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Here’s the Real Reason You Need an RV Patio Mat

RV owners who are also smart shoppers will no doubt have come across countless RV accessories in the course of their wanderings. There are so many accessories for RVs (some useful, others not as much) that you’re going to develop a keen sense of what you need and what you can get away without.

With that being said, if you were about to throw RV patio mats in the camp of “things I can be without,” you might want to reconsider your stance.

Alright, RV patio mats are not the coolest gadgets sold for RVs. Really, they’re usually quite plain. And while not every single RV owner needs to have one, if you spend an appreciable amount of time in the outdoors and not inside of your actual RV, it’s probably worthwhile.

The thing about taking RVs out to a campsite is that they’re prone to getting dirty. This is camping, after all. Every time you leave the RV and head out on the trail, to the beach, or into the woods, you are invariably going to enter the RV again. What you had on the bottom of your boots or shoes will come back with you.

Actually, even if you don’t stray very far and spend most of your outdoor camping time under the awning, you’re still going to be subject to tracking mud, dirt, and grass back into the RV. There’s where so many RV outdoor mats, also called RV awning mats, really shine.

They’re not just there to give you the feeling of home. Some of them are ornately decorated so you can enjoy more stylish camping, but really, they help keep the interior of your RV cleaner. They don’t do this like a regular rug.

Many RV mats are made with a special weave that allows sand, dirt, grass, and other debris to filter through from the top to the bottom, but not back up the other way. That means if you do happen to track dirt over the mat, eventually it will work its way back through to the bottom and won’t be able to come back up. Other, less specially designed mats can’t say the same.

Of course, any RV outdoor rug will help cut down on tracked dirt and mud to some degree, but the camping rugs that only allow dirt to filter through one way are the best of the bunch.

That’s the real reason that investing in one for your camping trips is a good idea, but if you need a little more convincing, many of them are mold and mildew resistant, UV-protected, easy to clean and come with a carrying bag. If you wanted a really simple, almost hands-off approach to reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your RV, this is it.

They won’t break the bank, either, since these aren’t crazy-high tech gadgets that have a lot of moving, sensitive electronic parts. It’s just a patio rug, and you can get one (or several) for your RV at

Besides the fact that you can actually pick one up there, there’s another reason to shop with RV Upgrades. In case you aren’t sure about the fine details of any of their patio rugs or you want to know how to clean and store them, RV Upgrades can help you out. For years they’ve been a trusted resource and a font of information for RV campers around the country. They’ll answer your questions in short order, and they’re never more than a phone call away. Visit their website or call them at 866-332-7881 anytime you need help!

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