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Handle Sales Order Efficiently with ERP System

A sales order is a legal document verifying a customer’s order. You tend to create a sales order when your customer approves the quotation. Undoubtedly, you can create a sales order by hand. But this practice shouldn’t be carried out anymore. In current times, there are manufacturing ERP systems which could make your life easy.

Using an ERP solution for this purpose will save you from many hassles. Since, you have to keep in account a number of factors for the sales order generation. If you would like to know the key merits & features that ERP will provide you for creating a sales order then read further.

  1.     Sales Order Creation

Order processing is a crucial part in the order handling process. Manually processing a sales order is not time consuming but is prone to mistakes as well. If you generate a sales order via ERP system, then this is just a matter of a few clicks. Within no time you will take the leap from purchase order to sales order using accurate information.

  1.     Convert PDF to Sales Order

With the help of the best ERP software, you have the leverage to import the data from PDF documents to create sales orders automatically. Isn’t it wonderful that your manual work gets reduced this way as well? You don’t have to enter data manually to create a sales order; you can directly convert a PDF file into a sales order. 

  1.     View Everything on One Screen

While making the use of ERP software for manufacturing, you can manage sales orders seamlessly. You can view purchase orders & stock details within a click. A single dashboard allows you to view the sales order generation & tracking information. This is how you can maximize sales order opportunities and provide the services in an efficient manner.

  1.     Activity Log

Working on an all-in-one ERP solution also showcases an activity log providing all the sales activities information. You can never stay uncertain about sales and user activities when the activity log is there. Saving your time, you can take immediate actions for further procedures and be transparent to customers about delivery and work status.  

  1.     Take up Several Orders

Knowingly, it takes minutes to generate a sales order. Secondly, you should not worry about the number of sales orders you can create. ERP software enables you to manage millions of orders. So, grow your customers and increase your sales because this solo software facilitates your order process management system splendidly.   

  1.     Multi-Currency Selection

An ERP software also acts like an accounting software. It prepares income statements, shows all transactional records, general ledger and much more. What if an ERP system provides a multi-currency option as well? Having so, you can calculate exchange rates, cater your customers worldwide, process transactions in various currencies and prepare your balance sheet in the required currency.

  1. Discount

Do you get confused sometimes in getting to know about the discounted products? Well, you can tag the products and view the discounted product details with built-in features of ERP software. Your calculations become more simplified and accurate.

Wrap Up:
If you want to be the recipient of the advantages mentioned above, then MIE Solutions should be your way. 

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