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Comparison of Cat5e Plenum VS Riser

As an ever-increasing number of categories of cables are brought to showcase, utilizing Cat5e Copper Ethernet Cable may appear to be an untimely idea. Anyway, Cat5e actually sneaks up suddenly as far as speed and usefulness.

This article will assist with disclosing which cable to browse in your next purchase. Cat5e riser versus plenum cables.

What is Cat5e?

To start this article we should rapidly go over the presentation you can anticipate from Cat5e cables.

Cat5e cable is appraised by TIA standard 568.2-D to perform up to 1Gb rates at distances up to 328 feet (100 meters). This likewise incorporates a 100MHz data transmission.

But the great thing about Cat5e cable is as the technology is involve so could its use cases. You can now technically get up to 2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T on Cat5e riser or Cat5e plenum cables. It’s able to do this by using the standard of IEEE 802.3bz.

You can find even more in-depth information on Cat5e over here: Cat5e Max Speed.

What Is Cat5e Riser Cable?


Cat5e riser is an Ethernet cable that has strong conductors. The strong conductors permit it to perform better over longer distances. The strong behaviors in Ethernet cables allude to the wires inside the cable coat and under the protection. Having a strong conduit implies that the copper wire is one strong piece. This invigorates the cable life incredibly for long runs.

Fire Rating

Presently what makes a Cat5e riser cable a (CMR) is really the coat and protection material utilized in the cable creation. Cat5e riser cable is made out of Polyolefin (PO) protection. This is the material covering the copper wires.

The cable is likewise made out of coating material of Fire-Retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (FRPVC). This material assists with holding blazes back from spreading down the cable.

With both of these mixtures utilize to make this cable is reasonable to be introduce in various parts of the buildings:

  • Company Network Structures
  • Residential Building (Homes & Apartments)
  • Risers or Vertical
  • Under Floor Spaces

It is not safe to use in plenum spaces.

Cat5e riser Ethernet cable is an incredible option for those hoping to run wires all through a home when their most extreme required paces will be 1 gigabit (1000mbps). It’s is a practical arrangement and entirely reasonable in the present market.

What Is Cat5e Plenum Cable?

Cat5e Plenum Ethernet Cable comes with the almost same structure. It is very similar to riser-rated cable.


Normally, it comprises bare copper conductor wires. These wires are present in the form of 4 twisted pairs in it. All these are uniquely color that makes them easily identifiable. It is a good choice for long-run use.

Fire Rating

The significant contrast with this Ethernet cable is that it has the most elevated flame-retardant rating you can have on an Ethernet cable. It does this by having unexpected mixtures in comparison to the riser evaluate partner.

Cat5e plenum Ethernet cables are made out of a Fluorinat Ethylene Propylene (FEP) protection.

Its coat material is produce using Low Smoke Flame Retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (LSFRPVC).

Both of these mixtures when utilize together in the Ethernet cable make it feasible for the Ethernet cable to have a plenum rating. These mixtures forestall the spread of blazes down the Ethernet cable coat and forestall the consuming consumption of smoke off the coat.

This is dually significant because plenum Ethernet cable is intend to be introduce in the regions with air course/wind current. If fire somehow managed to happen a plenum-appraised Ethernet cable can assist with keeping the fire from spreading.

Where to use Cat5e Plenum Cable:

  • Ventilation Ducts (Plenum Spaces)
  • Air spaces
  • Ceilings Upper Sides

The incredible thing about plenum evaluated Ethernet cable is that you can likewise utilize them in regions implied for riser Ethernet cables. So you can utilize this Ethernet cable in lofts, dividers, and underneath ground surface establishments

However, it very well may be an overabundance to spend on Ethernet cable for those spaces, keep note that you can utilize them there.


The significant focus point from the contrasts between Cat5e Riser versus Plenum Ethernet cable is that they have various mixtures in their construction.

These mixtures are intend to make your Ethernet cable remains safe in the spaces they are intend to be utilize for. You need to guarantee that your Ethernet cables are appropriately ensure so you realize that you are getting Ethernet cables that will take care of their business.

Assuming you see any Ethernet cable set apart as CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum), if it’s not too much trouble, realize that this might possibly be a fire hazard.

Not exclusively can that however CCA never be utilize in plenum Ethernet cables. It will likewise never be affirm. So, a confirm CCA plenum Ethernet cable is certainly not a genuine article.

Continuously stay with unadulterated copper Ethernet cables at whatever point you want to utilize them. Where the Ethernet cable type is strong, ensure that 100% unalter copper is utilize in the development.


Here at iTechCables, we take the safety aspect as vital and every one of our Ethernet cables are UL or ETL ensured for industry driving execution. Our Ethernet cables have gone through all the testing procedures that should have been require in riser and plenum spaces. Therefore, you can buy our cables with confidence.

Cat5e riser Ethernet cables are an incredible option for homes and apartments that need gigabit speeds all through their home. Mostly, it is use for the gaming purposes.

Cat5e plenum Ethernet cables are the ideal decision for businesses and organizations expecting to run Ethernet cables in regions with airflow. It is one of the best cables that provide safety and performance at the same time. Therefore, these cables become a standard in network cabling in the US in new buildings.

It is recommended by the network engineers that always purchase the Ethernet cables from reliable manufacturer or suppliers. In this scenario, iTechCables is one of the most renowned Cat5e Ethernet Cable manufacturers and suppliers in the US. We provide our customers quality products at best market prices.

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