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Costs Saving and Benefits of Loft and Roof Insulation

Many homeowners always forget to insulate their loft spaces. The reason is simple because the birds and the pigeons sit in these loft spaces for enjoying the warmth of nature. Since the room contains enough heat and warmth, they try to take advantage of this situation.

What do you mean by Loft Insulation?

When you create an obstacle within the space of your roof, it is known as loft insulation. However, you can place the insulation between the rafters or even in the joists. It minimizes the heat loss between the outside world and your living area by keeping your home warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summers. Insulating the joists can keep your living space warm through a cold loft whilst insulating the rafters enables you to keep your home warm during the cold season.

What is the Cost of Loft and Roof Insulation?

Many industry experts believe that your home loses heat by 25% through the roof. This is demonstrated in your energy bills. However, by picking the appropriate insulation for your home you can save extra money whilst improving the value of your home. As loft insulation works by creating an obstacle that prevents the loss of heat from your home. Though there are various materials that you can use to insulate your home, out of which blanket insulation is the most preferred method. This offers great fitting and is available at cheaper prices making you afford as little as £2.50 p/m2. However, if you want to use sheet insulation, then you need to spend an average of £10 p/m2. However, you can use spray loft insulation and that will cost you around £55 p/m2.

What are the benefits of Loft and Roof Insulation?

Retention of Heat ÔÇô If your region experiences cold temperatures most of the time, then it is ideal for loft insulation. Many homeowners prefer fireplaces or even heaters in their homes for keeping them warm and comfortable. However, with the absence of an insulated loft, you might start losing enough heat through the roof. This would lead you to pay more money in the longer duration.

Prevention of Heat ÔÇô Insulating your loft can help to prevent heat loss in your home. Moreover, it also prevents excessive heat to enter your home in the summer months. This enables you to keep your home cooler whilst helping to save your money to run the air-conditioner for a longer duration.

Offers Protection ÔÇô Roof insulation can offer protection from extreme weather conditions and with over years of use. When you insulate your roof, you are adding another layer of protection for your roof. However, to improve its efficiency, you need to install from a professional team of experts or contractors. Repairing and replacing your roof is an expensive matter, and hence you can improve the life-span of your roof by offering appropriate insulation to it.

Roof and Loft insulation Savings

It would cost you around £400 for a professionally installed loft insulation with a typical three-bedroom, semi-detached house along with a gas central heating. However, you might need to spend all your savings to pay for your heating costs. This is especially if you opt for not insulating your home with the recommended amount.

Roof insulation foam might cost you around £20 for a 100mm-thick roll that can cover an area of 8.3sq m.

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