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Homoeopathy Treatment for Warts

After laser treatment, most patients consult a Homoeopathy Physicians.

Most of them fear recurrence and spread after any other treatment.

Patients often come to my clinic to tell me that Homoeopathy was recommend by their dermatologist.

Many patients take thuja in Homoeopathy medicine. After not receiving any response for a few months, they contact me. I discovered that thuja wasn’t indicate and it doesn’t work.

There are many types of warts. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Although they can be found in everyone, they are most common in children and teens.

Nearly all warts can be treated with conventional methods. However, once they appear on the skin or hands, people will try to remove them using a variety of techniques. Some may cause scarring, while others can regrow. Patients who are suffering from scarring or other problems may find relief by waiting. 65% of warts vanish with time.

Homoeopathy is a way to speed things along if you’re looking for a way to do that. You can visit Spring Homeo for booking an appointment.

Thinking deeply about warts

Many people view warts as a minor nuisance. To remove the problem, you need to get rid of the wart. Is this true? Homoeopaths say that this is false.

They are a sign of deeper weakness or susceptibility. Although removing the wart can make the skin blemish-free, it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. The person remains vulnerable to future health problems.

Homoeopathy is a more effective and holistic approach. The homoeopathy remedy can be used to treat the wart and any other health issues. This will allow for widespread improvement and repair of the underlying weakness.

According to the doctors at Spring Homeo, Homoeopathy Remedies that can be use to treat warts:

  • Antimonium crudum, (Ant. c.): A hardened, smooth wart that can often be found in groups. This remedy is recommend for people with irritability or thickly coated white tongues. This person might also be overweight or have other digestive problems.
  • Calcarea carbonica: Endophytic warts with a thick wall around a central depression are often useful. People with clammy hands or feet prefer routine and the familiar to change and the unknown.
  • Causticum: These warts can also be painful, hard, inflamed and painful, and leave behind white, yellowish, and dirty-looking skin. This remedy is extremely beneficial for people who fear the worst and are sensitive to the hardships of others.
  • Dulcamara: Flat warts on the backs of the hands, face, and backs. Soft brownish-black seborrheic warts are found on the back. This is a sign that rheumatism sufferers are more sensitive to cold, damp or humid weather.
  • Ferrum picricum: A small group of pointed warts. It is also useful for cases where flat or plane warts have irregular borders and grow on the neck, arms, wrists, hands, knees, and face. Prostatic enlargement may occur in men.
  • Thuja occidentalis (Thuj. ): This is the most popular remedy for many types of warts. Thuja is an alternative if no other treatment is indicated. This is especially useful for isolated, jagged warts which bleed or smell easily or mosaic warts on one’s sole. Anogenital warts and butcher’s warts are common uses. This is indicated for those who are prone to multiple growths or tumours and worry too much about how people view them.

A final warning about Warts:

Squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that looks similar to warts, can be difficult to diagnose.

Women who have had genital warts must have a Pap test to ensure that no pre-cancerous changes have occurred on their cervix.

Homoeopathy is best for warts. At Spring Homeo, Homoeopathy Physicians were able to treat warts in as little as six months for approximately 80-90 per cent of patients suffering from various warts.

Homoeopathy Treatment & Prostate Enlargement

The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland that lies between the bladder & penis. Just in front of your rectum is the prostate. The prostate’s centre is dominated by the urethra, which runs from the bladder to the penis and lets urine out. The prostate secretes fluid to nourish and protect sperm.

After 40 years old, the prostate gland of a man usually begins to grow. BPH is a condition that causes benign prostatic hyperplasia. The prostate gland secretes fluid that helps nourish sperm. The urethra is the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the tip of your penis. It is enclosed by the gland. The urethra may become more compressed as the prostate gets larger. Some men suffering from prostate enlargement may experience difficulty urinating due to a narrowing of their urethra. Men over 60 years old may have prostate enlargement as their most common health problem.

What causes BPH?

