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How EMS can Help You Get Back in Shape Post-Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys that women can embark on. It is certainly painful but fulfilling as well. Women go through so many changes physically, mentally, and emotionally through their pregnancy. However, these changes don’t usually settle down after the delivery. The post-pregnancy period is just as challenging for new mothers. They focus all of their attention on their newborn and seldom remember to look after their own body. So no need to worry because today we’ll discuss some techniques you can go through and get back in shape post-pregnancy.

Post-pregnancy fat is a serious issue that women all across the world face. It brings them a lot of stress as well. Electrical muscle stimulation is a great way to get back in shape post-pregnancy. EMS training after pregnancy has shown some pleasantly shocking results on women of all ages. On that note, let’s have a look at what it is and how it works.

Understanding EMS

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. As the name suggests, EMS is all about implying the use of electrical stimulation for muscles. Electrodes are used to generate and send electrical impulses to the muscles under the skin. This contracts our muscles, and our brain gets the signal that we are doing a heavy workout. Our body burns more and more fat because of this.


Combining simple exercises along with EMS training can deliver excellent results on women. Weight loss is just one of them. Although weight loss is the ultimate goal, you should also remember to meet your other fitness goals. Eating a healthy diet and getting sound sleep will also help facilitate that.

The safety of new mothers

EMS is one hundred percent safe for women who have just come out of their pregnancy safely. However, you must only go to trusted EMS training studios to get safe and effective results. Other than that, you don’t have any reason to stay away from EMS unless you are a heart patient or have epilepsy or hernia.

Women who have a metallic device implanted inside them like a copper IUD or a pacemaker are strictly advised not to take EMS. Electrodes are used for EMS training, and electrical impulses could mess with the device inside of your body. When the impulses from the device and the EMS collide, it could cause long-lasting or permanent damage to the body.

Get back in shape with EMS

Like we mentioned before, EMS is a safe and sustainable way of getting fit after childbirth. Here are all the ways it can help you get back in shape –

  • EMS will target stubborn body fat – Women face issues with problem areas like back, waist, hips, and thighs. These are body parts that gain a lot of unnecessary fat during pregnancy. EMS increases the metabolism rate of your body. This increased metabolism rate is what helps your body burn excess fat. If you take an EMS session in the morning, your metabolism will be high throughout the day. What that means is that you will keep losing fat all day. You could burn this fat through traditional fuming as well, but EMS provides faster and more sustainable results.


  • EMS will relax pelvic muscles – It is undeniable that pelvic muscles undergo a lot of strain during pregnancy. Due to the nature of giving birth, the muscles of that region have to expand and contract a lot during childbirth. Women face discomfort in that area after childbirth as well. Pelvic floor exercises along with EMS can help women gain their flexibility and comfort back.


  • EMS will tone your body – Losing weight is never enough. Women want the look of a toned body after their pregnancy. It is what makes the results more satisfactory and appealing. EMS helps you lose weight while it works on toning your body. So you get the best of both worlds. You will notice that your chest and arms are firmer after your EMS workouts.

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  • EMS will relieve your back pain – It is known to all that working out can be painful. However, the deal with EMS workouts is different. Not only is it painless, but also it will get you rid of your old back pain. It does that while it fixes your body posture. So, you are hitting two targets with one stone. This wouldn’t be possible with conventional gyming.

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