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Do’s and Don’ts For Brides On Their Wedding Day

Who wants a mess on his/her wedding day? Literally no one. There are many instances on the wedding day for which you have to be prepared before. You cannot deny the fact that the wedding day is one of the busiest days. You do not want it to be the messiest day because of no prior arrangements. There are some decisions, some arrangements, some fashions, and various other things which need to be decided at the moment without even thinking for a second. You should plan each and everything before the big day.

Arranging food, rooms, and greeting 200 guests at the same time isn’t an easy task, especially when you are a bride. There are various elements at wedding time that seem to be unimportant, but they are during the running schedule. When planning your wedding, you need to follow some dos and don’ts for a perfect wedding. From flowers to food, there should be the arrangement of every necessary thing which will increase your happiness on your wedding day. You should pre-decide when the tent company arrives so that the flower and decorating company can start their work. You want to avoid every sort of mess on the big day. It might be difficult for brides to handle all this in Indian Wedding Jewellery, but it’s their wedding day, so the bride should take the responsibility.

This article will pinpoint some important Do’s and Don’ts for brides on their wedding day. This article is the solution to your checklist. It will make your work easier and allow them to complete it promptly. There shouldn’t be any haste on a special day. So let’s get started with do’s followed by don’ts for brides on their wedding day.

The Do’s for Brides on Their Wedding Day.

Here are some of the Do’s which every bride should take off on her wedding day.

1. Do notice your Guests

Guests are the only ones to whom you are throwing a party. It should be your responsibility to take care of your guests. It will be a nice gesture if you personally notice every relative and guest and pleasantly greet them. If you are welcoming them properly, they will enjoy your day to the fullest and ignore small-small mistakes. Well, it is understandable that you also might be lacking time to personally greet everyone, but try to notice every relative that arrives. So it should be your responsibility to notice and take care of guests as much as possible on your special day.

2. Do get the dress ready

Your wedding dress is the second most important thing on your wedding day after you. So, it should be your responsibility to get your wedding dress ready at least one day before the wedding day. Make sure it fits you perfectly because no girl wants to look saggy or shrink on her most special day. So, get it tailored fit according to your size and ensure that your favorite wedding dress looks pretty on you. Know which color combination suits you best, and apply them to your wedding dress. And also, go with your own choice and not with anyone else’s. It is your wedding day, so choose your clothing, your favorite, and not anyone else’s.

3. Be ready with the invitation card at least 2-3 weeks before

Yes, you should print the invitation card prior to 2-3 weeks of the wedding day. Distribute them at least one week before and then enjoy your wedding week. Make sure to check the wedding date, name, venue, and more credentials carefully before distributing the invitation cards. If no one is free due to wedding work, you can also hire a person and give him the responsibility to distribute invitation cards. You should design your invitation card carefully and with patience. Add on your creativity, and make it look eye-capturing. There is no harm in investing extra money on invitation cards because they only will show your class and standards, which will attract the guests. Do not make haste while designing the invitation card, but the design and prints should be ready at least one month before.

4. Do work with your wedding planner

Well, it is your wedding so it should be according to you. It is your responsibility to work with your hired wedding planner and tell him/her about your needs on the wedding day. Never allow your wedding planner to design everything according to him. Participate in every decision, he makes and ensures that if the decision is right or not. Tell him about your ideas without any hesitation. If your idea is good, order him to apply that, because as mentioned above, it’s your wedding, and you should be the boss. Ask about the expenses he is spending, make a note of every other thing he is doing and make sure he is not doing anything without your permission. Don’t forget to ask about his ideas. A professional wedding planner will make your wedding day the best day because of his skills. So, ensure you are hiring someone experienced and worthy.

5. Be ready to go over-budget

The wedding is also the day of expenses. However hard you try, the probability of going over-budget is always alive. So, be ready with some extra cash and also hand it over to someone trustworthy. Having extra money will ensure that there is no kind of haste on the wedding day, which can also ruin your wedding day. So, be ready to go over-budget on your wedding day.

6. Flowers and Decoration is the solution

Flowers attract everyone’s attention and add stars to Decorations and at weddings. So ensure that you are adding flowers as a decorating material to your list. Place flowers designs at places that are easy eye going, like you can decorate the entry gate with flowers and spread flowers on the carpet for a more loyal look.

7. Do keep a list of personal creative ideas

You might have planned various things for your wedding day when you were a kid. Keep a note of those creative ideas and ask your wedding planner to apply them. It is possible that all those wishes won’t be fulfilled, but ask him to try his best. You can also take suggestions from any of your friends about creative ideas and implement them during your wedding time. Make sure to make a checklist of all your realistic fantasies and innovative ideas.

