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Food and Drink

Different varieties of tea in India!

In most Indian homes, every afternoon the family gets together and enjoys having a cup of piping hot chai. Sometimes the tea is accompanied by a biscuit or snacks. Thus, there is something magical about the simple beverage. Tea is one of the oldest beverages that mankind has been gifted from the past few ages. It is usually prepared by soaking dried leaves in water and with more than 3000 varieties and now tea has been the world’s second most popular beverage after water. There is no doubt, that India is one of the most top-tea consuming countries and it is also the second-largest explorer of tea. In this article, we have defined some of the different types of tea in India.

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1: Assam Tea:

As the name suggests Assam tea is usually a form of black tea native to Assam and this type of Indian tea is known for its strong malty flavor and briskness that is widely preferred not only in India but around the world. Assam tea helps in increasing your mental alertness and prevents you from dangerous diseases like Cancers like lung and ovarian.

2: Nilgiri Tea:

This tea is grown in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu and is located in the Southern portion of the Western Ghats. The tea is intensely aromatic containing a mellow taste and subtle natural sweetness. The best flavors of iced tea are usually made from Nilgiri tea leaves. Also, they have been produced for commercial purposes since the year 1850.

Nilgiri tea is grown in abundance year-round and it experiences two monsoons each year. It contains amino acid L-theanine in its leaves and helps in relaxing the mind and gives you stress-free alertness. Also, the rich number of flavonoids helps in improving blood flow and strengthens the heart.

3: Darjeeling Tea:

This tea is usually grown in the Darjeeling hill region and between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal. The tea comes from Darjeeling experiences the cool land air during the dry winter months and it is also followed by the monsoon rains.

Its tea leaves are usually processed as Black tea and are harvested by the famous process of plucking pairs of the plant’s top left along with the bud. Also, the harvesting season is divided into four-flush periods i.e. starting from March to November.

This tea is enriched in anti-oxidants and the Darjeeling tea provides you several health benefits. It includes the elimination of toxins and helps in enhancing your digestion. With caffeine present in it varies depending on the flush and this also helps in regulating stress.

4: Masala Chai:

A beverage that is been prepared by blending a plethora of spices. Here we are talking about Masala Chai it serves as a cup full of nutrients and health benefits.

The spices that are present in it helps in balancing the caffeine of black leaves and hence it is a safe source of energy upliftment.

The spices commonly name cinnamon and clove help you in strengthening the immunity whereas ginger helps in improving blood circulation and it relieves aches and pains.

Moreover, Tulsi leaves are blended with elaichi in the preparation and thus facilitates better digestion. One of the most prevalent methods of the preparation of Masala Chai is decoction.

For making Masala Chai we simply need a mixture of milk and water which then should be boiled with the loose tea leaves and an adequate amount of the spices and sweeteners is added. However, the tradition might vary as per the tastes or customs of the local region.

5: Noon Chai:

Noon Chai is known by different names like Shir Chai, Kashmiri tea, pink or Gulabi chai. It has been believed that this tea has been originated in the Kashmir valley of India. In order to prepare this beverage, green tea leaves are brewed in Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda and it obtains a thick, reddish-brown extract called “tueth”.

After that it is followed by dilution with water, then milk and salt are been added to it. In other words, we can say that tea is served in a larger samovar or in some brass utensil that keeps it warm for a longer period.

Usually, people love to drink a lot of Noon chai, particularly during winters in order to attain warmth. This also improved digestive and stress-reducing properties and it also prevents heartburn and bloating due to the presence of cardamom and baking soda content.

6: Green Tea:

The large-leaf Assamica plants grow in a warm, moist climate and especially in sub-tropical forests. So, to prepare green tea the leaves of the plant are harvested.  It is heated as soon as possible through either steaming or pan-frying.

Unlike Oolong tea and black tea, green tea doesn’t undergo the process of withering and oxidation. In order to prevent the leaves from turning brown and maintain their fresh flavor. Also, the color of the brewed tea is usually green, yellow, and light brown and it depends on the processing and cultivation method.

Some of the factors to be considered are the time of the year when it was plucked and how the plant was pruned. Also, the heat is applied to the leaves in order to stop oxidation. The way the leaves were shaped, rolled, or dried.

The flavor is correctly brewed in a cup of green tea. It can range from toasted vegetal to sweet. It is affected by the terroir or the environment in which it has been grown.

So, it is best to consume green tea within six months. It is such that its flavor and benefits can be savored adequately. The green tea is fully loaded with anti-oxidants and it provides many health benefits and improves your brain function and helps in maintaining a good weight, protects against cancer, and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Conclusion: So, if you are looking at What kind of tea is popular in India then in the above article, we have mentioned some different types and kinds of tea.

It is a household refreshment for breakfast as well as the standard serving for an official meeting. Besides it, also providing some physical health benefits as well as soothes your mind from overwhelming stress.

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