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Looking for ideas for the garden? It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large space, it is very easy to transform it into your favorite place in your home.

With these simple ideas for the garden, both children and adults will enjoy to the maximum having a good time outdoors and relaxing with the harmony and peace that being in contact with nature brings.

Get your family out of the couch and into the happiest new place on the planet – your garden!

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Ideas for small gardens and large gardens

We know that there are many sizes of gardens and what can be done in large gardens, probably does not apply to small gardens because of their size. But, do not worry, no matter its size, all these ideas for the garden can be carried out to create a space that your whole family will love.

Create an outdoor lounge

If you dream of spending hours relaxing outdoors, you can create a cozy lounge in your garden that will become the star of your family gatherings and sunny afternoons.

You should start by creating a comfortable and welcoming space to sit. If you have a good size space, you can consider acquiring a living room or garden chairs . If you love entertaining people, having family barbecues or working outdoors, then a garden dining room is essential for you. You will find different sizes, models and materials to acquire the one that goes according to the style of your house. If you want to give your lounge a fun touch, you can include a futon-style swing .

If you have a small garden, a living room or a dining room for several people will not be a good option. For your space, the ideal would be a bistro-style garden set consisting of a table and two small armchairs. It will be a cozy place for a relaxed afternoon with your partner. If you have a little more space, you could consider a small dining room with picnic-style benches . Kids will love this place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Maybe you have a mini garden and a table with small armchairs will not fit. For this case, you can choose to have folding chairs that are easily removed and placed whenever you want. The idea is that you have a place to sit, breathe fresh air, and enjoy your morning coffee.

Of course, when talking about spending time outdoors we have to consider the rays of the sun. No matter where you live in Mexico, the sun will surely hit hard at some point in the year (or maybe all year long). For this, you can consider adding an awning or pergola to your lounge . For small spaces, a garden umbrella will not take up much space and can also be cheaper.

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Install a garden grill

The warm climate invites you to spend time outdoors and nothing is more pleasant than having the necessary equipment to make a delicious barbecue.

The grills are not only the instrument to prepare meat, vegetables, pizzas and desserts with charcoal, but they are the ideal pretext to spend some time with the family, have a glass of wine while they cook and keep an eye on the little ones who play in the garden. All at the same time.

No matter the date, it’s always a good time to fire up the grill and spend quality time with your loved ones.

If you are a fan of the smoked flavor and you like all the ritual involved in cooking with charcoal, then you will find a wide variety of charcoal grills of different sizes, capacities and functionalities. There are even basic portable grills that are great for small gardens and tight spaces like balconies.

If you prefer a grill that is quicker to start and easier to use, then you should consider getting a gas grill . You won’t have the characteristic smoky flavor of charcoal, but your culinary creations will be just as delicious and will be ready in less time.

For your roasts to be a success, it is recommended that you have utensils and other accessories that facilitate the use, maintenance and cleaning of your grill.

Turn your garden into a tropical oasis

No matter where you live, chances are you have at some point fantasized about being in a tropical oasis. A getaway to the beach offers the dose of relaxation necessary to reduce stress, rest, have a drink and enjoy the soft sound of the sea.

It is not always possible to take a trip to a dream island, but the good news is that you can turn your garden into a tropical oasis so that the next time you want a relaxing time in paradise, all you need to do is go out the back door of your house.

First, install a water element. If you have space to place an inflatable pool, excellent, because you can cool off in it after sunbathing or spending fun times with your children. If not, a small fountain will be enough to integrate the element of the sea into your tropical oasis.

Then add a lush touch to your garden. One of the main characteristics of tropical destinations is the lush vegetation, so that feeling is what you have to take home. Take advantage of this pretext to fill your garden with beautiful foliage plants , flowers and small trees . How long have you wanted to do it? Now is when.

Finally, arrange your space to lie down in the sun. All you need is a lounge chair , an umbrella and a cooler for your drinks.

Now, apply suntan lotion, pour yourself your favorite drink, put on the music you like best and… enjoy your tropical oasis at home!

Fun ideas to enjoy the garden with your children

The garden of your house can be the scene of adventures and super fun moments with your children. Beyond playing in the sun and enjoying a delicious meal, there are other activities that you can do together and create unforgettable memories.

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Camp under the stars

No matter the size of your garden, you and your kids can set up a fun camp under the stars. All they need is a tent , sleeping bags , blankets and pillows.

They can spend hours telling stories, playing board games, and making shadow figures with a flashlight. Children love the sensation of sleeping outside, so it will be an activity they will remember forever. Don’t forget snacks like sandwiches and fruit juices.

So that the environment is not too dark you can hang series of outdoor lights that will give a more charming touch to the night. You can also sparkle the floor with glow hoses . Both options are very easy to place and will create a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Enjoy your favorite movies outdoors

Watching movies as a family is probably a common activity in your home, but how about moving the movie theater into your garden? Your kids will be thrilled by the idea.

If you have a projector, all you will need is to install it in front of a wall, set up a comfortable space to sit or lie down, make popcorn and that’s it! It’s that simple you can make a recurring activity at home become an experience.

To further enjoy the moment, scare away night mosquitoes by placing citronella near you, either in the form of a plant or candles.

Everything you need to carry out these garden ideas can be found at Home Depot. Reinvent your home and create great moments with your family! Remember that you can do all your purchases online and receive them at your door.

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