress.

You can use the boards and customizable columns present on Monday.com to picture product status across time. Moreover, it is easy to set aside a board dedicated to backlog items on Monday.com so that you do not forget anything.


Cardboard is another product roadmap tool suitable for businesses of all kinds. You get some handy features with Cardboard, such as a Kanban-style activity dashboard. It also includes content import and export tools which are very helpful for a product manager.

On Cardboard, a product manager can discover and picture the products’ plans and easily manage user experiences.


When you are looking for a tool for the product manager, you will find loopedIn, which is best for announcing updates. You can easily update information that is about your product. You get this product road-mapping solution which helps you create clear and concise roadmaps.

With the help of LoopedIn, your team members can submit their ideas and add updates. You can also keep your external stakeholders updated on progress.


You get Airfocus which is a prioritization cum road-mapping tool. It will help product managers to decide their priorities so that they can build more credible roadmaps. Teams and product managers also get a superb SaaS platform for making strategic decisions and communicating team priorities. Moreover, it provides more accountability.


When you are looking for a free product roadmap tool, Craftworks is another option for you. You get a list of 16 free resources that a product manager can use for building a roadmap.

It also provides a range of tools that can help you to create product roadmaps. You get flowcharts, illustration packs, wireframe kits, icons, and graphic sets.


Qualtrics includes a simulation tool that helps product managers with pricing analysis and product configuration. Moreover, you can easily create buyer profiles and produce relevant reports.

It also includes a system that will help product managers to evaluate, represent, and update data via charts and graphs. 


Joinly is a community idea sourcing platform for startups and small to medium-sized companies. It allows different product managers to work together on projects. With Jointly, it is easy to share ideas and discuss issues.


Asana is another popular Product road-mapping tool that provides product managers with a wide range of features. It helps you in aligning the tasks, documents, and backlogs. You can also get a high-level view of your project progress.


Product roadmap tools help product managers to manage the product’s growth cleanly. These tools also evaluate product life cycles. Also, with these tools’ product managers can easily communicate the product’s goals and progress with the team members and management.

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