8. Do make an appointment with essential people

If you want to hire a caterer or DJ or any other team, you should take their appointment at least one month before so that you can book them for your wedding day. You should book your favorites for your wedding day before any other books for them on the same date. You can ask them for their free time, decide their budget and tell them the date to perform.

9. Do hire the best caterer

Food is something that can add seven stars to your in-budget wedding. It’s okay if you are compromising in any sphere, but you shouldn’t compromise with the quality and quantity of food. Hire the best caterer you can and give them a brief overview of the number of guests arriving. So, remember to hire the best caterer.

10. Make your wedding an extended vacation, not a weekend

If you want to enjoy your wedding to the fullest during wedding time, make sure to include almost every wedding activity that takes place. You shouldn’t compromise with the number of wedding activities because they only will give you the best memories of your wedding. The wedding shouldn’t be only for two days; instead, it should be a process which gets completed in almost a week with different kinds of rituals every day. As a bride, you can never forget them even after years of your happy married life.

11. Start your schedule earlier on your wedding day

Wedding day comes up with lots of work which makes the day more hectic. So to avoid a situation of haste, give yourself a cushion by waking up early on the wedding day. Complete all your personal work as soon as you wake up and then start preparing for your wedding. Remember to check your wedding location before reaching to check the Decoration and all other stuff.

12. Do contact your stylist to reach you on time

A stylish plays a significant role in your wedding as he/she will only prepare you for your wedding. Contact him/her one day before and ensure that he/she arrives on time on the big day.

These are some of the do’s for brides on their wedding day. There are some essential points that a bride should keep in mind before her wedding day, and they are mentioned below.

  • Check whether the blouse you are wearing is side open or front open. You need to check it before because this will decide whether you have to wear your blouse before styling your hair or after styling your hair. When your blouse is front open, dress your hair after wearing a blouse.
  • Check the photographer and give him guidelines on how to take your photos.
  • Wedding day is full of stressful days, so to feel light, get a cold-drink side up with excellent and soothing music.
  • Make sure you use the washroom before getting dressed.
  • Eat one energy bar before heading towards mandap on your wedding day.

So, here were some of the do’s for brides on their wedding day. Now let’s jump to don’ts for brides on their wedding day.

The Don’ts for brides on their wedding day

Here are some of the don’ts for brides on their wedding day.

1. Don’t worry about everyone else’s schedules

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to work according to everyone’s schedules. If you are trying to coordinate and work according to everyone’s plan, then, in the end, you might be in trouble. So, work according to your free time and set dates which suit you best. There are many functions of a wedding, so you can’t manage everyone every day. So it is better to don’t worry about everyone else’s schedule.

2. Wedding bands

Do not forget about your wedding band because they only will add a glittering effect to your wedding. Make sure they are heading on time and have songs according to your playlist. Book the best band and remind them one day before the wedding.

3. Don’t wait for the last moments

During wedding time, take everything simultaneously. You will not have time to complete things at the last moment. So, it is recommended to never wait for the last moment to complete something. Plan your rehearsal dinner before the wedding day. Flowers should be at the right locations—these small-small things make your wedding a memorable day when done correctly.

4. Don’t make haste when the stylist is doing his/her work

You should at least give one to two hours to your stylist to complete his/her work. It might take even more time, so you should be prepared accordingly. You shouldn’t be doing your makeup at the end moment. So if you want to get your makeup picture-perfect, give it time to settle. Don’t mark ‘getting ready’ last in your to-do list for the wedding day. You shouldn’t be getting rushed while you are dressing because it can also ruin your day.

5. Don’t wash your hair on the big day

Yes, washing your hair on the wedding day can make your hair stiff, making it hard to style. So, never wash your hair without consulting your fashion designer or your stylist. You might have washed your hair on Haldi, so there might be no need to wash it on the wedding day as well.

6. Don’t allow many people in your private room

When you are getting ready for your wedding in your private room, limit the number of people entering your room. If you allow everyone, it can create a sense of rush, affecting your mood. So it is recommended to not clutter your space with people or things.

7. Don’t do brighter make up

Generally, it is not recommended to do brighter makeup on the wedding day because it does not look good in front of HD cameras. If your stylist isn’t aware of this fact, tell him to do simple but attractive makeup.

8. Don’t rush guests during dinner.

Be patient on your wedding day. Things will go beyond your imagination, but only you know how to manage them properly. Allow everyone to enjoy and set the guests free during dinner time. Do not start one thing over another; it will look bad.

So here were some of the Do’s and Don’ts for brides on their wedding day. The wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. No one wants to ruin it because of anything. So, to make your wedding day the perfect day, follow these do’s and don’ts. Review the article in the comment section.









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