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How the Right Nutrition Can Help In Diabetes Reversal?

Is Diabetes Reversal Possible?

While there is no specific cure for diabetes, some studies have shown that with the proper diet, weight loss, and medication, you will be able to control your blood sugar levels, thus resulting in diabetes reversal in those diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It may not mean you will never go into diabetes remission but getting your blood sugar levels below the diabetic range could mean you no longer need to take prolonged medication.

Key To Diabetes Reversal

Weight loss seems to be the key to the reversal of diabetes soon after a diagnosis. Not only does losing weight help you manage your diabetes but shedding enough weight can help you live a life free from diabetes.

While you are busy looking up ‘the best diabetes doctor near meon Google, here are a few changes you can make in your lifestyle to start the process.

Low-Calorie Diet

Studies have shown that a low-calorie diet of around 625 to 850 calories a day for the first 2 to 5 months to lose weight and then switch to a slightly less restrictive diet to keep the weight in control were able to keep their blood sugar levels in control from 6 months to a year. While this kind of diet is extreme, you may need to consult professionals to help you control the number of calories you consume.

It was also found that those who lost more than 40 pounds managed to get their blood sugar levels near average, while those who failed were diagnosed with diabetes earlier. We encourage everyone who comes to us to start a customised diet plan soon after the diagnosis or even if they have been identified as prediabetic.

Doctors previously believed that the cells that, once cells that help the body control blood sugar levels stop working, they contain for good. However, recent research has shown that specific cells may be able to function again. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes who lost weight had a lower fat percentage in their pancreas and liver, helping the pancreas to start releasing insulin and thus control blood sugar. The odds of this happening are best early in the diagnosis, so your search for the best diabetes doctors near me on Google should include those that help you lose weight, make simple lifestyle changes, and manage the symptoms with medication.


While exercise alone will not help you lose the required weight, combining exercise and diet is a big step towards diabetes reversal. Completing at least 10,000 steps in a day or two and a half hours of moderate exercise and reducing your calories 500 to 750 calories a day. The end goal here is weight loss, bringing your blood sugar levels within normal range, and maintaining those long-term levels. Diabetes reversal requires you to complement exercise with healthy changes in your diet. diabetes reversal


Fasting is one of the most practical ways of reducing weight. It is a relatively straightforward way of losing weight but cannot be considered a mainstream treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. A study found that going without calorific food or drinks for a certain amount of time can help control the symptoms of diabetes. Eating fewer calories on two days of the week while continuing an average 1200 to 1500-calorie diet on the other days can also result in better control of diseases like diabetes. However, this diet cannot be continued long-term. Before starting any fasting, it is best to talk to a specialist or a doctor who will guide you through the process. You can always look up the ‘best diabetes doctor near me’ on Google for the same.

Bariatric Surgery

This kind of surgery changes your stomach and digestive system, limiting the amount of food you can eat which ultimately helps you lose weight. Some scientists believe that the surgery affects the hormones in your gut, resulting in better control of your blood sugar levels.

Sleep And Stress Management

Most people drop off to sleep as soon as they put their heads on the pillow or are busy with their cell phones before falling asleep. To manage stress and sleep better, you must take an hour before bed to relax and reflect on the day. You can also dedicate an hour after waking up to yourself before getting into a hectic day. You should also ensure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep so that the body’s cleansing mechanism works, fixing the damage done during the day.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss makes you look good and can help individuals who are prediabetic or diagnosed with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels better and bring them within normal range. While diabetes reversal is not permanent, you will be better equipped to live an everyday life by making simple changes in your lifestyle.



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