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Health Benefits Of Chomper

Agriculture is one of the key industries in Australia. It is thriving and flourishing. The industry has varying needs and changing demands over time. Quite naturally, new products have been introduced to cater to these needs and changing demands. When it comes to cattle feed, there has been a range of new products that have been popular in the Australian market. 

Amongst the most popular foods, Chomper is a mentionable one. These are a special hybrid variety of grass. It is a grass hybrid of the Sorghum Sudangrass breeds. This hybrid grass variety features large-sized seeds, and there are several reasons why they are preferred as cattle feed. Let us take a look at the various benefits of this hybrid grass variety and why they are popular in the agriculture industry in Australia. 

The Benefits of Chomper

To begin with, Chomper has several benefits as far as its cultivation goes. Some key features of this grass variety are: 

  • Large-sized seeds
  • Excellent vigor during the early season
  • Very quick regrowth right after they are grazed or cut. 
  • The plant also has a very high leaf to stem ratio, making it a more sustainable fodder. 

Not just that, this grass variety is suitable for various purposes that include grazing, hay, haylage, and green chop. The large size of the seeds, along with great emergence and good seedling vigor, make it a good choice for the purpose. 

The plant can also get multiple cuts and grazing even with the late-season plantings, along with being very flexible and can be used for various purposes, including hay and green chop both for sheep and cattle. 

Along with that, there are other reasons as well that make them suitable for cultivation and use as cattle feed. 

  • They can be easily established and grown.
  • They are highly productive.
  • They have excellent regrowth potential.
  • They are easily grown both in irrigated lands as well as drylands. 
  • They can be used for silage, grazing, and hay. 

Next comes the key benefit for which is the fact that this grass variety is perfect for heavy and repeated grazing as it has great recovery between grazing. It is also good for haymaking as its tillers heavily have much slimmer stems than most other sorghums. 

The Health Benefits 

Chomper is also very palatable and digestible right before flowering in grazing situations. These sweet sorghum hybrids have higher free sugar content in the stem. Along with that, they have much lesser prussic acid levels than other forage sorghums. 

This is especially a case for young stressed regrowth during a dry spell. These supplement blocks containing sulfur reduce the risk of prussic acid poisoning. They are an excellent stand-over cattle feed during the winters or the dry season.  

Final Thoughts 

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