BPH is a common condition in male ageing and is thought to be a normal part of ageing. It is estimate that 90% of all men over 80 are affect by it. While the cause of BPH is not known, it could be due to changes in male sex hormones with age. BPH risk may be increase by any family history of prostate problems or abnormalities in your testicles. BPH is not common in men who had their testicles taken early.

What are the symptoms of BPH?

Only about 50 per cent of men suffering from BPH experience severe symptoms that warrant a physician’s attention. These symptoms include:

  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Nocturia is the need to urinate twice or more per night.
  • Dribbling at the bottom of the urinary stream
  • Incontinence
  • Urinating requires strain
  • Symptoms of a weak urinary stream
  • Urinary urges that suddenly arise
  • A slower or later urinary stream
  • Urination pains
  • Bloody urine
  • Pus in the urine

How can you diagnose BPH?

BPH evaluation begins with a physical exam. The doctor will also review your medical history. A rectal exam is part of the physical exam that allows the doctor to estimate the size and shape of your prostate. You may also need to have the following tests:

  • A urinalysis and/or urine culture will test your urine for bacteria and blood.
  • Prostate biopsy: A small amount of prostate tissue is taken and examine for abnormalities.
  • Urodynamic tests (your bladder fills with liquid through a catheter to determine bladder pressure during urination).
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a blood test to detect prostate cancer.
  • USG is use to determine post-void residual (to find out how much urine remains in the bladder after urination).
  • Cystoscopy is a procedure that examines the bladder and urethra using a small lighted instrument that is insert into your urethra.
  • Rectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of BPH (and rule out malignancy).
  • Intravenous pyelogram, or urogram (dye injection into the system that reveals your entire urinary tract on an X-ray or computed tomography (CT scan) scan).

What are the Treatments of BPH?

Self-care is the best way to treat BPH. If symptoms do not improve with self-care, medication and surgery may be necessary. The treatment will be determine by your age and general health. The following are some of the self-care options:

  • Urinate as soon you feel the need.
  • Even if you don’t feel the need, make it a habit to go to the toilet every other day.
  • Do not take over-the-counter decongestants and anti-histamine medication. These can make it more difficult for the bladder to empty.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially after dinner.
  • Reduce stress. Nervousness can cause more frequent urination.
  • Regular exercise is important. Exercise can worsen symptoms.
  • To strengthen your pelvic muscles, learn and practise Kegel exercises.
  • Keep warm. Cold can worsen symptoms.

Homoeopathic remedies for prostate gland enlargement

Apis Mell Homeopathic remedy for prostate gland enlargement in elderly people

Apis Mell, a homoeopathic remedy that can help to increase the prostate gland size in elderly people, is a great choice. There may be frequent urination if there is incontinence of urine. You may feel the need to urinate occasionally. There may also be burning sensations in the urethra when one urinates. Other signs of old age may include a burning sensation in the urethra, cardio-vascular system, and cerebral system. Urine is very thin, coming in small drops. Apocynum is a homoeopathic remedy that treats prostate gland enlargement and heart problems.

Staphysagria – A homoeopathic remedy for the treatment of prostate gland enlargement and dysuria

Staphysagria can be use to treat pain during urination. It is one of the most effective homoeopathic remedies for prostate gland enlargement. The bladder feels pressured. It is as if the bladder has not empty. When you urinate, there is a burning sensation in your urethra. It may also occur when you are not urinating. Even after urinating, there is still pain. The sensation is similar to a drop of water rolling down your passage.

Sabal Serrulata – A homoeopathic remedy for prostate enlargement.

It is one of the most well-known homoeopathic remedies for prostate gland enlargement. Sabal Serrulata is a homoeopathic medicine that can be use to treat prostate gland enlargement. I’ve often met patients who have just started using it after being recommend by a friend or fellow patient. I often hear from them that it is the best medicine they have ever used, even if they are taking allopathic medications to shrink their prostates. Sabal Serrulata, the well-known Saw Palmetto. Sabal Serrulata has been use traditionally for many different types of reproductive and urinary disorders. It can irritate the genitourinary organs.

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