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Complete Guide To A Yogic Diet

Yoga is much more than just physical practice of specific body postures. It is a lifestyle with spirituality at it roots. The practice of yoga is not just about having a toned physique it also requires a calm mind and acceptance of the world as it is. Moreover, following a yogic lifestyle requires not just the practice of asanas it also requires you to follow a clean diet.

If you are looking for the best yoga for fat burning remember that it includes a diet consisting of clean and vegetarian food. Did you know the yogic diet revolves around three major yoga principles of Ahimsa, Sattva, and Saucha? Read further to know more about these three principles.

3 Principles of Yogic Diet

Given below are three principles on which a yogic diet is based.

1. Ahimsa

Known as Non-Violence, the principle of Ahimsa says that every living being is connected and the world is a better place when you do not harm them. One of the ways how you can avoid causing harm to living beings is by stopping the consumption of meat and dairy products.

2. Sattva

Sattva is the state of equanimity which is also one of the tenets of the yogic lifestyle. A diet rich in Sattvic foods keeps your mind calm and heart clear. Sattvic food consists of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains and beans.

3. Saucha

The principle of Saucha requires you to follow purity and cleanliness. You can do so by getting rid of the toxins in your body and consuming chemical-free foods.

However, you also must follow the right yogic diet. Read further to know how you can include a clean diet when trying to adopt the yogic lifestyle.

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Tips To Follow A Yogic Diet

Adopting a clean diet can be a major challenge so it is better to take it slow. Yoga experts recommend you inculcate one or two changes at a time. The one thing you should remember is these changes should not create an imbalance in your life.

With that said, given below are three major changes you should include in your daily diet when adopting the yogic lifestyle.

1. Consume Fresh Fruits

The yoga diet consists of eating fresh and seasonal fruits. These have to be grown locally and in a completely natural environment. Yoga experts recommend you buy directly from the farmer’s market. In other words, avoid all processed and packaged food items even if they claim to be organic.

2. Follow A Vegetarian Diet

For you to become a complete yogi it is essential to follow a whole-food vegetarian diet. You can also include nuts, dairy products, leafy green vegetables, and legumes which are all sources of high-quality protein. It is one of the best yoga for fat diet you can follow to get rid of unhealthy fat.

3. Avoid Chemicals and Stimulants

Throughout the day you are exposed to chemicals in the air, water, and even food. One of the goals of a yogic diet is to rid your physical body of all toxins. You should reduce the consumption of stimulants and chemicals by not choosing processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.

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Following a yogic diet can be a bit hard in the beginning. However, if you are looking for the best yoga for fat burning diet then adopting the three principles of yoga will help you get the results.

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