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How Schools can Communicate with Parents in the Most Effective Way Possible

As much as schools may be the stepping stones for children to gain exposure to the world and prepare for a well-rounded future, education always begins at home. The parents are a child’s first teachers who help them to take their first baby-steps. For this reason, it becomes essential for schools to actively involve parents in a student’s learning process. Education becomes much more inclusive and holistic when parents and guardians are also actively involved in the same. With the unprecedented advancement in technology that we are experiencing today, teachers and faculty members are better able to involve parents in the students’ educational journeys. Here are some ways in which schools may communicate with parents efficiently and seamlessly:

  1. Social Media Platforms: The Modern Window to the World

Today, mostly Montessori School of Tokyo have their pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where they post regular updates like important notices and pictures of events. Parents can effortlessly stay up-to-date with the school’s latest developments by liking or following its social media pages. This method provides an easy way for schools to reach out to parents of all the students simultaneously. Most prominent schools worldwide, including the Global Indian International School, have their presence on social media platforms and connect to parents through their regular updates.

  1. Online Websites With Notice Board Columns

Offline noticeboards are restricted to the premises of international schools in Tokyo and may not be able to reach parents easily. In contrast, a well-updated website with a section for the latest notices can help parents to stay attuned to the school’s activities. Typically, a school’s website should contain key details such as an ‘About Us’ page as well as separate categories covering the courses offered, latest notices etc.

  1. Bulk Emails on the School’s Developments

Often, parents may miss out on checking online noticeboards and social media platforms. Sending them emails about any updates, requirements and upcoming events can ensure that they receive the messages on time and are always well-informed.

  1. Specific and Concise Text Messages

Typically, most parents have their hands full with work and household responsibilities and may not be able to coordinate very frequently on social media and other online platforms. The easiest technique to reach out to parents quickly and convey the information in a nutshell is by sending bulk text messages. Such messages provide quick heads-ups and ensure that there is no communication gap between the school and the students’ guardians.


Elementary education is a collaborative process that involves the effective coordination of students, teachers and parents. Seamless interactions between teachers and parents lead to an enriching and enjoyable journey for the students and help them establish much-needed support at all levels. 

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